Scary Facts and Conspiracy Theories by Ge-Ge-17
Scary Facts and Conspiracy Theoriesby Georgie
I love knowing the unknown, and I know many more people who love it too. So, what about a full story FULL of weird and scary facts, and a bunch of conspiracy theories? T...
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  • scary
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Shadow's Back Story. by Fallen-Shadow
Shadow's Back Story.by Fallen-Shadow
Hello!, Shadow here with my first book! This book is about the backstory of my OC Shadow! WARNING, The backstory contains Gore,Awesomeness,Horror. I think that's it I'll...
  • firststory
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The Attic Door ✅ by ciaraward88
The Attic Door ✅by Ciara Ward
~doors are locked for a reason~ Open the door Close the door You never think about what's in it You just open the door Death Mystery Quite literally a whole new world T...
  • hope
  • horror
  • spooky
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MadamAqua's Midnight Ghoststories by MadamAqua2100
MadamAqua's Midnight Ghoststoriesby Jake Wilson
A collection of spooky ghost stories I have taken and put into one
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  • wattys2017
  • haunting
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Spook's Spooky Fanfiction by Pizzazz_Fiction
Spook's Spooky Fanfictionby Pizzazz the Sex Robot
In a place where nothing is to be, watch out for the magic underneath. When friends or foes go to Spooky High, they barely make it out alive. When secret is gone and tru...
  • pizi
  • highschool
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a journal dairy thing for Memes And rants bc I'm a sensitive ass bitch by thehoneycombkid
a journal dairy thing for Memes An...by Erickka Tarver
Fuck I realize that I spelled it dairy instead of diary whoops but I like milk so I'm gonna keep it that way
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The mystery of the part-time grandma  by MegaDickinator
The mystery of the part-time grand...by DaFuq
A group of kids up to no good go on missions with their friend Timothy's grandma. Spooky shid happens.
  • waluiji
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Cuddle Me Closer by SocioNarcissist
Cuddle Me Closerby Boogara: Hiroto
I decided to try writing a Shyan fan-fiction, but I don't know if anyone would wanna read it, feel free to send feedback! (Lots of cuddling, no smut -at least, not ye...
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insanity ; shane dawson + squad by trytoavoidthoseeyes
insanity ; shane dawson + squadby charlotte
( cover + description coming soon ) - xephemeron warning; blood, violence and cursing are included.
  • spooky
  • shanedawson
  • andrewsiwicki
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Group of Eerie Encounters (My spooky experience journal) by LionW_Wings
Group of Eerie Encounters (My spoo...by Accaila Apple
This has all happened before, some I haven't told to people others I have. The newer stories I haven't told my friends and I don't plan on it unless they read this in wh...
  • spooky
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Creepy Poems by oldpa1
Creepy Poemsby C. Pantoja
1st. Book in my "Creepy Poems" series. I hope you enjoy it ☠ I do read all comments, and appreciate knowing which ones are your favorites
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Hallow King ( WATTYS 2018 ) by DoctorRockhard
Hallow King ( WATTYS 2018 )by DoctorRockhard
"Leiah always dreamed her prince charming would arrive one day- handsomely dressed and riding a white stallion that would take them both far away from her troubles...
  • werewolf
  • romance
  • thriller
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Subjects of a Ghost - Spooky's Jumpscare Mansion Oc Story by StarryOfThy
Subjects of a Ghost - Spooky's Jum...by StarryOfThy
Lily and Ryan have always wondered what was in the abandoned mansion on the hill. But upon entering the residence, they discover an endless maze of rooms, and a hidden b...
  • ocstory
  • spooky
  • ghost
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Living Dead - Harry Styles by shaeani
Living Dead - Harry Stylesby shaeani
"He is the ghost living inside of me. My love keeps him alive in his world." - Liliana Peters
  • spooky
  • spirits
  • harry
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the dangers of friendship by moonlight6606
the dangers of friendshipby blue gem
2 girls and her groups of friends find themseleves stuck in different situations and have to figure out what to do will it end in death or peace or neither and end a cli...
  • school
  • trip
  • scary
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Oblivious To The Darkness by LonerGirl_9
Oblivious To The Darknessby LONER GIRL
Isla Campbell wakes up to a sound, Teletubbies. Walking downstairs she realises that her four year old daughter is missing. Just saying I'm going through some heavy edit...
  • spooky
  • demon
  • torturer
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Transparent  by xxVelvet_1209xx
Transparent by Velvet Twilight
Who would've thought an Outcast like Stevie Clover would see the unseen. Since receiving this power, Stevie soon realizes she truly is - despite her unique style - diffe...
  • teenfiction
  • scary
  • spooky
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Scary Stories by Xthat_weirdoX
Scary Storiesby Xthat_weirdoX
Watch behind your back...if you dont look after three seconds...she'll come for you... 1... 2.... 3...... *knock* ..... *knock* ⚠️ NOT FOR THE FAINT HEARTED ⚠️
  • scarystories
  • scary
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Horror stories by Rachel_Nilsen
Horror storiesby Rachel Nilsen
All credit goes to those who created the stories in this. Pulled most of them from Reddit and Creepypasta.com.
  • short
  • spooky
  • horror
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Puta•on my block imagines by dolanwonders
Puta•on my block imaginesby Gaby and Anita
"Bitchs be bonkers" On My Block Gif series and preferences
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  • monse
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