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Two different worlds by kenken_bakubae
Two different worldsby lucci einhorn
Sero is working in a maid and pet cafè. Bakugo is leader a popular gang. One day Bakugo went to the cafè where Sero works. This is how their story starts.
soy sauce [ryuna] ✩ by SUNBAES-
soy sauce [ryuna] ✩by 🥚
Ryujin is kidnapped after going to buy soy sauce to fuel her addiction. started: august 5, 2019 ended: march 2, 2020
soy sauce x reader by jesusxfluttershy
soy sauce x readerby jesusxfluttershy
What if you go to the store, hoping to find your condiment for food? What if its more than just a sauce? What if you come home to something you never wanted to see? That...
Niki's Magic Carpet by Rosebud8
Niki's Magic Carpetby Rosebud8
Niki wakes up and finds herself on a magic carpet. Wait what? A magic carpet?! What am I doing on a magic carpet, with a bottle next to me, with a genie in it?!?!?! Nik...
My Mark[Bnha x Reader] [Temporary Haitus] by Complicatedly-Simple
My Mark[Bnha x Reader] [ Kenna
 Jenna has a quirk, much like 80% of the population now. But she's different from the rest. She doesn't believe that hero's are different from villains. She only belive...
I just want my soy sauce, not a husband! by macaron_line
I just want my soy sauce, not a Macaron
Mum: "YiQi, quit your gaming and get some soy sauce for me!" YiQi: "But, but! It's League of Champions!" Mum: " Stopping for a few minutes is no...
Meme Book 😨 by LJisdumbasheck
Meme Book 😨by Hello
Hi hello i like makin memes since i was in grade 2 yes i did that and everyone laughed at my meme but like enjoy my book 😍☝️ (P.S: There are memes that are good for sto...
Soy Sauce by madmanreadsrox
Soy Sauceby Ryan A. Loera
An original poetry collection.
A Love Story of... Soi Sauce? by hilm_burger
A Love Story of... Soi Sauce?by Sabakou
Pic goes to original owner(?)!! :3 **CAUTION PLZ READ** 1. this is a yaoi (BL) story :D 2. might contain lemons :3 3. same names as real peeps are coincidental (maybe :...
The Drug That Went Too Far... by Katally
The Drug That Went Too Katally
jc caylen is part of a clan he was kicked out though lets be honest he would be the one to be kicked out because he is only one from o2l that didnt attempt a singing or...
My classmates as skits by Ghost_Eli
My classmates as skitsby Ghost_Eli
I will not use my classmates real names I hope you enjoy
GINGER: Everyday Poetry About Everyday Things by Soysauces
GINGER: Everyday Poetry About Gingers
In which two teenagers write about what they see in things they encounter everyday. "A creamy smoothness covered in clouds, fundamental for my survival. Lined by a...
soymates! by depressedrice
you're my soymate... and you make miso happy! a girl confesses to lee donghyuck with a card that involves food puns... and he does not take it very well. ☆ nct - lee don...