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When The Night Time Strikes by arreenn14
When The Night Time Strikesby Attorney
a group of students who survived a disease that is spreading in their area. What if they unexpectedly meet the so called 'sharp-witted scientists' in the middle of this...
A Princess Doesn't Cry by bebacksoonihope
A Princess Doesn't Cryby Ellie’s Creavity
Jordan loses his loved one, Juliet, when he meets Aurelia he remembers all the good times him and Juliet had. Estelle and Jordan have a fake relationship that went to fa...
Everybody In The World by Kurt0AKA0Sandwichez
Everybody In The Worldby Kurt
Spreading Message of Love and Hope Please vote and share this piece Thank you for supporting :)
Corbin_draws_84 by maggieisurnewqueen
Corbin_draws_84by Maggie May
Talking about the disappearance of him
Columbus Fire by EnderGaming5789
Columbus Fireby EnderGaming5789
This is a story of Columbus Indiana were a kid survives a Columbus fire that spreads in the city destroying what's its in its path.
The Walking Dead by trobinsonb1roe
The Walking Deadby tyler
The infection grows. Survivors are letting it take them. Soon it'll be Rick and Carl. Every one dying killing themselves. Committing suicide. Keeping track of what happe...
Star Wars: The Darkness Within by LordOfHunger
Star Wars: The Darkness Withinby LordOfHunger
Everyone, even the Jedi, have a dark side. Some hide it better than others. However, a strange disease is spreading, suppressing the ability for all force users to hold...
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Spreading Song (pokemon fanfic) by chessie16
Spreading Song (pokemon fanfic)by Rachel
This story is about Stanza, a buneary who loses her best friend and begins to question life. She eventually finds happiness and decides to spread it through music. (I'll...
My Kind of Art by JessicaEberhardt
My Kind of Artby Jess
Want to read something beautiful? You want to, don't you? I've begun collecting masterfully written pieces of "art" that I deem worthy enough to share on Wattp...
the love of god by jade christian by jadechristian16
the love of god by jade christianby jadechristian16
this is just about the basics its about the christian journey telling people that it is not hard but praising god is what you are made to do to honor is holy name.
∴ POSITIVE ! ∵ by positivity !
in which positivity is way better than negativity !
Spreading The Words Of Jesus by JingsDeGuzman
Spreading The Words Of Jesusby Jings De Guzman
This writing Spreading The Words of Jesus is about the teachings of Jesus, a Human Being who was born on this earth 2000 years ago without a human father. Have a joyful...