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This' Where My Demons Hide (Villain AU) by RSE_ME
This' Where My Demons Hide (Villai...by MJ
Everyone has a demon hiding somewhere inside them and that gives no exception to the hero-in-training and secret successor of AllMight, Izuku Midoriya A.K.A Deku. When d...
  • twice
  • chisaki
  • todorokishoto
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~BNHA~ Todoroki x Fem!Reader by BNHA_fan
~BNHA~ Todoroki x Fem!Readerby Me
L/n Y/n is a girl who wants to be a hero badly, but something is stoping her and won't allow her, she then gets a chance to become one of the best heroes out there, and...
  • allforone
  • spinner
  • tenyaiida
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Tainted Love ||| Tomura Shigaraki X Reader by _Weird_Bish_
Tainted Love ||| Tomura Shigaraki...by _Weird_Bish_
We live in a world with only one right opinion. Can't I change that? Can't we change that? Tomura Shigaraki. I despise him. But can we still work together?
  • bakugo
  • tenko
  • tomura
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Rebirth. by FogCityForge
Rebirth.by Daemon Spade
I died once... I will never forget the cold, dark fingers of death reaching out for me... Even so... it seems my suicide was part of the League's big picture... The quir...
  • mha
  • revivial
  • deku
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The Real Overlander by JustinEdwards8
The Real Overlanderby Justin
You may have read his story, but have you met the real Gregor? This story is a fun take on Suzanne Collins' Underland series. It is about Gregor six-ish years after his...
  • rage
  • adventure
  • overland
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Gregor and the Prophecy of Dark by HoangOverlander
Gregor and the Prophecy of Darkby HoangNBA
Gregor never though he'd go back to the Underland, but when a special visitor comes to his Ranch in Virginia, he has no choice but to go back and fulfill a prophecy.
  • echolocation
  • ripred
  • light
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Arise - Book Two of The Spinner's Curse by GrimReader
Arise - Book Two of The Spinner's...by Natasha S. Bruner
A Princess sleeps hidden in the mountains. An evil Queen rules the land. And curses are a way of life. Eira knows of only one way to end the Spinner's Curse: find the Pr...
  • awake
  • curse
  • spinners
VILLAIN FOR LIFEby Mistakes_In_Paradise
I'm unoriginal Half chat half non-chat Look at my ocs Iwa kagayaku and Hibiki Watanabe I don't own anything except my ocs
  • myheroacadamia
  • togahimiko
  • dabitodoroki
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caillou x fidget spinner by blockychild05
caillou x fidget spinnerby ɐoɔoɔ plᴉɥc
Caillou needs his fidget spinner but when his mom gets mad she takes it away and Caillou gets REALLY TRIGGERED.
  • caillou
  • anrgy
  • mommy
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Wilted Roses;; ShigarakiXOC by -Tyrone_Lunie-
Wilted Roses;; ShigarakiXOCby Bi, wanna die
『ɪᴍ ʏᴏᴜʀ ᴡᴏʀsᴛ ɴɪɢʜᴛᴍᴀʀᴇ♡』 Athazagoraphobia ❝the fear of being forgotten or ignored and fear of forgetting❞ 『wαtch mч вlσσdluѕt rєαch чσur hєαrt αѕ í tєαr чσu αpαrt~♡』 ◆...
  • shigarakixoc
  • myheroacademia
  • spinner
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Angel & Spinner's Big Adventures a (Dust An Elysian Tail) by Gamerartist579
Angel & Spinner's Big Adventures a...by Gamerartist579
(Art cover not mine! I don't own the characters of Dust an Elysian tail!) (Just my OC's) Angel and Spinner have been great friends ever since they met, but do you even w...
  • ocstory
  • fantasy
  • spinner
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ᗩᒪᒪ TᕼIᑎGᔕ ᖴIᗪGET! by dragonbreath06
ᗩᒪᒪ TᕼIᑎGᔕ ᖴIᗪGET!by dragonbreath06
I love Fidget Spinners
  • spinner
  • fidget
  • fidgetspinnersareaphad
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Wowie it's villains: himiko x stain by Iworshipyourfandom
Wowie it's villains: himiko x stainby Steve Harvey
This is a joke also manga spoilers.
  • crackfic
  • shigaraki
  • villain
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The Fidget Fic by crankthatmilkfic
The Fidget Ficby crankthatmilkfic
A crankthatfrank and brendon Urie fanfiction
  • brendonurie
  • crankthatfrank
  • fidget
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Oh, Mood? REWRITE by Neariscoot
Oh, Mood? REWRITEby Hearts not Parts
The rewrite of my gc fanfic Oh Mood
  • mrcompress
  • magne
  • tomurashigaraki
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Shrek x Fidget spinner by juliakaplan1
Shrek x Fidget spinnerby sickmate69
mr. krabs and the illuminati make an appearance
  • dank
  • shrek
  • lit
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Sex Sent Me To The ER: Brendon Urie x Fidget Spinner by gorgharrison
Sex Sent Me To The ER: Brendon Uri...by SinGo RtARR
he fucks a fidger spinnit . (Book 1) Please tweet this to crankthatfrank. :). He needs this.
  • panic
  • át
  • sexsentmetotheer
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No c a kien elegir (tu x sunz x foxi x vendi en la kripijaus) by SauronPlay44
No c a kien elegir (tu x sunz x fo...by SauronPlay44
Tu nonvre es Elsa Pato y un diah kualkiera me rresvaleh con una piedra eschusando melany martines y hen eso es me lebanto un tipo muy uesudo de nonvre Sunz, se bia dema...
  • momos
  • bendy
  • foxy
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Degrassi: Next Generation by Madigan-Scamander
Degrassi: Next Generationby Madigan
Mary Hogart was adopted by Archi Simpson when she was only seven due to her abusive parents. Now years later she's beginning Degrassi as a 7th grader where she must deal...
  • terri
  • spinner
  • mary
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Fidget spinner fan fiction by eatdapussy445
Fidget spinner fan fictionby 🤔
Fidget spinner smut short story 18+
  • fanfiction
  • spin
  • adhd
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