Ace of Spades [Ledger Joker x OC Fanfiction] by the-killing-j0k3
Ace of Spades [Ledger Joker x OC 𝓀𝓃𝒾𝓋𝑒𝓈 𝒶𝓃𝒹 𝓁𝒾𝓃𝓉
"Not all love is gentle. Sometimes it's gritty and dirty and possessive, sometimes it's not supposed to be careful or soft at all. Sometimes it feels like teeth.&qu...
  • thedarkknight
  • eventualsmut
  • thekillingj0k3
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King of Spades and Jevil Oneshots/Lemon by I-Want-to-die-now
King of Spades and Jevil I ♥ hunter~~~
  • king
  • öf
  • yandere
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Jester WildCard and the Suit of Cards by SomethingCrazy228
Jester WildCard and the Suit of SomethingCrazy228
Jester WildCard is the daughter of the male Joker. Her cousin, Timothy Joker is the son of the female Joker. They have been best friends since they were kids. Now Jester...
  • hearts
  • casino
  • lgbt
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Seduction (AHS Crossover) by QueenBeysus
Seduction (AHS Crossover)by ♔Bella♔
Come into a world filled with sin, murder, monsters, beautiful women, witches, legends and of course, seduction. In this Jayonce X American Horror Story book you just w...
  • ahs
  • ladygaga
  • spades
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The Blood of Spades - IV OF SPADES  by spadeseu
The Blood of Spades - IV OF SPADES by clariz 💫
[ are y o u ready to face the consequences of what you've entered? ] // f a n f i c t i o n by spadesue
  • uniquesalonga
  • zild
  • wattys2018
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The Queen of Spades...  by vynllScratch
The Queen of Spades... by vynllScratch
Arthur Kirkland is a noble omega in the kingdom of Spades he acts kind and nice to anyone who he meets. But he is not all he appears to be! Even though he has lines of a...
  • cardvers
  • arthur
  • alpamerica
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Deck Of 54 by 666_Soul_Stealer
Deck Of 54by Soul Stealer
Amber Moonstone started hunting down the cards to complete her deck. a deck of 54 including the jokers. she played it as a game when she was very young thinking what a g...
  • clubs
  • spades
  • jokers
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IV Of Spades Text Imagines by burgerbasalonga
IV Of Spades Text Imaginesby burgerbasalonga
Some funny and somehow cute text imagines
  • unique
  • decastro
  • badjao
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~Chess~ UkUs {Aph Cardverse} by DragonSongs
~Chess~ UkUs {Aph Cardverse}by Listen to the ⓡⓐⓘⓝ ♪
"Arthur Kirkland is a lonely boy who's destined for the throne, however, nobody knows that, so he lives the life of any common boy in the Kingdom of Spades. Alfred...
  • fanfiction
  • spades
  • hetalia
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IV OF SPADES Imagines by justmariaclara
IV OF SPADES Imaginesby jaz
a collection of imagines made by yours truly para pakiligin kayo hehez // I DO TAKE REQUESTS, message niyo lang ako sa wattpad :---) // --- cover made by yours truly
  • blastersilonga
  • zild
  • fanfiction
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Ace of Spades by writiersbloodink
Ace of Spadesby Mickaela Eckert
A deck of cards can be played with many different ways, it all depends on the rules. Four symbols, Four kingdoms. Four aces, Four protectors. One fallen kingdom, One r...
  • morbid
  • aceofspades
  • runner
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Solitaire King by nightwing2
Solitaire Kingby Alfred F. Jones
After freeing Spadia, the King of Spades and leader of the fabled time mages, falls into a deep slumber. The Solitaire King was just a legend you grew up hearing. No one...
  • britain
  • america
  • spades
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♤We Live In This House Of Cards♡ - Kingdoms group RP by BriarThorns_RP
♤We Live In This House Of Cards♡ helo
Not my au idea The original au came from another fandom called Hetalia. I just really likes the idea.
  • magic
  • kingdoms
  • lgbt
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The Lancer Fanclub/Randomness! by KING_Lancer
The Lancer Fanclub/Randomness!by ~LANCER!~
HOHOHO! THIS...Is where I'll be posting some random things I encounter throughout my time on this website! Some things evil! Some things...I dunno what to call it! Hohoh...
  • lancer
  • kris
  • spades
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The story of Hearts, Diamonds and Spades by RubythePinkBunny
The story of Hearts, Diamonds Ruby-chan
"I want to protect my loved ones!" "I want to be more than just an innocent little angel!" "I want to prove that I'm worth it!" Three best...
  • wonderland
  • magic
  • spades
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Your King, Not Mine by CallMeGhostie
Your King, Not Mineby Breathe
After being brought to this world, Eevee is sucked into the dammed world of Deltarune. And boy does it seem to hate her.
  • king
  • öf
  • deltarune
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He Cheated / Zild Benitez AU Short Story by trashynicole_
He Cheated / Zild Benitez AU nicole
He loves me. He told me loves me. But not enough that he can let go of Shanne. Because whether he really loves me or not... He cheated.
  • badjao
  • daniel
  • padilla
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Home Sick (Ace of Spades One-Shot) by NickyTheDestroyer
Home Sick (Ace of Spades One-Shot)by Nicky•Ginger
♠️ In which a pretty blonde girl is pissy because of her 101 fever and ruined plans. ♠️
  • ace
  • aceofspades
  • spades
Spades by CreepsToCute
Spadesby CreepsToCute
In the 1600s the kingdom of hearts is the ruler of civilization, people working against their will, abuse. But, there are many people that will try to free the slaves, p...
  • cards
  • spades
  • fantasy
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Death Goddesses by Averill_Enya
Death Goddessesby @aaaanya
Sila ay may binubuong gang or group na isa sa pinakamataas na rango sa Organisasyon. Paano nila matutuklasan ang pumatay sa mga parent's nila? Sino-sino ang kumakalaban...
  • action
  • goddesses
  • death
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