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Hypnotized - A Splatoon 2 Single Player Fanfic  by fairyxwind
Hypnotized - A Splatoon 2 Single P...by scottie
The Final Splatfest brought plenty of blood sweat and tears. But Callie never imagined this is what the outcome of it would be. She promised her cousin "Squid Sist...
Splatoon Oneshots by splatnfiction
Splatoon Oneshotsby Splatnfiction
Summary: This is going to be a small collection of Splatoon Oneshots centering around characters (this includes also pairings) from the Splatoon Manga If you got any req...
A Complicated love story (Splatoon fanfic) (Inkling girl x Inkling boy) by _AlexSenpai_
A Complicated love story (Splatoon...by A-L-E-X
Amy is the best and the most popular inkling in inkoplis. (Don't know how to spell it XD) Her team has never lost before. All she cares about is winning. What if Brandon...
Bloody Rose by splatnfiction
Bloody Roseby Splatnfiction
Summary: A new sickness plagues Inkopolis and it's also known as the Hanahaki disease. Army gets this disease due to his hidden crush on Aloha and tries to keep this a s...
Splatoon: Irregulars by Avationrocks10
Splatoon: Irregularsby Avationrocks10
Join a group composing of three inklings and an octoling as they come together and fight to save an old part of Inkopolis, all while facing their own confrontations. The...
Painted history by splatnfiction
Painted historyby Splatnfiction
Summary: The history of a young pink squid, who doesn't have the best life. So will everything go downhill or can he get out of this hell hole called life? Disclaimer: I...
Aloami: Army X Aloha ((ON HOLD)) by WriterOfTheMystic
Aloami: Army X Aloha ((ON HOLD))by Mystyyy
!!Please Read Chapter One First! Do Not Skip!! This is my first story on Wattpad, hopefully, there are more to come! This is a fanfiction of Aloha and Army from the Spla...
Blueberry's Lab by -Rose_Agent-
Blueberry's Labby ✰ ℝ𝕠𝕤𝕖 ✰
Lu was just an ordinary octoling until she found her way down into the Kambako test facility. There, she meets a strange looking octoling in a lab coat, happy to have fo...
Inkling Boy x Octoling Boy by brexzo
Inkling Boy x Octoling Boyby brexzo
The story of two unlikely lovers in inkopolis Also THEY GAY
Forever Two Extended (Pearlina Oneshots) by Spewkubackup
Forever Two Extended (Pearlina One...by G1itch
Just some one shots of the adventures these love birds go on, starring Pearl and Marina! Bringing back one shots from my old acc @playedbyparents ! This is just an exten...
Your heart is my home by splatnfiction
Your heart is my homeby Splatnfiction
Summary: Army gets a surprise visit from his parents and finally also has the courage to tell them about his sexuality. So will everything turn out well or will it go fo...
The Sanitisation by -Rose_Agent-
The Sanitisationby ✰ ℝ𝕠𝕤𝕖 ✰
Agent 8 was living peacefully until the fight with agent 3. Instead of waking up in the metro she finds herself in a strange underground test facility, away from all her...
Agent 29 by LaylaTheLoofa
Agent 29by Layla Collins
A Splatoon Fanfiction DESTINY PART 1 OF 3 "This is happening to me. I'm on the floor of a dark place in the middle of who knows where. It's cold, gloomy, and I'm c...
So is story is about the two you see on the cover. They are just someocss made. by Cinnamonisgay
So is story is about the two you s...by Cinnamon
It's about these 2 squids who fall and live yata data data read it and find out
Agent 36 by LaylaTheLoofa
Agent 36by Layla Collins
DESTINY PART 2 OF 3 Months after the events of Agent 29, the cephalopod squad of Agent M, Agent 5, Inkine and Professor Octa are more united together as a group than eve...
Splatoon - Inktimacy by SquidLover23
Splatoon - Inktimacyby SquidLover23
Having recently moved to Inkopolis, Porter is trying to adjust to the ways of life in the big city and the drama that surrounds him with each day. Alongside the other m...
The Dark Truth (Splatoon) by brxken_bxrd
The Dark Truth (Splatoon)by brxken_bxrd
Idk why I'm doing this but- Follow Jax as he uncovers the truth about his brothers death, and how he will have to deal with Taylor, the Octo who believes Jax killed his...
3 Brothers - Splatoon Fanfic by Budgie_Dee
3 Brothers - Splatoon Fanficby Dee
Welcome to the life of Knox, Col and luke. They live in the country side like many other octoling but when they turn 14 they start there new life in Octo Canyon, each ch...
Misc Splatoon Fanfics! by Lady-Starbind
Misc Splatoon Fanfics!by Starbind NAP Starbound
Basically whatever fanfics I decide to write with my Sploon ocs lol.
Halloween's Hallo-Wuss (Splatoon Oneshot) by RancidRoost
Halloween's Hallo-Wuss (Splatoon O...by RancidRoost
Mesonii, Sankra, and Mylo decide to spend a Friday night at Inkopolis' most notorious haunted house expecting plenty of spooks and adrenaline rushes. Suffice to say, the...