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The Conquest by Noaan23
The Conquestby Noaan23
Imagine it. Hundreds of mafia families in space. Wouldn't it be better if there was only one ruling over the universe? Thats what the Corsash family thought. Their conqu...
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The Prisoner by TheBlackSwan48
The Prisonerby TheBlackSwan48
Aumorauna Zouro has had everything taken away from her. Her home. Her planet. Her freedom. This is the story of how she gets it all back.
F*ck, I Love You by Jarfrey
F*ck, I Love Youby Leeroy Huah
It wasn't camaraderie, and he figured it out explosively in the middle of a firefight. Flames raged on every side, civilians screamed at a distance, and she ran for a cr...
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