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Daddy!Sousuke x Mommy!Reader x Son!Haruka {Day by Day} (Drabbles) by RukaNanase
Daddy!Sousuke x Mommy!Reader x ✨ハルカ✨
Little drabbles about your life with your husband Sousuke and your son Haruka. {Will also be posted on dA} I don't own Free! Characters or the pic!
Azure Beats (Sousuke x Reader) by bottomlessweebvoid
Azure Beats (Sousuke x Reader)by Marlia Zmey
It all started when (Name) transferred to Iwatobi from Tokyo. She had a lot of reasons to why she moved out of the big city; health complications, a search for ideas to...
♡ Free! Sousuke x Reader | One Shots ♡ by SanaSousuke
♡ Free! Sousuke x Reader | One サナ宗介
One shots of only Sousuke Yamazaki. Some of these were written like 2-3 years ago pretty old, sos if they're cringe (;'༎ຶД༎ຶ') just posting ones that I'm okay with and p...
Anime Boys x Reader One-Shots by fujoshichic8648
Anime Boys x Reader One-Shotsby Fujoshi Chic
Story filled with one shots of your favorite anime boys! Requests are accepted and if you request I would appreciate if you include the anime name and theme for the one...
Rin's Friend (Rin Matsuoka x Reader) by LeviSecret43
Rin's Friend (Rin Matsuoka x LeviSecret43
Rin Matsuoka x Reader You are the sister of Makoto Tachibana and can be very shy in certain situations. Instead of swimming you do diving, the adrenaline and excitem...
Free! x Reader Scenarios by hinata_flower
Free! x Reader Scenariosby ひなた
"your smile makes my heart race like never before" a collection of short stories on love, joy and heartbreak t o p t a g s: 05/09/2019 #1 haruka x reader
Free! x Reader One Shots by saintshoe
Free! x Reader One Shotsby ace!
Various Free! x Reader one shots :3 //slow updates
Free! X Reader | oneshots | scenarios | etc| by rin-is-my-husbando
Free! X Reader | oneshots | rin-is-my-husbando
Oneshots, scenarios and all that good stuff of our favourite swimming boys . Request are open so dont be shy to leave one 😋
Brother's Conflict X child/Teen reader by Number41959
Brother's Conflict X child/Teen Priscilla Toomalatai
y/n Hinata is the younger sister of Ema Hinata. Y/n found out that her father was remarrying and was goning to have 13 brothers which was somthing she was having mixed f...
Mi Prometido Haruka - 1era Parte by JulietaEnmascarada
Mi Prometido Haruka - 1era Parteby JulietaEnmascarada
Free! Iwatobi Swim Club AU en el Antiguo Japón Makoto Tachibana es el señor de una casa noble y heredero de una rica provincia, cuyo matrimonio con el hermoso Haru...
Free! Boyfriend Scenarios by berrybangtanfics
Free! Boyfriend Scenariosby 🌸Elizabeth🌸
Free! Iwatobi Swim Club Boyfriend Scenarios ( Kisumi and some of the Samezuka boys will be in this too)
Free! One-shots (Various x Reader) [REQUESTS CLOSED] by Kenzie-chan
Free! One-shots (Various x Reader) Kenzie-chan
One-shots of you with the water loving boys that we love so much from the anime Free! REQUESTS ARE: {[CLOSED]} Free! and it's characters do not belong to me, they be...
FREE YOUR HEART (Various!Free! x Female!Reader) by YOKKOTSU
BETTY - an attractive female surfer "is water wet? let's discuss" "(name), please, we...
A tale of two whales by Takitty92
A tale of two whalesby Rory
Makoto has fallen in love with Sousuke and vice versa, but they don't know that the other shares the same feelings. NOTE: I am currently in the process of rewriting thi...
Free! Iwatobi Swim Club Zodiac Book by Ash2oo4
Free! Iwatobi Swim Club Zodiac Bookby RYUJIN
Hello guys!~ I hope you enjoy this wonderful book that I made that I think it sucks. Lol. This is my fourth ANIME zodiac book, my first one was Attack On Titan, so if yo...
Your Majesty~ (Kirito x Eugeo SAO) by BonBon332
Your Majesty~ (Kirito x Eugeo SAO)by BonBon332
Kirito has a crush on Eugeo, while Eugeo has a girlfriend, Tiese Shtolienen. Over time Kirito had to deal with these feelings for Eugeo until he has had enough. Eugeo, o...
I Thought I Lost You by _minou_13
I Thought I Lost Youby Minou
I hope you guys enjoy this story. I wrote it in my Free! Amino and I just remebered that I was going to post it on here too, so... Here you go!
Free! x Reader [Oneshots] by icyfalls
Free! x Reader [Oneshots]by icyfalls
Hope you'll enjoy this collection of Free! oneshots~~
Because Of Your Absence (Sourin) by SakitheChibi
Because Of Your Absence (Sourin)by Sakuri Lenthea
After a few years, Rin was finally coming back home from Australia. Although he longed to see Sousuke once more, they weren't on good terms when they left. Rin thought...