Only those with proper authorization may access the transcriptions of these audio logs. Information gained by observing these experiments may only be used for purposes o...
  • science
  • sci-fi
  • adventure
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Nowhere To Run by Haleythetaco47
Nowhere To Runby Haleythetaco47
This is a short story I made up. I'm sorry if I made a typo or two. I am 100% not the best writer. I'm just trying to entertain you as my audience. This story is about a...
  • torture
  • mature
  • romance
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All Of My Friends by im-not-timothy
All Of My Friendsby Sham bam bamina!
"Heh, hard tip." It's not that hard to do something that will change the rest of your life. It's also not that hard to come up with fake-deep sounding quotes t...
  • howdoitagthis
  • quirky
  • spooky
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Odd Night [Thomas Sanders] ([Fanfic]) by HonestGhost
Odd Night [Thomas Sanders] ([Fanfi...by HonestGhost
One out of two; -Either you're here because I put the link in Amino -Or you found this by sheer (un)luck. If you're the second case, I suggest you go here: http://aminoa...
  • logicality
  • sanders
  • patton
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Night-Time Parade!  by SilentFruits
Night-Time Parade! by SilentFruits
Night-Time Parade! Is a thrilling adventure novel about Opal Hops', a "freak" (Freak in this case means a bunny girl) journey through the night time parade! Al...
  • pls
  • gore
  • save
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GhostQuest by LizKassian
GhostQuestby Liz Kassian
Help a group of teens through a scary town and explore the good sides for the bad. Always be equal
  • teen
  • ghostadventures
  • teenfiction
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Take Care (Oscar Diaz Love Story)  by pacifyjas
Take Care (Oscar Diaz Love Story) by Jas
"Know you've been hurt by someone else, I can tell about the way you carry yourself-if you let me, here's what I'll do. I'll take care of you." *** After movi...
  • my
  • ôn
  • block
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When u can't stop animeing:))) by Vioraptor
When u can't stop animeing:)))by Vioraptor
  • scary
  • anime
  • nope
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• Spookify stories •  by Park_Jimina_
• Spookify stories • by Phia_272002
Nakuha ko lang to sa facebook. Totoong may facebook page po sila palike at follow nalang po page nila.
  • spooky
Time and space  by davidandcolette
Time and space by David and colette♡
The discovery of a secret world and external race from a different universe
  • fiction
  • science
  • awsome
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House Terrors by UrLocalTrxshCan
House Terrorsby Klarisa Pascua
Casella is a dare-devil teenager girl who loves horror. But when her friend calls her about the spooky, fake haunted house nearby, Casella's admiration towards horror ma...
  • friends
  • hauntedhouse
  • intense
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A World Beyond Earth by MemeDealer5000
A World Beyond Earthby Cory Cerza
Have You Ever Imagined That There Was Another World, A World Where Everyone And Everything Was Evil And Murders Anyone In Their Path? A World Where Nice Doesn't Exist? I...
  • spooky
A Silent Workshop by addsubtractdivide673
A Silent Workshopby addsubtractdivide673
Who doesn't love to listen to some music while they are working?
  • curesed
  • spooky
  • ít
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Pokémon Horror Story Collection! by --edgyrainbow--
Pokémon Horror Story Collection!by JaF
Just sit back, get cozy under your covers, and let's jump into the world of corrupted pokémon!
  • pokemoncreepypasta
  • bloodandgore
  • spooky
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The Greed of Gluttons by Timecutter
The Greed of Gluttonsby AceWixGaming
in a time nonexistent to humans, monsters, aliens, or otherwise, there lives a large group of gigantic, building sized monsters called HUNGERS, who have a prophecy, It's...
  • resets
  • fantasy
  • horror
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The Book of All Hallows by AirshipEchdina
The Book of All Hallowsby AirshipEchdina
Poems with a Halloween/spooky theme
  • halloween
  • spooky
the passing (oscar "spooky"diaz) by TVDxxTO
the passing (oscar "spooky"diaz)by TVDxxTO
before malanie's father died he told her no matter what happens she will not be alone. he told her when the time comes and he's ready, she'll get a call by a man named...
  • netflix
  • oscardiaz
  • spooky
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An Evening. by despair_bliss
An Evening.by Dejected Degenerate
A short tale of horror? or just some Feelings?
  • deep
  • meaningful
  • cemetery
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The Creatures of the Night - Were They Ever Real? by skeletonia
The Creatures of the Night - Were...by skeletonia
In fiction, we often either view or create stories that involve beings that, as children, we were told didn't exist. As our imaginations fade as we age, we may even sett...
  • nonfiction
  • serialkiller
  • spooky
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