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Remembered But Not Yet Gone by GoldenrRena
Remembered But Not Yet Goneby Loser
He wanted one more minute, second even, just to see her. She knew that he should have stayed at the tower, she knew that someone else would have gladly taken it if aske...
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New Earth 6 by krazydiamond
New Earth 6by Kristin Jacques
'Firefly meets Battlestar Galactica'. A merchant's daughter is captured and sold into slavery. A genetically modified survivor of an alien attack scours the gal...
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After Effect, a Mass Effect fanfic by Shane_Wolfhart
After Effect, a Mass Effect fanficby Shane Alucard Shepard
It's been a year or so after the final end of the Reapers, the Galaxy rebuilds itself. And Shepard? She's left the Alliance, and while she still has her Spectre status s...
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One Shot Youtubers by Empty_Corpse
One Shot Youtubersby • Joshua •
Ici je mets tous les One Shot et les song-fic sur des youtubers
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The Day I Met Him Klance by AwkwardArtist23
The Day I Met Him Klanceby KadenceOnAQuest
It's Lance's first day at high school and he's having a hard time fitting in but he soon finds a new companion that has the same interest in space as him. But what will...
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To s tím cowboyem ve vesmíru by Athibin
To s tím cowboyem ve vesmíruby Lydia
Andrew je nájemný bandita. Ve vesmíru. Teď je jeho cíl vlak převážející dynamit. Ve vesmíru.
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Space Cowboy | Ethma by __harry__styles___
Space Cowboy | Ethmaby __harry__styles___
It had been two days since I had seen him, two days since he slammed my front door shut as I furiously tried to stop tears from spilling over on my cheeks. I knew that o...
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The Kitsune Chronicles: Advent Dawn by UrbanRedneck
The Kitsune Chronicles: Advent Dawnby UrbanRedneck
The year is 6047, Earth has been all but abandoned and humanity has colonised multiple star systems. What began as a joint venture for the survival of of the human race...
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Last Stand by mieyo10
Last Standby B.T. Min
Some types of mini stories need to be in the same universe. Welcome to the paper verse. An anarchy of a world and an even better slaughter house. They say there are rule...
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Logan by Auxanablue2635
Loganby Auxana Blue
Perill Avail DeCampeon; Bounty Hunter, Ass-kicker, Skilled flyer, and totally lost on a random planet after being shot down by another hunter. Did he want her dead or wa...
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Space Cowboy by Space_Cowboy_Kanru
Space Cowboyby Kanru
A story about, life a long way from home................. (it's not finished but I'm going to be uploading piece by piece, tell me what you think)
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