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HC and TC Oneshots - A Little Bit Of Everything by MyUniverseShips
HC and TC Oneshots - A Little MyUniverseShips
Random Oneshots of different Minecraft youtuber ships. Fandoms include both Hermitcraft and TeamCrafted. Ships include are present in tags. Diaclaimer: The shipping invo...
Minecraft One-Shots by Apocalypsey
Minecraft One-Shotsby Ashley
Little 'Imagine Your OTP' stories, some will be Nsfw / Smut - But it'll be tagged in the title ~ Includes SetoSolace Merome Skylox Doubdilshur (Yes OT3 :D) Doubdil Bashd...
Frozen Merome by Merome123
Frozen Meromeby 🎀Steven Quartz Universe🎀
Meet Mitch, Mitch lives in the Village of Arendelle With Jerome and his friends Mitch Has the Same Magical ability as Queen Elsa. Mitch Is bullied by people in the Villa...
Setosolace- One-Shots (boy x boy) by nephilumtribute
Setosolace- One-Shots (boy x boy)by VG
A lot of Oneshots with your favorite minecrafters. Mainly Skylox, Merome, and (obviously) SETOSOLACE! Also starring Sparkant! Have fun reading about my personal OTP's in...
Why Won't You Love Me? (Skylox +Merome +other ships) by bikergal12
Why Won't You Love Me? (Skylox Biker
In this heart felt story, Ty and Mitch both have loves, but their loves have girlfriends. When they try to work together to work things out, things start to change and n...
Random One -Shots by bboyoonie
Random One -Shotsby hayleigh
Just some Oneshots that I wanted to do Most of them are YouTuber one shots
Sparkant: The Real Winner is the One Who's Happy by FanfictionRepublic
Sparkant: The Real Winner is the The Republican Party
-•- Description -•- Ordinary people, taken out of their homes and brainwashed. They awake only to see their lives on the line. "The Hunger Games" they call it;...
An AntSparklez Story (A CaptainSparklez/Antvenom or AntSparklez fan fiction) by punken316
An AntSparklez Story (A punken316
Ever get tired of Skylox and Merome fanfictions but still wanna read a gay romance fanfiction about famous YouTubers? *takes deep breath* Then you’ve found your book! J...
Sparkant: Family by SparkantStorries
Sparkant: Familyby Jeff The Killer
Well I was bored and I think up of stuff so... enjoy!
Change Of Heart- Minecraft AU by MyUniverseShips
Change Of Heart- Minecraft AUby MyUniverseShips
Someone's heart can change fairly easily. Yet it is not quite easy to change it back. But can you change them back force? ------------------------------------------ ...
The Silver Strand -Subthan- by TheYaoi-bulance
The Silver Strand -Subthan-by Mikey
I met a forbidden one at the beach! A forbidden one! Much least a Silver Haired! -------------------- Society has decided, that only brown/black hairs should exist. Any...
Love isn't insane, you are~Sparkant {Smut} by Team_insane_ships
Love isn't insane, you Innovative
(Alright so no more Insane Jordan and no more Insane Antvenom... so new one)
Sparkant: Live, Laugh & Love by Im_Hot_xx
Sparkant: Live, Laugh & Loveby Courtney
A story how love can lead in different ways! :) Amazing Sparkant cover by:
Sparkant q@a by SparkantStorries
Sparkant q@aby Jeff The Killer
This is so amazing hello Antvenom CaptainSparklez are going to answer your guys questions so leave a like and comment and I will see you in the Q&A
Poison [Sparkant fanfiction] by Spiderskelly
Poison [Sparkant fanfiction]by Anastaysia
In which Antvenom isn't the cocky man we see on camera, and he's broken.
From the Future (Discontinued) by piperwolf94
From the Future (Discontinued)by Piper
Because of a disastrous war from a powerful enemy, twenty children have been chosen to time travel into the past in order to prevent the war from happening. Sound easy...
Immortals in Minecraftia by Sitting_in_my_Ships
Immortals in Minecraftiaby Ender
Sequel to Pirates of Minecraftia It's been two years since Taylor has returned back to his kingdom. Emily has become his bride and his father retired. Then one night, he...