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My brainwork by maanvibhagat
My brainworkby maanvi bhagat
Hi everyone. This is my second book. Here I have decided to post my quotes, thoughts, poems, short stories, slogans, speeches,etc. Also introductions about my new storie...
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Favorite Poems, Quotes, Songs, etc! by g_august
Favorite Poems, Quotes, Songs, etc!by G August
This is a collection of my favorite poems, quotes, songs, and (maybe) speeches! Enjoy! ((I DO NOT OWN ANY POETRY, QUOTES, SONGS OR SPEECHES UNLESS SAID OTHERWISE)) ((AND...
  • poetry
  • myfavoritepoems
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Sherlocked ➺ Misc. by bakerstreets
Sherlocked ➺ Misc.by 𝒋𝒆𝒂𝒏𝒔
In which you can keep updated with my stories, opinions, and undying love for fiction. Along with a great deal of rambling. © jeanette 2019
  • malec
  • kurthummel
  • rants
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Please. by xoty1er
Please.by wet armadillo
Reasons, speeches, and quotes to help you stay the fuck alive. Read it. Please.
  • reasonstostayalive
  • please
  • motivation
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unpredictable • random by -Louiseee
unpredictable • randomby ─MinMin
Unpredictable /ˌənprəˈdiktəb(ə)l/ (adj) not able to be predicted ➳a collection of things that comes around the deepest part of my mind ┆poetry┆rants┆tags┆ 📷: @kuytiee
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A Book Review by Karishmaryam
A Book Reviewby Karishmaryam
A review on a book published by Emerald Publishers
  • emerald
  • speeches
Ephemeral Poetry by Rabbianne
Ephemeral Poetryby Angelie Cayabyab
Ephemeral Poetry is the third poem collection of Angelie Cayabyab. However, this book is composed of 50 poems. Unlike Inked and Snippets, that has only 43 and 22 poems r...
  • words
  • poem
  • paper
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The Hunger Games: Songs, Poems, Letters and Speeches by EynePan
The Hunger Games: Songs, Poems, Le...by Eyne Pan
This collection will be containing songs, poems, letters, speeches and anything of that sort from the three books, the four movies, what I could possibly find and what I...
  • songs
  • survivingiskey
  • thehungergamesmovies
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Speeches by Pranisha-Rijal
Speechesby Pranisha-Rijal
Just draft of the speech that I prepare for school.
  • speeches
My life as an alchemist is wrong as I expected by Marioturtle
My life as an alchemist is wrong a...by Marioturtle
Hikigaya Hachiman is an amazing character, though he lacks one thing. Said thing is, fanfictions! I got inspired by another story about alchemy and I thought 'Hey, lets...
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Doctor Who Speeches & Funny Moments by DaughterOfElrond
Doctor Who Speeches & Funny Momentsby Lóménia Peredhil
Just a book full of Doctor Who speeches, in no particular order
  • doctorwho
  • quotes
  • speeches
The Road Of Feelings by rameenlakhani
The Road Of Feelingsby Rameen
this is a book in which i will write all my essays, speeches or quotes. its basically all the stuff i write when i feel like a broken piece of glass. good luck
  • sad
  • speeches
  • fun
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||.:QUOTES For LIFE:.|| by elacrystal123
||.:QUOTES For LIFE:.||by elacrystal123
Hello readers!!!welcome to my first book! I really like making quotes,poems and etc. I am not very much good with grammar and english But i will try best! . . Enjoy!!!
  • fantasy
  • love
  • poems
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Stop And Smell The Roses by bitchymasochist
Stop And Smell The Rosesby 🥀 Sky 🥀
Life will never give me what I plan for, rarely give me what I yearn for, but will always give me what my soul needs to grow.
  • rants
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  • speeches
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My Randomness by Emma_96713
My Randomnessby Choclet107
I was bored, so I wrote this book. There is going to be a lot of random stories and weird things I write. If you have any suggestions feel free to ask! Please, keep it P...
  • life
  • poem
  • drama
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Simple Words by MagnusSimon29
Simple Wordsby Magnus Simon
Just things that I wrote. Whatever floats my boat. Hope you like and appreciate them. Just like how I enjoyed writing every single one of 'em. Note: Not all are poems. S...
  • poetry
  • writing
  • random
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My Speeches by alittlebluesometimes
My Speechesby alittlebluesometimes
So my school forces us to write a speech every year for a competition. The competition starts off against everyone in your classroom, two people from your classroom with...
  • anxiety
  • speech
  • speeches
Declamation,Oration,Speeches,etc. by Another_Mei
Declamation,Oration,Speeches,etc.by Another_Mei
This is a compilation of declamation,oration,speeches,etc. This includes the works of famous poets such as William Shakespeare, Julius Ceasar and many more.
  • orations
  • poems
  • speeches
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My Guide To Life by JackieStorms
My Guide To Lifeby JackieStorms
Speech's,poems and my opinion on certain things. This is here to help others who agree with me,or who need a pick me up. Made in 2018-2019
  • poems
  • souls
  • broken
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Speech Box by Rock1847
Speech Boxby Rock1847
This is a book about some speeches I like and have learnt
  • wattys2018
  • speeches
  • watty
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