Forcefully His(completed) by hinashiekhfff
Forcefully His(completed)by hinashiekhfff
MUSA ALI KHAN(25 years old) he is rude, arrogant,ruthless,powerful and the list goes on...... FARAH SHEIKH(18 year old) she is bubbly,cute and innocent but can be fiesty...
  • forcedmarriage
  • possessive
  • cuteness
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Forbidden  by Your_amazyn
Forbidden by Your_amazyn
He wasn't supposed to see her. She wasn't supposed to be there that day; yet she was. That's where he saw her. As if an unnatural force was pulling him towards her. She...
  • mafia
  • lust
  • marriage
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Destined to be his by Iffath_zuha
Destined to be hisby Iffath_zuha
#58 on (19/03/18) in spiritual. "You are mine" he whispered into my ear. His breath was fanning my ear.My hands were pinned on top of my head and one of his ha...
  • love
  • faith
  • anger
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A Drop Of Petrichor by AimmyB
A Drop Of Petrichorby AimmyB
Sometimes all the parched valley of heart needs is a drop of Petrichor. Noor Fatimah hasn't had it easy but still she faces every obstacle in her life with a smile on he...
  • thetrueyou
  • hate
  • badass
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Dimadu by sheila_zar
Dimaduby sheila_zar
Jujur saja, aku bukanlah wanita sebaik Khadijah yang rela dimadu oleh banyak wanita. Aku ini hanyalah wanita biasa yang mempunyai banyak sekali rasa cemburu. Aku pun tid...
  • pernikahan
  • maisa
  • dewasa
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A dazzle in darkness by Imaan00
A dazzle in darknessby Imaan00
Ever since the night of her birthday when she turned twelve, Inaya was brutally abused by someone she never dared mention to anyone. The abuse stopped three years later...
  • boss
  • love
  • marriage
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Sword of the Spirit by SpiritualSword
Sword of the Spiritby SpiritualSword
∆Sequel to Spiritual War∆ It's when you hold out the sharpest weapon that is way sharper than a double edged sword, the world seems like a battle field, but you fret. Yo...
  • jesuschrist
  • christ
  • spiritualwar
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INDIGO by 1996Tama
INDIGOby 1996Tama
[REAL STORY] ❕❗ [KISAH NYATA] [Update 4 Hari Sekali] 1. Jikalau kalian merasa kalian tidak memiliki kepercayaan akan hal diluar akal manusia maka jangan baca buku ini. 2...
  • indigo
  • future
  • indrake6
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Bening Hati by Oni_Mobarack
Bening Hatiby Oni_Mobarack
Hati yang bening adalah hati yang tersepuh cinta yang suci kepada Rabb-Nya Hati yang bening adalah hati yang tercelup kasih sayang dan cinta terhadap sesama Hati yang be...
  • cinta
  • inspirasi
  • islami
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EL MILAGRO QUE DIOS HIZO EN MI by noraluciavilla
ESTA ES UNA HISTORIA DE LA VIDA REAL . NORA LUCIA VILLA es una mujer de 27 años epiléptica y depresiva pero que a pesar de su enfermedad creía en la vida y en las perso...
  • familia
  • demencia
  • milagro
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Holding a Butterfly  by -Butterlilies
Holding a Butterfly by -Butterlilies
Sometimes in life, your thoughts becomes a black out. Failures pour deep down in your soul and ultimately your heart is held with grieves. Even if everything is worth it...
  • ayat
  • nikkah
  • revenge
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Fixing Firdaus #2 by _likeadreamcometrue_
Fixing Firdaus #2by _likeadreamcometrue_
"God, you're such a temptress," Malik said, pushing himself far away from her as he lowered his gaze to the tiled floor. She didn't move an inch. "Uninten...
  • love
  • romance
  • bride
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Eu tenho sérios poemas mentais by Chuyahiro
Eu tenho sérios poemas mentaisby Chuyahiro
Lágrimas quentes escorrem assim pelo meu rosto pálido e cansado, farto de tudo o que já presenciou na vida mesmo com a aparência tão jovem. No entanto, ser novo não sign...
  • metáfora
  • drama
  • dor
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Even Young Angels Fall by Darkest_Angels
Even Young Angels Fallby Darkest_Angels
Angels are looked upon for guidance and are know for their pure innocence... Some believe this tale but I am not as foolish as they are... I once too agreed, but since I...
  • demons
  • mentalissues
  • depression
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It All Started With A Proposal by salmaz16
It All Started With A Proposalby salmaz16
Sequel of 'It All Started With A Project' Five years. It's been five years since Rashida has left for Uni, and five years later she's finally returning. The town and he...
  • islam
  • muslim
  • orphan
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Annyeong Imam Ku by llcky_
Annyeong Imam Kuby llcky_
Di saat yang dipanjatkan kepada Dia untuk pasangan sehidup-semati itu tidak terkabulkan? Manusia bisa apa? Semuanya sudah disusun oleh Allah sedemikian rapihnya dan men...
  • rasulullah
  • pernikahan
  • az-zahrah
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mateo♥️💦👅 by _Shmateo_
mateo♥️💦👅by _Shmateo_
Creator Of Reverse 🐼🐻 Tip Toes 🔥 MURDA MITTEN 😈 Platinum Recording Artist 💿 booking: 💰
  • ayoandteo
hot ledy secks on beah??? by Ataricube
hot ledy secks on beah???by Ataricube
met dan, a hot 6'8 jorkey that is supper hiot an =df gets all the ladees but obne day he cam upon a girl yhat was SOOOOooooOO hawt that it made him blush an he had to as...
  • bad
  • sucide
  • art
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