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Death is Warm; Han Jisung Centric by LadineieLadine
Death is Warm; Han Jisung Centricby Ladineie
On pause, for now. Sorry!!! Jisung isn't good at letting his feeling out, preferring to bottle everything up, keeping everything to himself. Jisung doesn't have a safe...
Man With 20 Mates|| Soulmate Fan-fiction (Slow) by Alex110905
Man With 20 Mates|| Soulmate Alexander Phoenix
What happens when a boy dies young? This is the story of a young boy, no older than 20 who is reborn into his favorite escape. TVD. Things are different and he'll come t...
A Short Book of poems by Lizz44223
A Short Book of poemsby Lizzzz
(These poems are written personally by me, so please do not steal my ideas) This is a book of poems written by me, and the subject and tone and themes all vary throughou...
Ralphie the Elfie by -ralphie
Ralphie the Elfieby Ralphie the Elfie
Ralphie is an elf with a dream and potential. But when he is banished by Santa and rescued by mysterious beings (ping pong tables), how will he find this potential in hi...
Ruby, Draco, Serena: A Love Triangle by angelinaeloise89
Ruby, Draco, Serena: A Love Angelina Prince
Draco Malfoy, the sly stud of Hogwarts, doesn't expect his 6th year at Hogwarts to become an epic love story, or even have love at all. But then, he meets Ruby, the cunn...
The Milk Fic: Kaashvi x Skye(For my bestest buddy :] ) by indigostonewallxx
The Milk Fic: Kaashvi x Skye(For skye
Don't read this, seriously. It'll scar you. Smut, language, and rly weird stuff warning. I don't think you should drink milk for a week after this. Be safe. This is a re...