Gara-gara Puisi by viveramia
Gara-gara Puisiby viveramia
Jangan takut menghadapi cinta. Ketahuilah bahawa Allah yang menjadikan matahari dan memberinya cahaya. Allah yang menjadikan bunga dan memberinya wangi. Allah yang menja...
  • religi
  • chicklit
  • ceritacinta
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New Beginnings  by issaminaj
New Beginnings by issaminaj
after being in a abusive relationship-mentally, she decided to finally let go. she's been getting walked over for so many years by her boyfriend and family; and haven't...
  • nickiminaj
  • collegestudent
  • blackqueen
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HAIFA by ariskakhurnia
HAIFAby ariskakhurnia
(BACA ARESHA TERLEBIH DAHULU) Di balik buku yang menutupi sebagian wajahnya, Haifa mengamati dalam diam setiap tingkah laku Arvin. Bagaimana laki-laki itu berbicara dan...
  • kuliah
  • cinta
  • rekomendasi
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Breaking Point by Aeseeyerh
Breaking Pointby Aeseeyerh
Zarah Amin moved into a new country to spend the rest of her life with her Aunty. She was from a country were Islamaphobia does not exist. Can she survive being bullied...
  • muslimah
  • fiction
  • teenage
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Twist Of Luck by maganda_aishah
Twist Of Luckby maganda_aishah
Layla 17, naive and soft hearted. her dreams has always been to be an architect but got shattered in between when she has to sacrifice her happiness to save her family f...
  • game
  • forced
  • sacrifice
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Beloved Marriage in High Society chapter 3-5 by Harasia_Kamyla
Beloved Marriage in High Society Harasia_Kamyla
Chapter 3-5 its the lost chapter I hope its right all translation goes not by me I don't know why the cerphistranslation delete their wordpress but here are the lost cha...
  • drama
  • shounenai
  • yaoi
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Loving Mr. Harris by Imaan00
Loving Mr. Harrisby Imaan00
Aaila has a terrible family. Her parents barely look at her. And her brother has been beating her ever since she was a child. Why? Maybe because they're very rich and sc...
  • muslim
  • allah
  • god
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Pretty Isn't Her Name by menamemoh
Pretty Isn't Her Nameby menamemoh
||~A Hausa love story~|| "I will never love that man even if he was the last man in this duniya❗" ~ Imagine a life in the society where people judge you by yo...
  • love
  • nolove
  • nigerian
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Reigning Love. (A Sequel To Boundless Love) (Christian Romance). by junewamboi
Reigning Love. (A Sequel To junewamboi
Joseph Murray is engaged to Garviland's heir apparent, Princess Diamonique. He however, goes missing two days before their official engagement ball. With Joe still miss...
  • royal
  • romance
  • jesus
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Mama by HijabiMuslim101
Mamaby HijabiMuslim101
This is the story of Iqra Binte Hamas. She is an ordinary girl striving to began a better person. You may think that she is perfect with her loving family and annoying b...
  • love
  • faith
  • islam
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COUNTDOWN TO INFINITY WAR [celebration] by psylokes
"YOURE AN AVENGER NOW KID" INFINITY WAR is coming out in a month so I thought we can celebrate with the best and worst moments of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.
  • comics
  • spiderman
  • warmachine
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GeekLife4GeekGirl blogs by GeekLife4GeekGirl
GeekLife4GeekGirl blogsby GeekLife4GeekGirl
Labdieniņj or Labrītiņj or Labvakariņ. I don't know, kad tu šo lasi. Esmu izdomājusi, ka man jāizveido blogs... Yeah, tādu protams ir daudz, bet es sapņoju izveidot blog...
  • girl
  • blogs
  • mylife
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From We to Me...  by SafiaMoola
From We to Me... by SafiaMoola
Life has its challenges. Society has is norms. Stereotypes have its belonging. But what happens to us? Follow Faatimah Zahra on a journey in discovering herself and what...
  • muslim
  • family
  • tragedy
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KALBİN BİLİR by sssssssserer
KALBİN BİLİRby sssssssserer
Sana kal demedim .. diyemem.. Git de diyemedim .. diyemem .. Ne kal demeye hakkım var.. Ne git demeye gücüm .. .. Tek diyeceğim .. "KALBİN BİLİR...
  • sevmek
  • beşeriaşk
  • sevilmek
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Trust My Light [A Journey#3] COMING SOON by alhashmi96
Trust My Light [A Journey#3] alhashmi96
SPIRITUAL/PARANORMAL/ROMANCE "When the line between the two worlds disappears, there's no returning back from what the soul Seeks from the other side." Miriam...
  • spiritual
  • sequel
  • series
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Karma's A Bitch  by Grimm1789
Karma's A Bitch by Grimm1789
Have you ever heard of the saying 'Karma's A Bitch'? Well you should have you ever thought of her as a person? Well guess what she is...surprising I know. But this Karma...
  • god
  • hell
  • heaven
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Daughter of Christ by jayd021
Daughter of Christby jayd021
Before everything started changing, Irene Nelson was a normal teenage girl who had the best life she could ever have wanted; A loving family, supportive friends, everyth...
  • couples
  • fiction
  • action
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Two Hearts As One by sparklez92121
Two Hearts As Oneby sparklez92121
Meet Asmaa Ahmad, a 22 year old engineer in the process, fits your average description of a beautiful and modest Muslimah. She lives with her six siblings and her lovin...
  • halaal
  • asmaa
  • yahya
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