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High Strangeness by elfordalley
High Strangenessby elfordalley
Tyler is being hunted by the Grinning Man and flees to Marble Springs, where he teams up with Serling and Price, real estate agents who sell haunted houses. ...
The Green Witch Diaries by quinnkdyer
The Green Witch Diariesby Quinn K. Dyer
A collection of information on various magical & medicinal herbs based on my personal Book of Shadows. Each entry includes original artwork, folklore, a small growing g...
SHIFTING 101 by selmasbooks
SHIFTING 101by selmasbooks
the book that I wish I had read before I tried to shift reality All information, methods, script guide, things to know and much more gathered in one book! I hope it can...
Aas-e-Ishq (Hope Of Love) by Nabihaali263
Aas-e-Ishq (Hope Of Love)by ♥ 𝔸𝓶Ø𝓡𝒾𝓈Ť𝕥T𝐭t👑
Book 1 of Ishq Series. || Highest ranking: #1 in Cousins on 30 Aug 2020|| || Highest ranking: #1 in spiritual on 23 March 2021|| ||Highest ranking: # 1 in happiness on 3...
Mahv-e-Hairat (Lost in Wonder) by Nabihaali263
Mahv-e-Hairat (Lost in Wonder)by ♥ 𝔸𝓶Ø𝓡𝒾𝓈Ť𝕥T𝐭t👑
Short stories with full mirch and masala! Daadi ki full struggle waali kahaniya kisko yaad nahi aati, 😔 Dada ki pocket money, has its own perks!😎 Ammi ke hath ka taste...
Journey to Hidaya | ✔️ by kainatazharr
Journey to Hidaya | ✔️by kainat
Arrogant, gorgeous CEO Zoya Zameer's success has a dark history. A history that involves her loss in faith. Until she meets simple, faithful Haroun Suleiman. Who turns...
Talab-e-Ishq by Nabihaali263
Talab-e-Ishqby ♥ 𝔸𝓶Ø𝓡𝒾𝓈Ť𝕥T𝐭t👑
Book 2 of Ishq series. Highest ranking: #1 in Longing THE JAHANGIR SUCCESSORS. Talab-e-Ishq- Offspring of Aas e Ishq. Dig in to know how Daniyal's favourite cousin becom...
Strong by JenYarrington
Strongby Jen Yarrington
This is a Christian fanfic: In a whirlwind romance, Kate falls in love with Harry, who has been partial paraplegic since a horrific car accident at age 17. Kate and Harr...
Script Template for Shifting by serenxph0ria
Script Template for Shiftingby 𝓁𝒾𝒶 ♛
A quite detailed script template for shifting realities. ~ A google document is included in the last chapter.
To Know Him by thelovelymrsc
To Know Himby annah
*#1 in Christian* *#1 in Christianity* *#1 in spiritual* *#1 in Christ* *#1 in Jesus* *#1 in religion* *#1 in Christian romance* Sometimes love is finding someone who un...
House of Ashes by PotterMIfs
House of Ashesby PotterMifs
•Safa Hayat• Her flounders against the world haven't been known to anyone. Neither do the scars that run deep inside the abyss of her frail soul. She's been hurt. Brutal...
*.+shifting methods+.* by evelynborfs
*.+shifting methods+.*by evelyn???
helloooo im here to help you shift :DDD these are a few methods that I've found useful for reality shifting! i am in no way a professional so if there is any misinformat...
Tarot Cards Meanings by tarotmanic
Tarot Cards Meaningsby tarotmanic
Divination and Tarot meanings Highest Rank #1tarot #3divination #7spirituality
manifest your dreams by -sleepmode
manifest your dreamsby luna🤍
if you're new to the manifestation community and would love to learn, or maybe you aren't new but need some questions answered, you've come to the right place! i hope i...
 Mrs.Valentine  by Officially_Lissa
Mrs.Valentine by Mrs.Shakur
"I gotchu" " always?" "always."
Love at Spain's Iron Cross by williamtgeary1
Love at Spain's Iron Crossby William Geary
Betrayal and death destroy the love of two unrelated people. Healing is needed before either could ever risk love again. It's 2010, the summer that Spain's soccer team...
AWAKEN MY LOVE 𝚰𝚰 by vvmort4l
how do you live to die? - "forgive me father, for i have loved and love to take and give." -mae - welcome to my mind :) 🏅#22 massacre 🏅#21 spirituality 🏅...
His Rose Her Destiny by insdove
His Rose Her Destinyby Danyell and Jon
Kaylee Peters He protects everyone he cares for. I am not one of those people. Who is this he? He is the Chief of the Intergalactic Police. His real name is Prince Regen...
The Spiritual Principle by Spi-Ritual
The Spiritual Principleby Lamar
Rama - the son of an Indian monarch thousands of years ago - once suffered from depression. The talented and wealthy Rama had a deep lethargy and went to a rishi, a seer...
The Legend of the Lost Twin; The Saga  by SammyR1978
The Legend of the Lost Twin; The S...by SamsMagicalAU
Nara has always felt that she is special, but she's never known why. On the other side of the Galaxy Sea, Diar's lifelong mission has been to find her lost sister. If on...