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MUNTAZIR ✔ by authordira_21
MUNTAZIR ✔by ✩。:•. 𝓓𝓲𝓻𝓪 .•:。✩
A heartening tale of the couple Murtaza and Mehrul. How they were bound in a loveless marriage under parental pressure and unfavorable circumstances How their toxic ma...
သရဲဘုရင္ရဲ႕ ခ်စ္ဇနီးဆုိးေလး အတြဲ(၁) (Zawgyi-Unicode) by jellyflower1
သရဲဘုရင္ရဲ႕ ခ်စ္ဇနီးဆုိးေလး အတြဲ(၁...by Jelly Flower
Rebirth အမ်ိဳးအစားျဖစ္သည္.... Blနဲ႔ Glေလးမ်ား Fujoshiေလးမ်ား တေစ့တေစာင္းပါဝင္တယ္ ဝတၳဳ႐ွည္အမ်ိဳးအစားပါ..... Mainleadက normal ျဖစ္သည္။ Zawgyi -Unicode ႏွစ္မ်ိဳးေရးသားထားသည...
Her Soulmate (Complete)  by I-m-laiba
Her Soulmate (Complete) by I-m-laiba
#1 in spiritual in Emerald Gem Awards 2020 #3 in spiritual section in Starlight Awards 2020 It is a story of a girl who love the life. Who was a lively girl Who has the...
SUKOON : PEACE by yourfavdesigirl
SUKOON : PEACEby Mahv-e-hairat
•This book is highly unedited. #1 in spiritual on 2.2.21 #4in shortlovestories on 21.2.21 #6 in urdu on 4.4.21 #15 pakistani on 24.2.2021 #3 in shortstorycollection #1...
Advice For The Christian Girl by Eternela
Advice For The Christian Girlby 𝐄𝐭𝐭𝐲
┌────── ∘°❉°∘ ─────────────┐ In this book, I give advice, encouragement, help and tips to grow into strong Godly women for our future. I hope that each chapter inspired...
The Pursuit of A Heir or Heiress For Norfolk Territory by Lady_Romance55
The Pursuit of A Heir or Heiress F...by Karissa Ann Lowell
This novel will tell the story in words, songs, and pictures about a Young Lord name Lord Andrew Charles Howard who is in the pursuit of a heir/heiress, but won't marry...
His Sinfull Love (Love Series #2) by Shariat_army
His Sinfull Love (Love Series #2)by ❤
har Alfaaz Me Tera naam likha hai mere dil me likha hai meri saso Me likha hai har taraf Bass tera hi naam likha hai ◽◽◽◽◽◽◽◽◽◽◽◽◽◽◽◽◽◽◽◽◽◽◽◽◽◽◽◽◽◽ "bandh kare...
Meri Jaan by mystery_aqua98
Meri Jaanby Mystery A
'Why can't you leave me alone' Nandani yelled helplessly. 'Why should I leave you? You are my life, Zindagi ban gayi ho meri' I whispered yelled each word so it stays i...
Hijabi Bound By Ties by hiba_ashraf
Hijabi Bound By Tiesby Hiba.Ashraf
Living a normal life has never been easy. For Amal , life was full of drama. Dramas which were worth watching! Her name 'Amal' which meant 'Hope' Hopes for a better fu...
شروع اللہ کے نام سے جو بڑا مہربان نہایت رحم کرنے والا ہے یہ میرا پہلا ناول ہے۔۔۔میں ناول پڑھتی نہیں مگر لکھ رہی ہوں😁😁ہے نہ عجیب بات۔۔۔خیر چھوڑیں۔ یہ کہانی ہے دوستوں کی...
Never forget  by Emiko_Chanxoxo
Never forget by Emiko🌻Sama
** First off I don't own anything of inuyasha, characters or otherwise.** "This is my destiny, and it's something I can't get out of." Inuyasha glares at he...
how to get railed by naruto men , easy guide , guaranteed success , 18+😍😍 by catgirl_gf
how to get railed by naruto men...by itachiswife
hey besfrens so um like i have 100 problems and shifting realities could solve at least 73 of them so ya railing guide yoo ‼️‼️
Hijab- A right choice. by MaryamJaffar2
Hijab- A right choice.by Maryam Jaffar
"ALLAH NEVER BURDENS A SOUL BEYOND THAT IT CAN BEAR.". ~ Al Qur'an • Can Anabia save her family and keep practising h...
Paranormal (BoyxBoy) by Sadistic_Panda
Paranormal (BoyxBoy)by Sadistic_Panda
Ranked #76 in Paranormal Do you believe in the unnatural? Demons, aliens, vampires, werewolves? Yeah, well I didn't either. My name is Ren and I just entered an arrang...
Tales of their entwined hearts. by Theniqabiwrites
Tales of their entwined hearts.by Theniqabiwrites
Some tales are better off left unsaid. Some tales are better lived than dreamed of. Some tales are fantasies in disguise of reality. Some tales are precious to be inked...
Forever... Maybe by muslimahh22
Forever... Maybeby muslimahh22
Aliha first year university student in Canada, her parents come from Pakistan but she herself was born in Jordan and came to Canada when she was quite young. She had one...
Beauty and the Beast by MarihaYousaf
Beauty and the Beastby MARIA YOUSAF
What Happens when a beauty is bounded with a beast not by love but by purpose. Rudaba is a beautiful ,naive,shy and fun loving girl.She is engaged to her prince charmin...
Story Of My Life by hamzaali9070
Story Of My Lifeby Hamza Ali
Hi I'm Hammy and its my real life story. It's about my life, my love. Many people believe that I had a really perfect life, a life full of roses and straight paths with...
Go into the world|✈ by FlourishMinistries
Go into the world|✈by 𝐅𝐘𝐌
Want to spread God's Word? Want to fulfill the Great Commission? Then this is the book for you-with tips and tricks to succeed in this Great Call!