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The Fourth Sannin (Kakashi x OC) by LittleMaknaeBaby
The Fourth Sannin (Kakashi x OC)by Maknae
Ten years is a long time to be away and she's not the same kid she was when she left. Bo Young is the Fourth Legendary Sannin of the Hidden Leaf Village. Determined to...
Rainbow's Gift (Avatar The Last Airbender Fanfic) by tanyaryans
Rainbow's Gift (Avatar The Last Ai...by tanyaryans
Life in the Fire Nation isn't easy. Especially when your father is a commander. After her brother's death, Taliya decided that she needed to do something about the war...
Unfailing Love by Thatguy_Ty
Unfailing Loveby Tyler (Ty)
Through thick and thin. Through heartache and hardships, love will always find a way for these two gorgeous women. #Korrasami #Futa #Romace #Smutt #Angst
[Haku x Reader] The Weight of the Crown by Eloiseherondale
[Haku x Reader] The Weight of the...by Eloise
The great Spirit Realm coronates the crown princess or prince when she/he reaches the age of 20 to be the next Queen or King of the Realm. 18 year old Crown Princess y/n...
Tales of Aurora (Legend of Korra) by AnOldHalloweenKitkat
Tales of Aurora (Legend of Korra)by Kat
The story of Tenzin and Pema's first born daughter, Aurora, and her adventures in Republic City with Korra and new team Avatar. Besides facing a crazy cult like group t...
The Age of Reina // Polarized by complexsimpleminds
The Age of Reina // Polarizedby complexsimpleminds
- Book One - "Nineteen years ago, the young Avatar Jian lost his life fighting to keep balance in the world. His demise led to the world falling into chaos. For nea...
Legend of Avani: History repeating itself   by Deya0302
Legend of Avani: History repeating...by Deya Halliwell
Avatar Korra had accomplished something big, she reconstructed an entire Nation and brought peace to the world again. However, her time has come and thirteen yeas later...
Fire and Ice (YYH) by XxScarletMaidenxX
Fire and Ice (YYH)by Ashley
This used to be on my old account XxDarkSuccubusxX. I don't like summaries so I'm not writing one, have fun!! Still haven't decided if I want her to end up with Kurama o...
Another World's Avatar Book 1: Fire by AbigailAWrites
Another World's Avatar Book 1: Fireby AbigailWrites
Eliza had a great life. She had just finished college and had received her dream job. She was planning her wedding with her fiancé. Everything was perfect. Then one morn...
The Half Breed Bandit : Dueling Dragons by BrittanyTyler9
The Half Breed Bandit : Dueling Dr...by Brittany Tyler
This is book 3 of The Half Breed Bandit Series The King of Demons Tournament is only days away. Baashti and her friends are training incessantly, plus she is teaching a...
➳ « spirit world » by atlasq
➳ « spirit world »by ---𝐚𝐬𝐭𝐞𝐫𝐨𝐢𝐝---
❝𝐬𝐩𝐢𝐫𝐢𝐭 𝐰𝐨𝐫𝐥𝐝.❞ Hayashi Sora, the second daughter of Lord Hayashi, was considered by everyone the 'accident' that happened between the lord and one of the ser...
Avatar The Last Airbender: Water and Fire [ON HOLD] by SEWong
Avatar The Last Airbender: Water a...by SEWong
(A fan-fiction) Mi Li is a young girl faced with the hardships of war and social acceptance. But when the war abruptly and mercifully ends, she faces the next great chal...
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The Promise You Kept (ChihiroXHaku) by primitiveradiochild
The Promise You Kept (ChihiroXHaku)by lils
This is a story about Chihiro and Haku from Spirited Away reuniting after six unbearable and lonely years after Chihiro's encounter in the Spirit World to save her paren...
A Ghostly Friend by Headcannons
A Ghostly Friendby Your loving mom
Edd, Matt, and Tom have a brand new roommate that they didn't agree to. All they know is that the spirit in their home is a little scary. {The end never happened, this i...
Reverse The Curse by Frizz_and_Lizst
Reverse The Curseby FollowerInTheShadows ™
When Nicole finds herself in the trap of the Curse of the 9th, will she find a way to break out? A collab between @Frizz_and_Lizst and @Lifeisjustmeh! Odd chapters are w...
Invocations [Kurama x Reader] by DemonicHost
Invocations [Kurama x Reader]by DemonicHost
What started out as a favor to investigate a corporation turned into much more. Kurama should have known that he was compromised when he found excuses to visit outside o...
Lok:Avatar Wan x OC  by KH3_XIII
Lok:Avatar Wan x OC by PrincessNaraXV
Ceyana was born in Earth Lion Trutle she shares the kindness to other spirits including her horse spirit named Feyla she loves and cares for spirits just like her mother...
The Left Hand of Light by chrisveraink
The Left Hand of Lightby Christopher Vera
When Light fails, Darkness prevails. A lonely intuitive whose darkness has brought her to the brink of suicide is reluctantly enlisted by a man who travels between our w...
Spirited Away: Do You Remember? by FrostedPeaches
Spirited Away: Do You Remember?by FrostedPeaches
I turned back, looking at the world that I was leaving behind. Sadness was evident in everyone's eyes, including mine. But the Spirit word is no place for humans. I w...