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Yamato A Galactic Voyage by dragonoid91
Yamato A Galactic Voyageby Drago
Humanity was nearly wiped out. World's ablaze other destroyed while some got off with a scar. They were spread throughout the stars with all communication silent, it see...
This Time, I Shall Protect Humanity...Preferably Without Dying by CaptainCalcium
This Time, I Shall Protect Captain Calcium
Apollo Norm (AAA-03) of the Andromeda-Class space battleships had thought that he had died at the Ark of Destruction, but that wasn't the case. Given new life by the spi...
"The Dust of Dead Stars" by Midway3425
"The Dust of Dead Stars"by Midway
A Calm Midday on ONI Headquarters (or well, as calm as it can be), is suddenly interrupted by... a Whisper, offshore Io, And nothing more than a Whisper is needed for th...
The human cat girl war by saselitrecon
The human cat girl warby Jordan Mahuika
Out there in the galaxy is huge and filled with billions of star, out there is a war going on and one side is losing. that one side needs every advatage they could get o...
Revelation (post-animation Azur Lane X Space Battleship Yamato 2202-2205) by DDDZZZ000
Revelation (post-animation Azur DDDZZZ000
This is a crossover fan fiction. Basically a lone Destoria reaches Azur Lane Earth as his Empire accidentally gain access to that universe and accidents don't have to be...