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Why I Am No Longer Christian by Katherina_Michels
Why I Am No Longer Christianby Katherina Michels
{Book 3 in the Journey of Faith series} I never thought I would leave Christianity, and yet, here I am. These are my reasons why. Join the author of "Christian and...
  • agnostic
  • divine
  • opinion
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#1 in Spiritual on 2nd Oct 2k16!!!! #1 again on 09/10/16 Topped the charts in just a month! Thanks a lot my lovely readers!!! #1 in undiscovered 09/09/16 She sat on a...
  • strangers
  • love
  • spiritual
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Wicca: A Companion for the Beginner by TheLostPlaywright
Wicca: A Companion for the Beginnerby The Lost Playwright
The title says it all. I may not know everything, but I know something. I want to share that 'something' with you all. Travel with me. On Wattpad, there is little inform...
  • gods
  • paganism
  • witchcraft
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Tarot Cards Predictive Meanings by tarotmanic
Tarot Cards Predictive Meaningsby tarotmanic
Tarot card meanings which will help you interpret readings for love, relationships, business, the feelings of others, outcomes and more!
  • prediction
  • spirituality
  • tarotcards
My Husband , My Kidnapper by onceuponamuslim
My Husband , My Kidnapperby onceuponamuslim
Highest Ranking #192 in Mystery / Thriller (26.1.2018) It is the last day of summer, and I am walking under a blue prairie sky through the grounds of a medium-securit...
  • spirituality
  • halal
  • mafia
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God Is In Control by merccccyyyy
God Is In Controlby Mercy Babs
#48 in Spiritual 7/28/16 2nd book/sequel to the first book, God Brought Us Together. You do not have to read the book but it will give you a clearer understanding about...
  • christian
  • friends
  • bmwm
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Beginners Guide To Wicca And Witchcraft by spirit_wolf_of_fire
Beginners Guide To Wicca And Witch...by Umdra R. Silverwolf
This is a beginners guide to Wicca and witchcraft to help those who wish to practice the craft
  • guidebook
  • magick
  • spirituality
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A Message Of Hope by heraspiringsoul
A Message Of Hopeby M A R W A
This is not a story. This is a message, a message of hope, a message about how to stop crying over what you do not have and start realizing what you do have, a message o...
  • aspirations
  • muslim
  • selfworth
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ISLAMIC REMINDERS by Proud_Muslimah129
Assalam Wa Alaikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barkatahu...here is the book which i wanted to write for so long,i just wanted to spread some of the knowledge of our deen only for...
  • lord
  • allah
  • reminders
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Allure.  by LilLushAriana
Allure. by Desireeee 💋
In a world full of hatred and anger, love is always the light at the end of the tunnel. One will take a chance at love, and be lured in.
  • mystery
  • fashion
  • newyork
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Breaking Vows • LT by jacalsainteworme
Breaking Vows • LTby Jac
Only a year left from being ordained as priest, Louis Tomlinson is sent to an orphanage in the Philippines, more than 6 thousand miles away from Doncaster. He warms up t...
  • purity
  • angst
  • romance
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Who Says You Can't? YOU DO by DanielChidiac
Who Says You Can't? YOU DOby DanielChidiac
Get ready to embark on an inner journey that is sure to change your life forever... This is a sample of 'Who Says You Can't? YOU DO' by Daniel Chidiac. It has ranked #1...
  • chidiac
  • love
  • daniel
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Islam by RonaldCoopers1453
Islamby محمد طه عثماني
A book to guide people and "Verily in Allah's remembrance do hearts find rest"
  • allah
  • muhammad
  • ummahstandsunited
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| Love Reborn | by PandavaPriyaa
| Love Reborn |by KeshavaSakhi Daakshayani
This story is a modern reincarnation of the protagonists of the Mahabharata, to bring the truth of themselves in front of all, to express their pain and love to the age...
  • spirituality
  • sacrifice
  • tridevatridevi
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Binky of Oldroot by phantommuseums
Binky of Oldrootby AliciaKrupskaya
Beyond the darkest stars is a warm and living world known by its inhabitants as Esûne. Humans, Elves, Dwarves, Gnomes: an endless list of creatures call Esûne home. With...
  • spiritual
  • magic
  • fiction
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Strong by JenYarrington
Strongby Jen Yarrington
This is a Christian fanfic: In a whirlwind romance, Kate falls in love with Harry, who has been partial paraplegic since a horrific car accident at age 17. Kate and Harr...
  • god
  • featured
  • disability
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A Guide to Witchcraft by soybeannns
A Guide to Witchcraftby Zamora Decésare
This guide covers the basics of witchcraft: practices, rituals, beliefs, magic, items. It is mostly directed toward beginners but anyone can benefit from it. Everything...
  • witches
  • grimoire
  • occult
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Gone With The Wind by amycreates_
Gone With The Windby — amy ❀
healing takes time. HIGHEST: #64 in Poetry #2 in aesthetic poems #7 in spirituality poetry exploring spiritual and physical worlds and the emotional wellbeing of mysel...
  • within
  • guardian
  • sad
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Stories of the Prophets. by spiritual_stories
Stories of the Prophets.by spiritual_stories
We know the life history of every famous person possible but we hardly know anything about the lives of the most famous people in Islam. Let us learn about the lives of...
  • islam
  • deen
  • stories
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Lets Get Real by SweaterSocks
Lets Get Realby .EtherealBlackWolf.
Hi Hi my name is Luciel call me 778 or whatever name you know me by. Now let me invite you into some crazy stuff.
  • light
  • spirituality
  • tea
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