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Writer Speaks by the_bubblequeen
Writer Speaksby the_bubblequeen
Presenting you a new book in which you can find interviews of all your favourite Wattpad writers. To know more about them read this book and also drop in your comments.
Random Poetry by Neko_Noelle
Random Poetryby Noelle (=^-^=)
"Poetry is one place where people can speak their original human mind. It is the outlet for people to say in public what is know in private." - Allen Ginsberg
The Pit bull Who Wasn't Lucky by Lexy0115
The Pit bull Who Wasn't Luckyby Lexi
Will she ever be loved? Will she ever stop being a fighting dog? Will she ever trust humans after what they do to her? Will she quit dying inside everyday? All these an...
The home-trip. by buckybarnes1716
The home-trip.by Winter Soldier
AKA, where peter lived, ate, slept, and trained. His own house. His dad would most likely laugh his head off at pyotr's situation. ***************** A FIELD TRIP FIC WHE...
Interviews of the Wattpad AUTHORS by MidnightRosemary
Interviews of the Wattpad AUTHORSby Rose
These are interview on the amazing authors on Wattpad. If you would like me to interview someone let me know and if you want to be interviewed just let me know.
Truth behind a Badass... by Starlover36
Truth behind a Badass...by Starlover36
Truth behind badass tells u the secret about cold hearted girls.... These r small write-ups. Hey guys m neha...n m new on wattpad as a writer n m trying my 100 per. To...
Aren't We All Animals? *void until decided otherwise* by WritersShadow
Aren't We All Animals? *void until...by WritersShadow
Florence Davis is what you would call the apathetic type. She doesn't care about school, a lot of friends, politics, and pets. But when she trips down the porch of her h...
Speaking Words- Poetry Collection by ShailyShivangi
Speaking Words- Poetry Collectionby Shaily Shivangi
The real warriors, always gleam across to be a companion to the wanderers. And here the stars are the one, in the dreaded night.
My Collection of Poetry by Foxymeso2
My Collection of Poetryby Foxymeso2
( I hold no ownership of the pic/cover that is viewed) All Rights Reserved
My heart Speaks  by lishhhhy
My heart Speaks by lishhhhy
these are just little poems things lol I wote
The Old Woman & The Deer by MithniHoradine
The Old Woman & The Deerby Mithni Horadine
For someone who is both finished and unfinished.
She Speaks by Mon_light
She Speaksby Mon_light
Everyday thoughts which I never mention.
Google Speaks by joanariverraz
Google Speaksby Joana Riverraz
Google Speaks is a useful perused for the individuals who need to find out about the making of Google and the individuals who created it. The account of Sergey Brin, a y...
Lion's Weird Warriors Discussions by TumbletailWarriors
Lion's Weird Warriors Discussionsby TumbletailWarriors
Listen in as Lion talks about things ypu probably never thought of. (lol you probably thought of everyrhing in here) Lion made this at first only because it's break the...
This isn't love. It's heartbreak by KaitlinHulme
This isn't love. It's heartbreakby Kaitlinx
I kind of got bored and thought why not right my thoughts here like a diary so here we go.