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Uninvited by SheHopes
Uninvitedby Sandra Grayson
An unsolved murder and a haunted cabin leave Abby Redding fighting for her life. Is there really a ghost trying to chase her out of its home? Or is there something more...
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Ghost Channel by SheHopes
Ghost Channelby Sandra Grayson
Ghost hunter Penny Reyes needs to win back her followers - even if it kills her. Will she regain her audience, or will her next video be her last? ...
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Kindred Spirits by Ashe_Hime
Kindred Spiritsby Ashley S. Reynolds
What sort of romance could spawn between a hauntingly beautiful human? A remarkable being who's beauty rivals that of a Celestial Being. And a demon well known for his m...
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SPIRITBORNE  |  Book 1 of the Spirits' War Trilogy by kv_wilson
SPIRITBORNE | Book 1 of the Spir...by K.V. Wilson
The rift between man and beast is growing deeper. Skye's ancestors were brought to life by an ancient spirit under the light of a blood moon. Her father commands a legi...
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GUARDIAN  |  Book 2 of the Spirits' War Trilogy by kv_wilson
GUARDIAN | Book 2 of the Spirits...by K.V. Wilson
You mess with one of the Three, you mess with them all. The Battle of the Ritual may be over, but the war against the Covenant has only just begun. Skye and her compan...
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The Haunting of Judith Wagner{George Weasley} by kmbell92
The Haunting of Judith Wagner{Geor...by 𝐊.𝐌.𝐁𝐄𝐋𝐋
Judith Wagner didn't want to talk to the dead, but the dead didn't really give her a say in the matter.
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Scary stories and facts by x666x666x
Scary stories and factsby Death Herself
Would you like to sleep tonight? Too damn bad. Welcome to the hell hole that is my brain.
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Ghost Whisperer || T. Lupin ✔ by AprilSlytherin
Ghost Whisperer || T. Lupin ✔by Emily
"So, you can see ghosts that aren't really there?" "I can see their spirit." "Can you tell them I love them?" "They know, and they lov...
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The Boy That Lives In My House by thebarbiegirl95
The Boy That Lives In My Houseby Barbie
There's a lot of secrets that live in this house, so many bad things happened that would give you nightmares. After a tragedy that changed the community forever the hou...
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NO MORE ✰ (an Until Dawn story)  by barbarawrites
NO MORE ✰ (an Until Dawn story) by Barbra
HIGHEST RATINGS: #1 IN #JOSHWASHINGTON, #2 IN #SPIRITS & #2 IN #UNTILDAWN Bo Tracy is just a teenage girl trying to get out of her Lutheran Pastor-Kid reputation before...
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Alpha Ocean ✔ by Kat-Nova
Alpha Ocean ✔by Kat Nova
"WATTPAD FEATURED BOOK" Highest Rank: #2 In Werewolf WARNING: NON CLICHE. "Move or I'll put soap in your eyes." I warned, as Ocean continued to b...
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Awakening by BarbaraPy
Awakeningby Barbara Insfran
This story was previously known as "The Awakening". ~*~ "One... two... three... one... two... three... a million... is that number right?" A figure l...
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Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark by Exploring_With_Seth
Scary Stories To Tell In The Darkby Seth Nelson
Just a whole book full of different scary stories to entertain you, the reader, none of it is my own work. Enjoy!
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The Celestial Angel!  by subiks
The Celestial Angel! by Bix
When Lucy originally joined the legendary guild Fairy Tail, things were going great. Everyone seemed to love her, and she enjoyed her time there. That was, until Lisanna...
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Suicide Forest by AngelicDeluxe
Suicide Forestby ˗ˏˋrosieˎˊ˗
#56 in Horror | 2/18/18 | A BONE CHILLING HORROR STORY | Fresh out of high school, Anna didn't think her future would be anything more dangerous than wild college partie...
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Ichigo's Sister (Yumeiro Patissiere ) by TwilightSilver
Ichigo's Sister (Yumeiro Patissier...by SilverStar ( S.S )
In this story , Amano Ichigo has a sister that is slightly younger than her. She would go to St. Marie Academy along with Ichigo. If Ichigo has a sister than would she a...
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ON HOLD The Next Generation || A LOK Fanfiction by MissPrima
ON HOLD The Next Generation || A L...by erica
ON HOLD! "Being one of the only airbenders in the world is amazing, yet extremely lonely" ~~~~~ Being the grandchild of a previous Avatar is a feat to hold. Be...
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The Lighting  Mage (Lighting M!Reader X All Girls)  by Firewolfships
The Lighting Mage (Lighting M!Rea...by Firewolf
(Y/N) (L/N) is an Lighting Mage that is not that much of an average yet that also hangs around with Natsu (Rivlas) along with Happy across the land but soon a lot will c...
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Seirei Gensouki ~Konna Sekai De Deaeta Kimi Ni [Web Novel] by Zushikina-kun
Seirei Gensouki ~Konna Sekai De De...by Brix Arquisal Directo
(Alternative Title: Mythical Spirit Chronicles ~On this world where I met you~) Summary: Amakawa Haruto is a young man who died before reuniting with his childhood fr...
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Hard Light (NaNoWriMo15) by Skyhuntress
Hard Light (NaNoWriMo15)by Skyhuntress
Leah is a Radiant, a dying race that is able to crystallise Light. Plagued for centuries by a parasite able to turn them into mindless monsters known as Lightless, the...
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