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Tall Tales From the Cantina: An Anthology by starwarsfans
Tall Tales From the Cantina: An Star Wars | Ambassadors
Ongoing user-submitted stories from the Star Wars Universe posted alphabetically by author.
Albuquerque Starport by Boddynock
Albuquerque Starportby B.W. Mathers
It seemed like a simple job and a chance at a big score of gear: Orlando, Jules, and Slathis - Two Humans, their Mutant Lizard Companion, and a post-apocalyptic wastelan...
Prometheus' Gift by Tyler_Jimmieson
Prometheus' Giftby Tyler_Jimmieson
The human race is doomed according to an ancient alien observing our expansion into space. Can one member of a rebel organisation save the entire race from self-destruct...
Blue Madness by khashews
Blue Madnessby khashews
Life on a spacestation is monotonous to say the least. When you work 5 days a week for a pittance with less than half a chance to move up in the world, and the girl you...
The Ambassador's Staff (Short Story)(Complete) by sdramsey
The Ambassador's Staff (Short Sherry D. Ramsey
This story was originally published in "Thoughtcrime Experiments," an anthology edited by Sumana Harihareswara and Leonard Richardson. You can find the entire...
Deserters by DianaArt3mis
Desertersby A. D. Williams
"I thought my life was normal, out here in the space port. My normal job at the bakery, doing what I love, meeting people from all over the universe and serving my...
Glitch - vision of the future, told as a story by katerauner
Glitch - vision of the future, Kate Rauner
What does the future hold? Here's one answer, a vision of what the world will be, told as a story. Rob is working as a controller at Spaceport America when the spacecraf...
Boarding for Takeoff by bulgariansumo
Boarding for Takeoffby bulgariansumo
(EDIT 2-27-20: Outdated. Just read the first chapter of Bon Voyage, Celestion-5 instead) Meet Leon, a newly recruited star ranger eager to board the spaceship to his fir...