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Sour Cream X Reader! by obeyyamel
Sour Cream X Reader!by Cupcake Queen👑
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Together {Steven x Reader} by LeOtakuGang
Together {Steven x Reader}by Come my child
(Y/n) goes to beach city for a summer vacation due to having problems back at New York. As she got there, she got along with almost everyone and was best friends with Ke...
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Shattered Bond (Steven Universe Fanfic) by KhenjaBadrina
Shattered Bond (Steven Universe Shu-qi Einsworth
When Rose Quartz sacrifice herself to give Greg a child to Love. Greg expected to have a son but it turns out to be twins a boy and a girl. Greg named the boy Steven whi...
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I'll Put You Back Together (Book 2) by BleedingDreamer
I'll Put You Back Together (Book 2)by (/^-^)/
Rosie is back with the Crystal Gems, hooray! Family reunion! Happy ending! [jk, did you really think I would let you off that easy? There'll be friendships, captures, es...
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unexpected love (Kevin X Reader) by MayaHeart10
unexpected love (Kevin X Reader)by Maya
See what happens when you become close friends with the one and only Kevin, will you fall for him, or will he fall for you?
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Unexpected [Steven Universe Reader Insert ] by Keekeow
Unexpected [Steven Universe damn Keekeow, back at it agai...
[CANCELLED] Everything in your life was pretty simple. Well, until they showed up, that is. Little [Name] [Last Name] is going on the adventure of her li...
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Steven Universe Theories by -Endless_Oasis-
Steven Universe Theoriesby ✨Never Quit✨
Just different theories about Steven Universe that I have came across and added my own thoughts to. WARNING: possible spoilers! I apologize in advance if there is a par...
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Diamond Nightmare by TammyTheHuman
Diamond Nightmareby TammyTheHuman
Nightmare had hit his breaking point, and ate the apples. Powered by their corruption, he was covered in negativity and fed off of the villagers fear before killing them...
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Awkwardly Confused : Sourcream x reader by FantasyKiana
Awkwardly Confused : Sourcream x UnhappyWeirdo 🌻
Read it OR DIE!!! QwQ
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Sour cream x male reader by notAstraw
Sour cream x male readerby Dwanye
Anxious and quiet, the two words best describing (name) the boyfriend of the DJ Sour cream. here's just like a kinda one shot kinda series book of them being cute
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Sourcream X Buck Dewy Oneshot: Sick Days by TheWritingGem
Sourcream X Buck Dewy Oneshot: Charly Stones
Sourcream finds out Buck is stuck at home with a cold and goes to visit his dorky boyfriend. Fluffy oneshot! Please enjoy! **Cover Art Credit goes to the amazing artis...
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Steven Universe One-Shots by Keekeow
Steven Universe One-Shotsby damn Keekeow, back at it agai...
Hello! I'm a new writer getting in the swing of things, and I decided to start a one-shot book to help me work! You can request ships, reader inserts(oh heck yeah), and...
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Steven Universe: (First Draft) by littlejadelady
Steven Universe: (First Draft)by Jessica Jade
this story will still stand because of how much i worked on it but i'm moving it from finished to first draft. the newer better story will be on my page and will be the...
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ArtsieTune's Fanfic  by arstieTune
ArtsieTune's Fanfic by arstieTune
Hope u like my fan art
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Cheddar & Sour Cream (Sour Cream x Reader Love Story) by skylergray
Cheddar & Sour Cream (Sour Cream Sayrose Oyuki
You are the daughter of the CEO of Say Cheese Company: the world's largest provider of cheese and cheese products. Your family moves to the state of Delmarva in order to...
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Sour Cream x Reader by Angiethenekoqueen
Sour Cream x Readerby Angiethenekoqueen
I dunno I just felt like writing Steven universe x readers so here's the first one.
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Halloween Couldn't Be Better by ChippyChoppity
Halloween Couldn't Be Betterby ChippyChoppity
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BIRB X SLAZO TRASHBAG by Bluecookie324
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sour cream x reader oneshots | steven universe by mcstealyourwife
sour cream x reader oneshots | mcstealyourwife
Honestly I'm probably really late to do anything on Steven Universe, but I always favored this character more than all the others for whatever reason, so here we are! Ra...
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Sweet 'n' Sour [DISCONTINUED] by NicoHasHappyMeals
Sweet 'n' Sour [DISCONTINUED]by Nico di Fangelo
DISCONTINUED This is dedicated to my friend Sara and her boyfriend, Jasper. Of course, for no reason, I call him Sour Cream. Their ship name is Sara Cream, and I decided...
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