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Yandere!Hanako-kun x Reader by Sweeteye18
Yandere!Hanako-kun x Readerby yahoo~
First! I DON'T OWN "Jibaku Shounen Hanako-kun " AND ANY OF THE CHARACTERS ONLY THE READER! this is my first book on this anime soooo no hate please i didnt se...
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𝖊𝖓𝖙𝖗𝖆𝖓𝖈𝖊𝖉 || 𝖙𝖇𝖍𝖐 𝖝 𝖗𝖊𝖆𝖉𝖊𝖗 𝖔𝖓𝖊𝖘𝖍𝖔𝖙𝖘 by jyugosgirlfriend
𝖊𝖓𝖙𝖗𝖆𝖓𝖈𝖊𝖉 || 𝖙𝖇𝖍𝖐 𝖝 hana 🙀
en·trance /inˈtrans,enˈtrans/ verb past tense: entranced; past participle: entranced fill (someone) with wonder and delight, holding their entire attention. -- "𝐢�...
Free x Reader Oneshots by TJoyPrincess
Free x Reader Oneshotsby TJoyPrincess
A collection of fluffy and cute oneshots guaranteed to make you squeal!
Healing His Solitude - Aizen Sousuke Love Story by Midnight_Lilac
Healing His Solitude - Aizen Midnight_Lilac
Sai. A once well known powerful shinigami who fought alongside the Captains of the Gotei 13. Her power was immense, possibly even stronger than all the Captains' reiatsu...
Never Again (Kou x Mitsuba) by H1S0KA_morow
Never Again (Kou x Mitsuba)by Ice_bath
Kou x Mitsuba angst please be nice... this is my first angst book so... if you have any input please tell me. ⚠️⚠️TW!!!!!! DEATH, WAR, MENTIONS OF SUICIDE, AND NSFW⚠️⚠️ ...
Nocturnal Creatures by theBrilliant
Nocturnal Creaturesby theBrilliant
Original draft, check out final published edition here: Makoto had grown up hiding his cat ears and tail. It was easy if he did...
Reminisce | Mitsukou  by mizumishiiro_
Reminisce | Mitsukou by おれんじいい
Mitsuba Sousuke. You've probably heard of him before, right? Obviously, as a social media influencer, he's bound to be famous. Within the sight of his radiant salmon-col...
Artist - Mitsuba S. x Reader by Euruze
Artist - Mitsuba S. x Readerby Euruze
Artist Mitsuba Sousuke x Reader Toilet Bound Hanako-Kun Jibaku Shounen no Hanako-Kun -- In which an artist meets a certain pink-haired photographer. She mistakes him as...
Free! Eternal Thoughts by kenmuffin
Free! Eternal Thoughtsby hyratatouille
Free! Eternal Summer One-Shots; Free! Eternal Characters X Reader (ON GOING) He will be freer than he ever was, with you. Everything originally came from my head. Secon...
🌸🍑Mitsuba Oneshots🍑🌸 [DISCONTINUED] by SizaQaa_MP
🌸🍑Mitsuba Oneshots🍑🌸 [ SizaQaa [HIATUS!]
🌸Mhmmm... Some onshots to fullfill my OR even Your Mitsuba-needs and wants 😀💅✨ 🌸request status: [🍑OPEN] 🌸will accept anything except lemons or lime due to "i...
Road To Boruto: This is My Ninja Way by bunnyblahblah
Road To Boruto: This is My Ninja Hey, Bunnies!
Boruto is the son of the Seventh Hokage, the previous war hero, Naruto Uzumaki, and the Byakugan Princess, Hinata Hyuga. He is also the student of the Seventh Hokage's r...
Random Oneshots [IE Go] 💖 by _Okane_ngel
Random Oneshots [IE Go] 💖by _Okane_ngel
inspired by @Darkness_hurt02 tenma x boys i ship him with The cover is like @Darkness_hurt02 but that's only because I don't know what else to put for the cover I do n...
Clouded Distance | Free! Fan Fiction by redvelvetts
Clouded Distance | Free! Fan lauren
SEQUEL TO OPEN WATERS. "It's come upon us at last; our first, and last, eternal summer." Transfering back to her hometown has brought Hana Etsumi more things t...
The Promise (Bleach: Gin x Rangiku) by jjs797
The Promise (Bleach: Gin x Rangiku)by judy
If you took her away from him, he would kill. If you took him away from her, she would die. This is the story of how Gin Ichimaru will do absolutely anything to protect...
「🌸MitsuKou oneshots🌻」 by Xiao__Official
「🌸MitsuKou oneshots🌻」by Xiao
🌻[~Do you really believe me?~]🌸 Complete/Discontinued The cover took me so long oof (The collage in the background isn't actually mine i found it on google) Tsukasa...
Fountain of Regrets (TBHK) by Oreosmilez
Fountain of Regrets (TBHK)by Merriberri
Yes, this is a reader x Hanako Rumours are going around that a ghost is present at the school fountain. Our trio befriends said ghost and are willing to help her get rid...
D gray man (male reader) by luffykingofpirates
D gray man (male reader)by king of pirates
Hi the names (Y/n) or shino I am 18 years old but people think I'm a kid a 13 year old kid I left my homeland with my 2 Friends sousuke and murasame And now I live in th...
Free! Stories (One-shot FF) by MeganODowd
Free! Stories (One-shot FF)by Haru-chan
Hello everyone! So I've decided to make one-shot fanfictions with the boys from Free! Iwatobi Swim Club. Since won't allow second person POV I thought I'd...
Free! x Reader [FINISHED] by norixsenpai
Free! x Reader [FINISHED]by Nori ;
a collection of oneshots, lemons, songfics, drabbles, etc. requests welcome!