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Just the two of us; stefanielle by SP4MPISGF
Just the two of us; stefanielleby secretly in love with spampi
Simply a fanfiction about Stefania Spampinato telling her love story with Danielle Savre!
Third Time's The Charm by Itzlhdz
Third Time's The Charmby
Written in mainly Carina's point of view the story explores her experience with a miscarriage and its effects it has on her and those around her. As she struggles with b...
Summer With You (Danielle Savre) by stpoll
Summer With You (Danielle Savre)by stpoll
A story about a 20 year old girl that just ended her first year of studying. She moves into a new apartment and gets a gym membership in the neighborhood. It's summer an...
24 hours with stefanielle by lxvem1lfs
24 hours with stefanielleby charlotte
idk its meant to be read in one go lol imagine stefania and danielle werent allowed to come out as a couple because of management
My Two Moms by Jeff Spampinato-Savre by thinkinofmarina
My Two Moms by Jeff thinkinofmarina
Just a dog writing about all the things she notices when she's with her Mom and her Mom's new "friend" aka my other mom 👩🏽🐶👱🏻♀️
Oneshot stefanielle igtv  by aliyahzpl
Oneshot stefanielle igtv by Aliyah <3
This fanfic is about what happend before and after the igtv their posted today on instagram (maybe +18)
short stories - marina / stefinelle  by alexxavmm
short stories - marina / alex
a collection of short stories written by me <3