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Close | A Spencer Reid Story by TheAestheticDiary
Close | A Spencer Reid Storyby The Aesthetic Diary
Spencer is walking a dangerous path when his feelings for JJ are too much to ignore. Guilt-ridden, he distances himself from his girlfriend. But how long can he realisti...
Sorry | Spencer Reid Fanfic by TheAestheticDiary
Sorry | Spencer Reid Fanficby The Aesthetic Diary
JJ confessed her feelings for Spencer. The problem is they are both already married. Will JJ's confession derail Spencer's life? Will he act on his long pent up feeling...
Professor Reid by spencerswhoreclub
Professor Reidby Mia
This is by far my favorite trope so I had to write a story about it. This is also mainly going to be smut but I promise there's going to be a storyline too.
Dominant in Training {A.H x S.R} by sparklinspence
Dominant in Training {A.H x S.R}by emmy
Hotch is inexperienced, Spencer wants to help him with that {Bottom Spencer}
Games | A Spencer Reid Story by TheAestheticDiary
Games | A Spencer Reid Storyby The Aesthetic Diary
"Thanks for playing sweetie," Cat called out after her. Dr Spencer Reid had finally baited Cat Adams out into the open. But as events unfold at his undercover...
Dr. Spencer Reid x Reader by omw2stlurb
Dr. Spencer Reid x Readerby TooManyFandoms
This is a book full of fluff, Smut, dirty everything Dr. Spencer Reid. Rated R! You have been warned! Enjoy :)
The Price of Happiness  || Spencer Reid by glassesreid
The Price of Happiness || Spencer...by priyal
Money can't buy happiness. As a man of logic and science, Spencer Reid knows that. But when he strikes a deal with Y/N Y/L/N, one of his students, he starts to question...
rambling by ilovefictionalm3n
ramblingby AUBREY
New to the BAU, you catch the one and only 'Spencer Reid's' eye. This is a mixture of smut and fluff. Gotta love a plot 💋
spencer reid one shots by magicianstricks
spencer reid one shotsby clementine
one shots about everyone's favorite resident genius originally posted on my tumblr @/spncersreid
Criminal Minds Oneshots by Criminalcows
Criminal Minds Oneshotsby Criminalcows
Spencer gets a tattoo, need I say more? A collection of unrelated short stories usually posted on my tumblr. (Same username) Currently just Spencer Reid and Aaron Hotch...
spencer reid being cute by fictionalmenslut
spencer reid being cuteby <3
it's pretty much all spencer reid fluff, angst, and (maybe) some smut ;)) send me requests in my dms or in the comments of my shitty oneshots
all yours... (spencer's reid x reader)  by spencerlover0188
all yours... (spencer's reid x rea...by spencerlover0188
As soon as they saw eachother, the sparks began to fly, no doubt about that. both of them are shy, and resllly awkward. will they get the courage to reveal their feelin...
Matthew Gray Gubler One Shots by luvvreid
Matthew Gray Gubler One Shotsby luvvreid
Just some little imagines about Matthew Gray Gubler, smut may happen (not sure yet).
Crave you by Tylerahottie123
Crave youby Tylerahottie123
"I crave you y/n your always on my mind" Friends with benefits to lovers
sorceries and adulteries. a harry potter mix with loki and spencer reid x reader by spencerreidswhorexd
sorceries and adulteries. a harry...by spencerreidswhore:)
this is a story about y/n that goes to hogwarts and finds herself lustful for a couple of guys. including loki from marvel and spencer reid from criminal minds, both 8th...
One-Shots by squiggledrop
One-Shotsby squiggledrop
Complete Collection of all my Spencer Reid one-shots. They are labeled with their category. All ones labeled "smut" are 18+. Thank you!
One shots and imagines by beomgyumylove
One shots and imaginesby Rey
Multiple people! Fictional characters and celebrities. Requests are open. Smut and fluff ;) Follow my tiktok: @luvutothmoonnbck
Mind, Body, and Soul by gubessweaters
Mind, Body, and Soulby Stella
After meeting Penelope Garcia she's determined to get you out of your shell after spending your childhood being very sheltered. In attempts to get you out of your shell...