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A soul above the rest (Avengers soulmate story) by QueenOfRhododendrons
A soul above the rest (Avengers Flora Omnihil
In a world where people have their soulmates mark/s on their body, Flora has found herself in a hole with a soulmark number far larger than anyone has ever seen. Who cou...
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The Medjai's queen (Ardeth Bay x Oc) by Demon_Of_Durin_89
The Medjai's queen (Ardeth Bay x Ashton Mitchell
Set during Ironman Sara Neith Rumlow-Stark is the youngest out of a set of twins sired by Tony Stark. Sara's older sister Athena Cleopatra Rumlow-Stark at 18 left to fin...
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The Young Ones (Avengers-Completed) by alliekatt314
The Young Ones (Avengers-Completed)by alliekatt314
Allie Hollden and Gabrielle Trent are visiting New York for a week the summer after high school. Gabie is attending a week long art school and Allie has won a contest ho...
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AVENGERS SOULMATE BOOK [WILL HAVE MATURE THEMES] I only own my storyline and my OC's and any future OC's
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Forever by neoqueenmalfoy
Foreverby neoqueen
"I hold more power in my pinky than anyone in this world." - Allison Gilbert. Allison Gilbert has always considered herself different from her family, the only...
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Back in Time (IN PROGRESS) by Sboyle92
Back in Time (IN PROGRESS)by FanofFandoms
She defeated him. The war was over. Finally she was able to move on with her life and find peace. But that peace didn't last. Twenty years after the war, everything was...
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Thunder and Lightning <<Completed>> by Hale0003
Thunder and Lightning >by Hale0003
"I am Thor, son of Odin ruler of Asgard, this child is under my protection. If you harm her you shall feel the wrath of the God of Thunder." Started:24/07/18 ...
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KIRIBAKU | soulmark AU story by atmosqueer
KIRIBAKU | soulmark AU storyby qqwertea
Whatever you have in common with your future soulmate is printed on your right wrist. Kirishima has 'insecurity', Bakugou has 'eyes'...
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An Ever Fix'ed Mark: A 2 Moons/2 Moons 2 Ming/Kit Story by deeheartsdramas
An Ever Fix'ed Mark: A 2 Moons/2 Deeheartsdramas
"Shiya, Ming, why the hell did you kiss Kit's mark?" It was the same question I had been asking myself since it happened. And so far, I'd only been able to com...
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soulmark | m.yg ✔ by -AnimeLover67-
soulmark | m.yg ✔by TeaJamsCookies
❝don't you want a soulmark too? a soulmate?❞ ❝I guess I just got used to living without one.❞ in which, a girl and a boy without soulmarks learn what it means to have a...
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Rules of the street by LuckyPhantom13
Rules of the streetby LuckyPhantom13
Izuku has a tough life on the streets, fighting to survive. But that will all change when one day an assassination attempt goes wrong... and a new problem arises. Izuku...
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TILL DEATH DO US APART | Completed by Just_Outta_Azkaban
TILL DEATH DO US APART | Completedby Just_Outta_Azkaban
____ Book 2 in SOULMATE SERIES ____ ____ Warning : Includes cursing. Sexual content 18+ Trigger warning for PTSD, anxiety, people dealing in grief! (Not sure,but just in...
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The Mark by Bulganikus
The Markby Bulganikus
[COMPLETED] Even though you can't read your soulmate's name you still tresure it. But what happenes when you carelessly go outside with your soulmark exposed for the wor...
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The Serpent's Red Rose  by LilyBethHatton
The Serpent's Red Rose by HelloHello
'Tom Riddle takes care of things, and his soulmate is one of them...' Rose Gideon Weasley is the youngest. A baby to her older twin sister Ginny and an angel -quite lite...
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My soulmate is a jerk by Sehuns11minutes
My soulmate is a jerkby mikrokosmos
"Why do you have to be my soulmate?" Everyone has a soulmate. The way to know who's soulmate is who, is through a handy thing called soulmarks. They come in a...
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Her Second Soulmate  by asavagejoy
Her Second Soulmate by asavagejoy
BOOK TWO OF THE SOULMATE SERIES Everyone has a soulmate, and soul sign. Some people had their soulmates first words to them etched on their skin, some have a countdown...
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Happily Ever Darcy or the one where Darcy has a big heart and has four soulmarks by LondonHilton
Happily Ever Darcy or the one Lillian (Lili)
One fateful night long ago the gods of Asgard joined together to bless all the nine realms with the gift of soulmarks. Everyone is born with words somewhere on their bod...
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Entwined  by asavagejoy
Entwined by asavagejoy
SEQUEL TO HIS SOULMATE Bucky and Amelie have been married for a year. One blissful year of being totally, head over heels in love. Their idyllic fantasy comes crashing...
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Twisted Souls•Book I• by Kirsten_18
Twisted Souls•Book I•by Kirsten Spressart
⚡️BOOK 1 of The Bond Souls Series⚡️ ~Edward x Author (Kirsten_18) Fanfic~ ~Jasper x Carlisle Fanfic~ •Edward Anthony Masen Cullen, modern day Adonis. Vampire. Isabella M...
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The Color of our Hearts by Definition_Awesome
The Color of our Heartsby Definition_Awesome
Soul mark AU When Marinette is shunned for her Soulmark, she suffers silently. When her little Chaton turns white, she takes his claws. When her parents ask her Godfath...
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