to be determined [A WATTPAD FEATURED STORY] by sarcasticanticst
to be determined [A WATTPAD FEATUR... by sarcasticantics
[WATTY'S 2016] She opens her eyes and looks up to a hopelessly boring white room, surrounded by doctors wearing pastel colored scrubs. After realizing she can't conjure...
The Irony of Being a Hero by tamar-t
The Irony of Being a Hero by tamar-
Felix Welter is a superhero. In the safest, most normal town in America. Did someone say 'be yourself'?
To Walk On This Path (A GOD STORY) by Epiphanousbeautyt
To Walk On This Path (A GOD STORY) by Epiphanousbeauty
That step from death to life. That step from earthly hell to living hope. How does that happen? Deriving from my own step - a tale of a girl who has no hope. **Featured...
A Muslim's Romantic Journey by KittyCrackerst
A Muslim's Romantic Journey by KittyCrackers
As a Muslim girl, marriage is one of Safia's biggest dreams. All her life she kept herself pure for her faith and her future husband. Although having never had experienc...
Dragonfly Elemental by knightwritert
Dragonfly Elemental by knightwriter
Meditations inspired by dragonfly watching.
Diane Young [Camp NaNoWriMo July 2014] by Optimuslyt
Diane Young [Camp NaNoWriMo July 2... by Optimusly
Due to the recent death of her closest friend, Diane's summer has started off to be a spiral of depression and despondency. But enter a chameleon and Elijah West, a smar...
Aban's Accension by ShireenJeejeebhoyt
Aban's Accension by ShireenJeejeebhoy
Coddled and controlled, living a sheltered life with her parents in small-town Ontario, Aban receives a surprising letter one day: Her grandmother has left her her entir...
Cavalier by sarakellart
Cavalier by sarakellar
David is ten and a half years old when he becomes the de facto family shepherd and he's twelve when a man called Agent Samuel declares David will be the next ruler of Is...
Full Circle by eacomiskeyt
Full Circle by eacomiskey
A young man is running from certain death when he unexpectedly find out what it means to truly live.
The Light Keeper's Daughter by goldie68t
The Light Keeper's Daughter by goldie68
Camila has always loved the sea and the lighthouse she grew up in. Franklin has asked her to marry him, but when she finds a lost soul on the shore who can't remember hi...
Music Therapy by brands52t
Music Therapy by brands52
From loss, to bullying, to acceptance, there's one thing that has the power to reach where traditional therapy often can't. Through the eyes of 5 teens, discover part o...
Faith Over Fear by ByFaithForFaitht
Faith Over Fear by ByFaithForFaith
Rylyn Delson's life has been pretty predictable for the past eight years after her mother's death. She's gotten used to her dad being "clingy". But when life takes a tur...
Re Ply (#Wattys2015) by RosyCarmelinat
Re Ply (#Wattys2015) by RosyCarmelina
Spiritual #6 wattpad Featured The battle for life and the winning of love, from World War 1 to the Millennium. A collection of (very) short real life stories and one or...
Wingless by CydneyLawsont
Wingless by CydneyLawson
Charlie is in serious hot water. After a naked girl falls from the sky, lands on his lawn, and claims to be from heaven, his entire summer is flipped upside-down. This...
My Life as an Onion by Carole McDonnell by CaroleMcDonnellt
My Life as an Onion by Carole McDo... by CaroleMcDonnell
This story of Denise a 22 year old Jamaican-American girl who has been hired as a sober companion to keep Ben Moreau away from his druggie lifestyle is a story I want to...
Eve Undone by AlannaRusnakt
Eve Undone by AlannaRusnak
In the beginning, there was only one rule...
Ox Herding: A Secular Pilgrimage by Jackie-Griffithst
Ox Herding: A Secular Pilgrimage by Jackie-Griffiths
Jae has many questions about the meaning of life and the purpose of her existence, but frustratingly, no answers. After the death of her agnostic grandmother, with whom...
Three Seconds To Midnight by clarificationst
Three Seconds To Midnight by clarifications
In which Death answers the questions of the dead and discovers himself along the way.