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Do You Remember Me? by tilltheendoftheeline
Do You Remember Me?by Natasha
Peter Parker's crazy life by sanjneel
Peter Parker's crazy lifeby Nilisha
This is basically oneshots of Peter Parker/stark. I loved reading them so I thought of writing one book myself. Hope you all like it. It will contain: 1. Cliché field tr...
It Was Only Supposed to be an Online Class... by MorganTheStark
It Was Only Supposed to be an Onli...by Morgan Stark
Just your normal, average, stereotypical wrong number story. Or is it? This time, it's not accidental. This time, it's on purpose. We all know Peter's a genius. So, obvi...
Ugh wrong number by Spiderman7578776
Ugh wrong numberby Spiderman7578776
Just a cliche when Tony Stark meet his not son son Peter Parker and their adventures (Hihihi) Btw the Avengers are also in and take the role of aunts and uncles. Aunt Ma...
Spider-Man: Dark Web by PeterParkerStark19
Spider-Man: Dark Webby Peter Parker
When Peter returns from the events of the Infinity War he isn't the same as he once was, struggling to cope with the events and the loss, how will Peter cope with a new...
Her journal (COMPLETED) by angelvohra12123
Her journal (COMPLETED)by angelvohra12123
A story where Avengers read MJ journal without her permission cuz they think she is a gold digger but with turns of events when they realise they have done so much wrong...
Avengers Memes by NatailaRomanova
Avengers Memesby Web of Stars
Avengers memes that I have too many of! (Mainly Irondad) Everything will be clean and the only ships will be Pepperony and Spideychelle. The cover and all memes are not...
southside[shameless au peter parker] by holyymarvel
southside[shameless au peter parke...by h2hoe
peter parker lives in the south side of new york, hectic house with his 6 older siblings and he has trouble keeping his hood life from his school life. drug dealers, gun...
Sorry, Sir- Wrong Number by Spencer210735
Sorry, Sir- Wrong Numberby Gryffindor_Cookiee
After being pushed off of a building, a wonky landing leads to a broken lamppost and Peter texting who he thought to be Ned. With the avengers after him, an upcoming fie...
The Choice-Spider-Man homecoming fanfic by kannedt
The Choice-Spider-Man homecoming f...by kannedt
Peter finds himself in something dangerous, head over heels in love with Michelle Jones, and his identity discovered, but all Peter wants most in the world is to protect...
this coupon is good for... by drreidwhore
this coupon is good for...by lys🤎
"I can redeem any of these coupons?" She laughs, punching him lightly in the shoulder. "That's the idea, dork." He closes the book and stares at her...
Spiderman Oneshots by OoBooksAreLifeoO
Spiderman Oneshotsby B
Will include: ✨identity reveals✨ ✨soulmates✨ ✨AUs✨ ✨texting✨ ✨fluff✨ ✨fix-it's✨ ✨General Shenanigans✨ ✨requests✨ Please leave a request at any time, vote, comment and do...
How'd You Get This Number? by scvgytr
How'd You Get This Number?by scvgytr
After Peter Parker tinkers with his phone he wipes all his contacts, having to get everyone's contact information again and yada yada yada. When he asks his best friend...
"Parker, it's three AM. Is this a booty call?" [POST-INFINITY WAR AU] STARTED - 29/5/18 FINISHED -
Spying On Love by Addie0987
Spying On Loveby Adi_An
Mary Jane 'MJ' works as a teenage spy for SHIELD. What will happen when her Father Nick Fury asks her to disguise as Michelle Jones for a mission to find out who Spider...
Unofficial Dad Peter  by goldentrashcan13
Unofficial Dad Peter by Goldentrashcan
Peter didn't stop the crime in time. That is how he is now responsible for a young girl who doesn't want to be away from him. ~~~~ The only character that is mine is Cam...
The Parker family || Spider-Man AU by TheCunningSnake
The Parker family || Spider-Man AUby TheCunningSnake
[ON HOLD] The alternate universe where the three versions of Spider-Man are one happy family. Three brothers, Andrew, Tobey and Peter live with their Aunt May. Andrew...
Peter Parker's Instagram by jassinski2505
Peter Parker's Instagramby Jasmin H
Pretty much what the title says but i've added the Avenger's not knowing he had instragram, finding it and finding out what peter gets upto.
Peter and Michelle by reddie55
Peter and Michelleby Reading is life55
"Peter you're crazy" Michelle softly whispers. "Only crazy for you Michelle"Peter replied.
Marked by MarvelousPeterParker
Markedby Peter
Every one is given a mark that ties their life to some one else's. Like a birth mark. It connects you to your friends, family, and maybe even a teacher that is really im...