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Protect The Kid For Me, Will Ya? by hushchild123
Protect The Kid For Me, Will Ya?by Idontfuckingknow
Natasha was confused. What did Tony mean when he said to protect the kid? He couldn't mean Morgan, he refused to ever call her kid for some reason. It just didn't make s...
Peter Parker's Field Trip Catastrophe by cheekyqueeen
Peter Parker's Field Trip Catastro...by Cassy
Peter knew this day was going to be a mess But he never could have predicted what the end results were when his chaotic second family would do when they find out there b...
Are You A Spy? - A Wrong Number Fan Fiction by Ilovetoreadandwrite
Are You A Spy? - A Wrong Number Fa...by Bucket Head
!Cover Change! What will happen when Peter Parker accidentally texts Natasha Romanoff? Will she figure out he's the vigilante Spider-Man? If so how will she respond? How...
Spiderbaby by hazzahazzaharold
Spiderbabyby hazzahazzaharold
Irondad and his Spiderbaby. This book is about Tony experiencing parenthood with Peter. Peter acts younger in this and is like 'developmentally delayed'. I like the idea...
A baby spider by OwoUwuTnT
A baby spiderby OwoUwuTnT
A 5 year old Peter Parker gets taken in by Black widow and The winter soldier. (art isn't mine)
You Can Be My Hero by Doodlept2
You Can Be My Heroby Doodle
Could you be a superhero at fifteen? Balancing teenage life and saving the world is no easy feat. Spiderman x Irondad spankfic I don't own marvel or the characters!! ¿D...
A light in the dark by thejanedoestories
A light in the darkby thejanedoestories
Hurt/comfort, a lot of angst. Our favorites, Peter and Tony at it again with their father/son relationship
A field trip to remember. by Honeybee_2468
A field trip to remember.by
peter goes on a field trip to stark industry and the avengers get overprotective when flash bules him and humiliate him.
Peter Parker, Iron dad, and Spideychelle Oneshots. by tony_kat_jade
Peter Parker, Iron dad, and Spidey...by wanda’s corset
Oneshots of Peter Parker and his Super Family. Irondad, Mama Spider, Uncles Rhodey, all that. fluff or angst, sometimes a bit of both 😉
Entre el deber y la sangre by Melopea_LilyMoon
Entre el deber y la sangreby Melopea_LilyMoon
La vida de Peter Parker está llena de secretos, la mayoría de ellos sin duda gracias a su alter ego como Spiderman, lo que no sabe es que sus secretos no son los únicos...
Avengers oneshots||Irondad||Spiderson by MissVeronica16
Avengers oneshots||Irondad||Spider...by MissVeronica16
Hello! This will be a collection of oneshots, if you are confused I will always have bold text above the story to explain the setting Please enjoy and if you have any id...
What about me, Mr. Stark? by thejanedoestories
What about me, Mr. Stark?by thejanedoestories
All goes well in Peters life until a new kid shows up at Tony's door. But what happens when Peter starts getting forgotten and one evil frost-giant is rooming the earth...
Escaping With 5 Days To Survive by CrazyShake
Escaping With 5 Days To Surviveby Milkshake King
Five days, five locks, one huge nightmare. The only thing to do is escape... Or is it?
Marvelling by QuinnTheFox
Marvellingby Quinn
Just some marvel One shots 99% are spiderson because adorable Peter is a win Requests are open
Spider-Man Wrong number(avengers family fic) by funsherry44
Spider-Man Wrong number(avengers f...by funshrry44
it just a wrong number story with the avengers becoming family and maybe some baby spider in it. just got a new idea for this new book. and none of the the avengers or s...
My Rock: Tony Stark// Peter Parker by Anonomys_Writter
My Rock: Tony Stark// Peter Parkerby Anonomys_Writter
*Some characters and settings are not mine* Ships: Stephen/Tony Steve/Bucky Nat/Bruce Peter/Harley Its been a year since Tony snapped his fingers and Peter just seems to...
Peter parker One shots by Grace-Emma-Luna
Peter parker One shotsby Emma-Grace
***REQUESTS ARE OPEN*** one shots about Peter. Super fam,Field trips,Peter Stark,Hunts,Abused. Name it I write it! NO starker NO Spideypool