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ILLICIT ° nct dream, wayv + srg by ssancchi
ILLICIT ° nct dream, wayv + srgby hiatus
[Agent/Criminal AU] She is an agent. He is the wanted target. Total opposites that should never attract. "There is a reason why rule #8 was made." First book i...
ILLEGAL ° nct dream, wayv + srg by ssancchi
ILLEGAL ° nct dream, wayv + srgby hiatus
[Agent/Criminal AU] She is back as an agent. He is still not accepted by the public. Together, they find themselves dealing with more danger. "This is why you shoul...
Loving Betrayal by TurtlezRLifee
Loving Betrayalby iris
"I was never suppose to fall for a mafia like you" { f i n i s h e d }
Secret ᵐᵃʳᵏᵒᵉᵘⁿ ✓ by malichyuu
Secret ᵐᵃʳᵏᵒᵉᵘⁿ ✓by shuu
"They don't know anything about us," she said between shaky breaths. She was sweating, her eyes were teary, she was scared. But he wasn't, he shouldn't be. AN...
WONDERLAND | introducing my characters! by chunghasnaps
WONDERLAND | introducing my ace ❥
meet the characters in my stories! ⤷ alternatively, in which ace's head is in the clouds. ©chunghasnaps
my youth || nct dream x sr19g/smngg [DISCONTINUED] by aericonic
my youth || nct dream x sr19g/ aeme.
[a collection of nct dream x sr19g/smngg oneshots/imagines/drabbles] ;any nct dream x smngg ships/couples is accepted and requests are always open.
Walk You Home by smnthjyflrs
Walk You Homeby Sam
One Shot Compilation. Inspired by NCT Dream's Walk You Home
Addictive (Mark & Koeun)  by Frostyong
Addictive (Mark & Koeun) by Frostyong
Both knew what they did was wrong. But they don't stop, instead their first kiss that afternoon lead them to another secret meeting. "Everyone has an addiction, min...
PULCHRITUDE | markoeun  by chunghasnaps
PULCHRITUDE | markoeun by ace ❥
from koeun's perspective, she seems to bring devastation among anyone she comes across. from mark's perspective, she is everything beautiful. essentially, koeun believes...
Better Days by smnthjyflrs
Better Daysby Sam
I'll never love anyone as much as I loved you, and maybe that's a good thing.
NCT Dream x SM Rookies Girls || We Grow Up! by naokomoto
NCT Dream x SM Rookies Girls || nao
❝dream with your eyes wide open.❞ 🐣 This is a compilation of short stories 🐣 Each chapter aren't related 🐣 The members & ex-members of both groups will be included �...
The lives of eight different royalties turned the complete opposite way as they cross into each others' paths. ROYALTIES IN DISGUISE ©️ ynne_mq 2018 Achievements! 20010...
Somethin Kinda Crazy • NCT/WAYV Lucas X Red Velvet Yeri by myeminie
Somethin Kinda Crazy • NCT/WAYV Amethyst
~Where yeri fell in love at first sight with a cold hearted lucas~
unspoken words || a jaena ft. jeno ff. [DISCONTINUED] by aericonic
unspoken words || a jaena ft. aeme.
❝Real relationships are messy, and people's feelings get hurt. Who needs it?❞ -a pair of ex-bestfriends caught between a situation where they have to fake a romantic rel...
Our Song by ms_leyy
Our Songby ms_leyy
This one shot story was inspired by Taylor Swift's song entitled "Mary's Song Oh My My My". I really love this song and an idea popped into my head. And here's...
Mark X Koeun (Oneshoot Stories Compilation) by richnow27
Mark X Koeun (Oneshoot Stories richnow 27
This book tells stories about Mark and Koeun in Oneshoot mode. Different stories, different backgrounds, different situations, different characters, but the leading role...
remove | koeun by neoxicity
remove | koeunby reign
» remove for everyone Hi ex, sana ganyan lang kadali pagremove ng feelings ko sayo. 『R E P U B L I S H E D』