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Learn Japanese by Akaru2002
Learn Japaneseby Noa Bouw
A book to learn Japanese. The title says all. I'm still learning by myself too. If you have questions, just ask me, I'll do everything to answer your question! 😉
Why do I love you? (COMPLETED!!! In editing process) by chanina123
Why do I love you? (COMPLETED!!! I...by Classified ;)
Cherlninda died. 1009 years ago. Her best friend turned her into a vampire. Leaving her life behind. So in her earlier years in the years while hunting with her family...
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The Baby and the Battlefield by CarolinaC
The Baby and the Battlefieldby CarolinaC
A baby? On a battlefield? Marcus is a clerk in the Imperial army. When he finds an abandoned baby on a battlefield, he has no idea what to do with her. His best friend i...
Learn Sindarin  by Johanna_AJ
Learn Sindarin by Johanna Andrea
☑️ For those who are willing to learn more about Sindarin! ☑️ I cannon guarantee that everything is 100% correct! ☑️ You can always announce me if you need any particula...
Nihongo 101 by Kahlynb
Nihongo 101by Kahlynb
Here's to everyone trying to learn Japanese! I have seen so many learn to speak Japanese books on wattpad, and they make me mad about how incorrect they are. If you want...
speaking to the stars by ohmymadj
speaking to the starsby Nialler's princess
she spoke to the stars because they shone for her on the darkest of nights. it's my first poetry book, i don't even know what it is so i hope you like it :)
 English Learning Tips by r_ruksana
English Learning Tipsby IAmMe..
Many of us want to learn or improve our English well. Especially, in speaking and writing. But we face various difficulties at the time of learning or practicing Englis...
how to speak korean by jagijongin
how to speak koreanby obsession
learn how to speak korean with this book full of tips and tricks!
Gakuen Alice Facfic- crossover- I Will Protect You + Mikan's Little Twin- by al3m08
Gakuen Alice Facfic- crossover- I...by WhyCantWritingB_E_Z
These two stories could become one. The Sakura Triplets will go on crazy journeys, how will the academy be able to handle three Sakuras? Well let's find out. Here, we wi...
Enter My Wonderland by MsNoCategory
Enter My Wonderlandby MsNoCategory
(Every one of these poems has a story behind them, whether if their from my life, or just a story) These poem's that you may or may not read, have no theme. Some hold my...
Learn English Short Stories by davebaileyme
Learn English Short Storiesby Dave Bailey
Short Story English lessons with audio that you can use to build your ESL vocabulary and improve your listening skills and pronunciation so that you can speak better Eng...
How to speak in draconic  by DragonAutismForever
How to speak in draconic by Peyton Eberle
This book little is where you learn how to speak in draconic which is also known as the dragon language. This book will also help you decode some hidden dialogue to some...
Learning Korean  한국어 배우기 by silvereyelash
Learning Korean 한국어 배우기by leih
안녕하세요 여러분. This is korean language learning book where you can learn different lessons, study tips, hacks, great websites, youtube channels, and apps recommendation. And...
My mind by AbnormalBeing
My mindby AbnormalBeing
I have written some poems that I just want to share and get some feedback on. Positive and Negative would be appreciated (just don't be douchey about it.) I'll definitel...
The Mysterious Benedict Society | "Normal" Life by RandomReferencesRFun
The Mysterious Benedict Society |...by RandomReferencesRFun
Basically, this is a continuation of the Mysterious Benedict Society, with the three older kids as older teenagers, and Constance is 10 years old. Includes one or two s...
"You" is not a bad word: The Step by Step Method of Rational Communication by JanetSatterlee
"You" is not a bad word: The Step...by JanetSatterlee
A clear and concise step-by-step-method designed to help others communicate rationally and effectively.
Poems by danielleb333
Poemsby Danielle
**Please comment, vote and fan if you like it *Oh and also please check out my other stories! ~I wil return the favor!
Maximizing Confidence on Informative Public Speaking by nethancj
Maximizing Confidence on Informati...by Nethan Jabujab
A step into overcoming the fear of speaking in front of a listening crowd...
Public Speaking by distressing
Public Speakingby distressing
In which a girl practices speaking and a boy listens without her knowing. ☆ there's lots of swearing in this story whoops
How To Speak To People by PrincessStar14
How To Speak To Peopleby Princess_Star14
Having trouble speaking to people, like..... - Crush - Friend - Family - People in Total READ THIS Random person- REALLY HELPFUL IDK.123456789876975- Really simple, eas...