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To Become A Con Artist by Sincerely_EAH
To Become A Con Artistby Sincerely_EAH
Con Artist (noun): a person who cheats or tricks others by persuading them to believe something that is not true. The Scene: New York City 1926 The Girl: Claire Manor kn...
  • 1920s
  • newyorkcity
  • flapper
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Married to the Mob Boss's Son (Old Version) by JJTufts
Married to the Mob Boss's Son (Old...by J.J Tufts
Hair ✓ Lipstick ✓ Smile (Perfect) Kenzie Clearwater is an average American girl. Although she doesn't consider herself to be a flapper, she still housed the sam...
  • murder
  • 1920s
  • speakeasy
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A Lady Never Tells by laura0703
A Lady Never Tellsby Laura
At the age of six, Lillian Jones lost her parents in a terrible fire. She then was shipped off to live with her Grandmother. As an adult, Lillian becomes curious about t...
  • courting
  • mysterious
  • slightromance
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YOUNG AND BEAUTIFUL  by Siriusly_Slytherin
At often times a photograph is all that is left of a life years later. When Joshua Romano finds a box while sorting through his grandfathers old things one particular ph...
  • romance
  • wild
  • rich
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Rum for the Money by fernmorrow
Rum for the Moneyby fern
Prohibition is the law of the land, but taxi dancer Nellie Sypek needs cash. An argument ended with a gangster getting socked in the face, and she's got ten days to make...
  • featured
  • 1920s
  • history
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The Mob Boss's Son (Revised) by JJTufts
The Mob Boss's Son (Revised)by J.J Tufts
Kenzie Clearwater is an ambitious African American teenage girl who dreams of being a poet. Inspired by the black social movements going on across the country and colleg...
  • bootlegger
  • 1920s
  • speakeasy
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Sleazy speakeasy (a Roleplay) by russetfox12345
Sleazy speakeasy (a Roleplay)by SkepticStoat
(The artwork is not mine, and all credit goes to the rightful owners. I'm only using it because it's the only artwork of cats within the prohibition era that I can find)...
  • anthropomorphic
  • alcohol
  • cats
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The Escort by vero_rosario
The Escortby Veronica
The year is 1932, smack dab in the middle of the Great Depression, and Annabelle is dealing with it all head on with her trusty beagle, Roxy. With only herself to rely o...
  • storms
  • kiss
  • romace
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The Secret Speakeasy by minnesotalover0
The Secret Speakeasyby minnesotalover0
In the 1920's everyone wanted to drink, cut their hair, and be somebody. What happens when 20 year old Rose Wallace is moved to her Aunt and Uncle's house in New York Ci...
  • alcohol
  • romance
  • speakeasies
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Lady Boss  by JJTufts
Lady Boss by J.J Tufts
Hair (✓) Lipstick (✓) Smile (Perfect) After graduating from Rosary Academy, Kenzie Rizzitelli is ready to attend Spelman College for girls. With one last Summer...
  • hooch
  • mafia
  • boss
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Yours Truly by la-la-lys
Yours Trulyby la-la-lys
Chicago. 1920's. Flappers, jazz music, prohibition. Looking good means being so much dirtier on the inside. Welcome to the Gilded Age. Enter Klaus Michaelson, immortal v...
  • vampires
  • tvd
  • flapper
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Muffins of Remorse by storytellers-saloon
Muffins of Remorseby storytellers-saloon
Tex Mex has blown up Busted Gulch and blasted it's residents into the future. Now this Wild West gang as been transformed into 1930's U.S. Citizens, living and working i...
  • prohibition
  • mystery
  • adventure
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Criminal Beware by AuthorJosephStone
Criminal Bewareby Joseph Stone
California, 1922. A growing coastal city is gripped by terror. The savaged remains of a third victim are discovered in the central park. Police find no suspect or motive...
  • werewolf
  • criminal
  • serialkiller
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The Wild Orchid by Spark187
The Wild Orchidby Allison Jae
Check out my new Wattpad Facebook Group https://www.facebook.com/groups/1579028275556896/?multi_permalinks=1579270912199299&comment_id=1579486002177790¬if_id=15298990...
  • nurse
  • matchmaker
  • movies
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The Ice Box Flapper On 32nd St. by Spencair31
The Ice Box Flapper On 32nd St.by Spencair31
  • possesive
  • romance
  • 1920s
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Wonderland: A 20s Romance by DominiqueClawson5
Wonderland: A 20s Romanceby Scheming Skink
Love is a hard thing to accomplish in general. Now, how about we add even more problems to the list. Meet Alice, a young white girl in the 1920's who is mute. Meet Eliza...
  • tragedy
  • sadstory
  • fakelove
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The Undoing by Abby16Cruz
The Undoingby Abby
The Order knows and does more than stated in the books of J.K. Rowling. And I'm here to clear up the air since most of you have obliviated memories. Take notice that you...
  • speakeasy
  • undoing
  • confidential
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Island Girls by Pegtron3000
Island Girlsby Pegtron3000
Zoe Taylor didn't mean to kill her mother. At sixteen, Zoe accidentally discovers time walking. She's transported back to 1929, and finds herself in a world of flapp...
  • newport
  • timetravel
  • ya
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The Avalon Club by 2018aham
The Avalon Clubby Bailey Sterling
Cecil Addams was raised a thief when America's Corrupt City was reaching it peak, but it's not until a job goes awry that Cecil is truly thrust into the world of crime...
  • thief
  • speakeasy
  • betrayal
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Diary of Alice Drago by Docrubente
Diary of Alice Dragoby Docrubente
After Giovanni Cavallo's revolt, the Drago family has fallen on hard times. Meanwhile, another family is rising to power, putting the Dragos under even more duress. Alfr...
  • alcohol
  • consigliere
  • family
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