My Accidental Husband, Not Father ( Muslim's love story ) by onceuponamuslim
My Accidental Husband, Not onceuponamuslim
Al Hamdulillah #24 in Spiritual ..... Warning : Age Gap. He got married to get his Revenge. She got married to keep the secret hidden. Overnight, irresponsible Ghaith go...
  • islam
  • husband
  • arrogant
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Miracle [My Husband-The Devil]completed by MiraHarlson
Miracle [My Husband-The Devil] MiraHarlson
Soon we both came undone. Him with a Growl and I with a sigh. He untied Me and laid back on the bed. Lifting his head up with his elbow he faced me. "You enjoyed it...
  • abused
  • featured
  • generalfiction
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El amor de Cristo. by vanessardz34
El amor de vanessardz34
Bueno esto no es tanto una historia o una novela, o cuento. Más que nada es una de mis formas de mostrarle al mundo cuanto nos ama Cristo y de demostrarles todo lo que h...
  • cristo
  • espiritual
  • dios
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Expect The Unexpected by RafahRahman99
Expect The Unexpectedby RafahRahman99
Nafisat Yusuf is a 24 year old Nigerian Muslim who teaches at Hamilton Preschool. She loves children and hopes to have some herself in the future with someone who would...
  • failure
  • betrayal
  • family
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Ghost Friend  Horror // Ghost   Why Don't We  by the_one_and_romance
Ghost Friend Horror // Ghost the_one_and_romance
it's about a boyband who moves to a house there their life will change Because the house they just bought is haunted Mary is trying to get them to help her but the...
  • jackavery
  • ghost
  • zachherron
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A Hidden Pearl by spontaneous_muslimah
A Hidden Pearlby spontaneous_muslimah
He was a storm, destined to destroy anything that comes his way. A hurricane that spun so fast, it carried everything beautiful and threw it away. A tornado that was una...
  • love
  • halaallove
  • raabiya
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Arranged by Talks-a-lot-muslimah
Arrangedby Talks-a-lot-muslimah
Laila is just finishing up her second year at university, and everything is going according to plan. She loves romance and is always thinking of starting her own, the ha...
  • halal
  • university
  • muslim
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Writing To An Angel by SarcasticPizza13
Writing To An Angelby SarcasticPizza13
Opal Thomas has everything that the normal girl wants, an amazing boyfriend, a great house, beauty and money but she still searches for more. Not a single human knows wh...
  • creepy
  • opal
  • 2world
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Aisha  by sholihahnuha
Aisha by sholihahnuha
Aisha Bellvania Aileen -Gadis berparas cantik dengan balutan hijab yang menjulur melebihi perutnya. Agamanya sangat kuat, tapi tidak dapat meruntuhkan ego orang tuanya. ...
  • spiritual
  • sahabat
  • baper
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Peace Worth Waiting For  by princessury
Peace Worth Waiting For by princessury
A spiritual book about two Muslim couples who were arranged to marry each other without knowing they've met and going on a journey of life both having faith in Allah an...
  • deen
  • faith
  • arrangedmarriage
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To Err is Human. by ummuhurayrah
To Err is ummuhurayrah
Khaalid is an affectionate, young boy who has everything going for him: Loving parents and a sibling whom he doted on. Catastrophic events on a fateful afternoon, alter...
  • mistakes
  • forgiveness
  • heart
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Harapan Disepertiga Malam by Ellaariani12
Harapan Disepertiga Malamby Ellaariani12
Zahra-- Gadis Sholehah yang ditinggal ibunya semenjak ia dilahirkan, dan dibesarkan sendiri oleh ayahnya. memiliki kepribadian mandiri, dan sangat ramah. mencintai laki...
  • bertahan
  • hamba
  • kekasih
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Zinaa (Fornication) How Shaytan lead us to a Major Sin via steps... by saimaaya
Zinaa (Fornication) How Shaytan saimaaya
This is a real life story of a Muslim girl. She is just 19 years old and she is no more a Virgin... Inspite of being raised in a strict did this girl lost he...
  • majorsin
  • zina
  • fornication
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Back to the Cabin by Breezie123
Back to the Cabinby Breezie123
"Caleb! Wait up!" I yelled. He turned around and looked at me with his sparkling blue eyes. "Got to catch me first, Macy!" He yelled back. we quickl...
  • love
  • god
  • tragedy
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The Prodigal's Return by Thomas_williams25
The Prodigal's Returnby Thomas_williams25
Liam Ramirez, 24, found God at 14. He believed in God, Jesus, and believed that he had a calling on his life. But that all changed the day that he lost everything. His w...
  • action
  • supernatural
  • faith
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The Bus Fic by fallenwing11
The Bus Ficby fallenwing11
-Collab with @Chizzel-McFrizzle As the elegant wave of green brushes with the wind, children play, birds sing, all life just the same. Every individual blade possesses a...
  • random
  • grass
  • lamps
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THE TRAVELLER  # Issue 1 by ProjectDeenoverDunya
THE TRAVELLER # Issue 1by ProjectDeenoverDunya
Welcome to the first issue of THE TRAVELLER! The magazine for Muslim writers and readers all around the globe! In this Feb issue, we talk Inspiration, life problems, poe...
  • issue01
  • islam
  • muslimah
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A crazy Ninja partye || @emtheweeb by kidgeAppreciation
A crazy Ninja partye || @emtheweebby kidgeAppreciation
A while Friend group, the stereotype Friend group. The quiet one, the smol one, the nerd one, the crazy one, and many more. But...what if something sparks in their heart...
  • fans
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