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1. | INDIGO [S. STILINSKI] by sourstiles
1. | INDIGO [S. STILINSKI]by sourstiles
❝ I hate it. I hate not remembering. I want to. I want to remember what it was like to have something, someone! ❞ ❝ You do. You have me. ❞ Indigo has woken up on a...
2. | PATIENT 37 [S. STILINSKI] by sourstiles
2. | PATIENT 37 [S. STILINSKI]by sourstiles
Indigo McCall and Stiles Stilinski are inseparable. Attached at the hip, indivisible, connected. Deeply in love with their first loves and devoted to it. But maybe t...
IMAGINES ⌲ mitch rapp by sourstiles
IMAGINES ⌲ mitch rappby sourstiles
❝ I don't want to hear another word about my attitude. I don't want anyone looking over my shoulder, and I sure as hell don't want anyone second-guessing what I do. ❞ RE...
3. | EVERLY [S. STILINSKI] by sourstiles
3. | EVERLY [S. STILINSKI]by sourstiles
Change is going to happen, whether someone wants it to or not. Change waits for no one, supernatural or mundane. For a while, it's been Indigo, Stiles, Scott and Ly...
fictional therapy || book help by sourstiles
fictional therapy || book helpby sourstiles
in which an author lets you know what she finds unattractive in literature featuring famous people NO HATE THIS IS MY OPINION AND IF YOU'RE EASILY OFFENDED I SUGGEST YOU...