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HISTORY II One Direction by Lisa4x
HISTORY II One Directionby Lisa ✨
A story about two sisters who started making music when they were children with their dad already and became famous at the age of eleven and thirteen. One year later the...
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Baby, What a Big Surprise  by justalittlegirl03
Baby, What a Big Surprise by justalittlegirl03
As Harry settles into his seat, self-consciously adjusting his shirt over his slightly distended stomach, he can't help but wonder how he got himself into all this. But...
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FIVE by gumdrophoran
FIVEby 𝖓𝖎𝖈𝖊 𝖙𝖔 𝖒𝖊𝖊𝖙 𝖞𝖆
just a normal group discussion between some friends. that is, if you call one direction normal. /҉/҉/҉/҉/҉/҉/҉/҉/҉/҉/҉/҉/҉/҉/҉/҉/҉/҉/҉/҉/҉/҉/҉/҉/҉/҉/҉/҉/҉/҉/҉/҉/҉/҉/҉/҉...
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HOLLYGROUP by Maya Firdana N J
Just for fun!
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Devil's game by Dean_Roman_Seth02
Devil's gameby Nikki Bella Lover ❤❤
La doi ani după moartea tatălui său , mama ei decide să se mute înapoi în Seattle , orașul ei natal , unde vor începe un "nou capitol" . Kylie deja consideră c...
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Strawberry [gc] part 2 by sailormoon-tah
Strawberry [gc] part 2by sailormoon-tah
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Feelings [L.J.P.]🔜 by miabrigitapoc
Feelings [L.J.P.]🔜by m.pociute
Aš kankinausi iš skausmo ir jau maniau, jog tikrai išprotėsiu, bet tada radau tuos laiškus savo naujojo namo palėpėje, kurių dėka aš likau gyva ir jie man suteikė stipry...
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Zimon by zimonisreal
Zimonby zimonisreal
The ship no one saw sailing.
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I'm Pregnant ~ Elounor by elounor-love
I'm Pregnant ~ Elounorby Jane❤
[ SLOW UPDATES ] Eleanor and Louis are dating for 4 years. But what happens when they get closer? Eleanor is completely locked in a situation and Louis? Read, Vote, Co...
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I Love You Mr. Horan by BLINKMixers
I Love You Mr. Horanby BLINKMixers
Hi my full name is Sofia Liliana Payne the daughter of Sophia Smith and Liam Payne and I like my chemistry class adviser Niall Horan and I am the best friend of Zaireen...
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One Direction Preferences 3 by Rockstarlover15
One Direction Preferences 3by Rockstarlover15
Book 3, here we go!!
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Adopted By One Direction--DISCONTINUED by cxtherineee
Adopted By One Catherine
Jade grew up with a past full of mysteries. She didn't know where her parents gone, or why they left her, nothing. All she knows she ended up in an orphanage and got ado...
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Ship or Sink by Elounorlove22
Ship or Sinkby Elounor
You can comment for shipping people or sinking them. Basically a book where you comment ship or sink. Have fun!!
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Love Me Tender  by Payzer_Sophiam
Love Me Tender by Emmy
Luciana Peterson and Chase Ortiz were polar opposites and their personalities clashed much too often, but that never stopped them from marrying or having kids or even ha...
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STRAWBERRY [groupchat] by sailormoon-tah
STRAWBERRY [groupchat]by sailormoon-tah
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Avenge and Revenge. (Sequel to Unfriended) by stylesmastyles
Avenge and Revenge. (Sequel to Rajashri
It's set now. Combat level three. The final level. The level where there are two teams-Avenge and Revenge. The game changes every time something is waking. So whom do si...
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Paris by esmeePayno
Parisby Saskia
Paris {Niall Horan} Imagine (Finished) A short story about you being a fan of One Direction, especially Niall and ending up in an alternative universe. Sequel ; Strange...
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Mystery by bmystery_girl
Mysteryby bmystery_girl
Wszystko zaczęło się od impulsu.. Nie tak wyobrażałam sobie jego.. Ich.. On i jego ekipa.. Ja i oni.. On i ja.. To nigdy nie powinno się wydarzyć.. Jednak się wydarzyło..
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Seven Letters ❉ sophiam by drowningunderwater
Seven Letters ❉ sophiamby ❁ ally ❁
Sieben Briefe. Sieben Enttäuschungen. Sieben mal "Ich liebe dich". ❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀ cover by wonderful @horansuniverse
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Only You || Alex O' Loughlin  by OTP_Stefena
Only You || Alex O' Loughlin by 🏳️‍🌈 sarah 🏳️‍🌈
~~~~ A H5O/ALEX FANFIC ~~~~ Alex: a 28 year old, who stars in a show called, Hawaii Five-O and has made friends in Hawaii considering he lives there now. He's close to a...
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