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No Point Talking. by elefemel
No Point Talking.by Yuvraj Goswami
There is no point talking about it. In fact, there is nothing to talk about. So, what do we have? This is not classical poetry. It is not contemporary either. The words...
  • wisdom
  • self-expression
  • diary
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Grazing the Sky by SpeakWhenItRains
Grazing the Skyby Meg Faulkenberry
Aspiring musician Lance awakes one night to hear a voice. Someone warning him of danger to come. Someone telling him to start running, now. Lance has no choice but to s...
  • abuse
  • teen-fiction
  • scifi
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A story set in the end of time, light years away in the furthest reaches of the known world, left in a dim, dying, starless universe, is a spinning lone planet called Em...
  • werewolf
  • cyborgs
  • afrofuturistic
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Binky of Oldroot by phantommuseums
Binky of Oldrootby AliciaKrupskaya
Beyond the darkest stars is a warm and living world known by its inhabitants as Esûne. Humans, Elves, Dwarves, Gnomes: an endless list of creatures call Esûne home. With...
  • nature
  • woodlandrealm
  • epicfantasy
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The Orthodox Thought by Wifties
The Orthodox Thoughtby Theorisse
The Eastern Orthodox Catholic Church traces its roots to the beginning of Christianity, historically, patristically, and in its theological development. This book aims t...
  • virgin-mary
  • ecclesiology
  • catholic
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The lost and the find  by maidahz
The lost and the find by Maidah Zuberi
This story is about me. This story is about everyone who has atleast tried to get into spirituality. About the boy who got lost. Who somehow was willing to die. Who was...
  • love
  • religion
  • spirituality
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Personal Size Giant Print Holy Bible Reference by MandiLynnR
Personal Size Giant Print Holy Bib...by Mandi Lynn R.
King James Reference Bible and The Word of God
  • spirituality
  • christjesus
  • jesuschrist
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My Warrior Path (Book 6) by OlgaPinsky
My Warrior Path (Book 6)by Olga Pinsky
My 6th poetry book starts September 10, 2018. After Walking Forward to the Beginning, it's now time to head towards the future and all of my goals and dreams; a warrior...
  • remission
  • life
  • advocacy
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To Forgive by 4myLORD
To Forgiveby 4myLORD
Christine was young and innocent; that is, until her mother left her and her father. There was no warning of her mother's departure; just empty drawers, missing pictures...
  • religion
  • forgive
  • church
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everchange | poetry by glowming
everchange | poetryby glwmng
i will never be the same again.
  • mine
  • pride
  • lesbian
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Lets Get Real by SweaterSocks
Lets Get Realby .EtherealBlackWolf.
Hi Hi my name is Luciel call me 778 or whatever name you know me by. Now let me invite you into some crazy stuff.
  • community
  • tea
  • love
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The Flowing Earth  by aswinottapilavil
The Flowing Earth by aswin ottapilavil
A prince, after experiencing something that he have never seen before goes on a journey with his trusted companion through a beautiful fantasy world that always existed...
  • heaven
  • journey
  • supernaturalcreatures
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| Love Reborn | by PandavaPriyaa
| Love Reborn |by DA
This story is a modern reincarnation of the protagonists of the Mahabharata, to bring the truth of themselves in front of all, to express their pain and love to the age...
  • dharma
  • indraprastha
  • balarama
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Dream Journal (16+) by DriftedDarkness
Dream Journal (16+)by Saki-Chan
This book is a collage of dreams I had throughout my second life: Dreaming. Just a slight warning a few of them are going to be explicit, but at the same time not too mu...
  • erotic
  • peace
  • dreamjournal
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A History of Me by PersephoneIsRising
A History of Meby Shannon Mastromonico
Re-edited, previously unpublished series of poems written 20-30 years ago #115 in Spirituality #541 in Poetic #919 in Healing
  • creativewriting
  • canadian
  • writer
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Gone With The Wind by amycreates_
Gone With The Windby — amy ❀
healing takes time. HIGHEST: #64 in Poetry #2 in aesthetic poems #7 in spirituality poetry exploring spiritual and physical worlds and the emotional wellbeing of mysel...
  • tumblr
  • wattpad
  • aesthetic
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ISLAMIC REMINDERS by Proud_Muslimah129
Assalam Wa Alaikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barkatahu...here is the book which i wanted to write for so long,i just wanted to spread some of the knowledge of our deen only for...
  • hadith
  • faith
  • god
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Trials of Maryam by GaniyatA
Trials of Maryamby Abdulganiyu Ganiyat
No one dares him, no one opposes him, Until she barge into his life.. Love Happens when we least expect it. And when it happens, it leaves everyone speechless. -Ganiyat
  • muslimah
  • life
  • spiritual
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Sinning Never Felt So Good by LeeannJenkins
Sinning Never Felt So Goodby Leeann Jenkins-Smith
A Jewish girl meets a secular boy and finds herself questioning her faith for the first time. Soon she'll have to choose between her old life and him. A romance and com...
  • spirituality
  • sinning
  • familyconflict
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Companion by DuniyaKiEkMusafir
Companionby DuniyaKiEkMusafir
______ We all have multiple companions throughout our seemingly short lives ; these companions come in different sizes, different forms at different times and play diffe...
  • lasting
  • spirituality
  • urdu
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