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BITE, caged (furry origin story) COMPLEATE!!! by RubyRainstorm
BITE, caged (furry origin story) C...by That Recognised Altostratus
(SFW) Jude wakes up one morning, shocked to find he's been, cursed, transformed into a monster, Half man half beast. Is he to be faced with bulling, people contently loo...
Let the Games Begin: A No Game No Life Fanfiction by Unknown_Alchemist
Let the Games Begin: A No Game No...by Unknown_Alchemist
Ash and Ace are siblings who live in the vast lands of a gaming world. They hear of Imanity's new kings and decide, "Hey we have nothing better to do, Let's see Ima...
The Story Of Lolfey by Lolfey
The Story Of Lolfeyby Lolfey
Lolfey, a silver fox, has a hard time finding his place in a city where the majority is the most despicable of animals. Humans. The beasts furthest from helpful or carin...
In The Hearts Of Those With Hooves by SimplyWolves98
In The Hearts Of Those With Hoovesby SimplyWolves98
In a world where people hate the different, it is kind of hard to love it. Centaurs are considered nothing more than pretty property at the end of a leash, not even on e...
The Dawn Breaks by MorningCauldron
The Dawn Breaksby MorningCauldron
A former geneticists and a young girl crash-land on a distant moon. Although thought to be uninhabitable, the moon is covered in lush and deadly red flora. The two must...
The Bio Lab by CelestialRowan
The Bio Labby CelestialRowan
Poem regarding the thoughts going through my head during a Biology dissection lab and the struggles of education conflicting with your ethical beliefs. I did not actuall...
Meat-eaters by Xlchtloi
Meat-eatersby Flavia Corvinia
Two guys investigating a restaurant.
Do you eat grass!? by hugedream
Do you eat grass!?by M
blog post by an annoyed vegetarian
Soccer scare by jackcatnip
Soccer scareby jack
Charles, a trans minotaur, is about to come to terms and face his problems. How will it turn out?