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I'm ready to let go~// × by parisiannini
I'm ready to let go~// × s.sjby cherienini
Yeh Shuhua and Seo Soojin are both members of the "Monster Rookies" (G)I-DLE. Shuhua has a feeling towards her co-member Soojin. But Soojin has a secret relati...
crown season 2 : The heir by GIDLEthequeens
crown season 2 : The heirby GIDLETHEQUEENS
it's been nearly 4 years since shuhua killed kai. soojin and shuhua have a kid called yeh yujin . Shuhua is still the leader of the triads but no one knows that. while t...
Love Like That  by Sooshu_Verse
Love Like That by SooShu_Verse
Yeh Shuhua, Seo Soojin Love like that.... Meeting in the internet ...Moving together in real life Is love forever ? Well is worth to try...
HOUSEMATE by Knightmiku48
HOUSEMATEby Knightmiku48
When two people with different personalities live in the same house. can they live in this house in peaceful and without any problems? Can one of them able to accept her...
Glowing Heart by Sooshu_Verse
Glowing Heartby SooShu_Verse
When Love is near you will know The bracelets will glow Is Your Soulmate near by or is she just a friend? Bracelets for soulmates are given by the age of 15, each bra...
(G)I-DLE Dorm by Sooshu_Verse
(G)I-DLE Dormby SooShu_Verse
DORM LIFE, DEEP SECRETS, TMI's, SooShu, MiMin, YuYeon... Relationships that went Wrong, Obsessions.. what is the life in (G)I-DLE's DORM???
Broken (Shuhua) by fk_lifee
Broken (Shuhua)by fk_lifee
#depression #self harm #anxiety First time writing fanfic
The Choice  by seberlyneeded
The Choice by KSKSKSKSKS
"You're always been my choice, always" "But why do I feel like I never was?" Sooshu fic. slight MiMin and YuYeon just read.
Stay with me (soojinxshuhua) by mikayla6543
Stay with me (soojinxshuhua)by mikayla6543
"Stay with me" Soojin whispers. I've always been here, when will she realise. Soojin and shuhua are members of the popular girl group (g)-idle, they have an u...
University of Magic: The Beginning [Sooshu] by SuperiorCaptain
University of Magic: The StillSane
Coming from a high rank family. A University where abilities, skills and leadership are important. Soojin happens to meet a very mysterious girl who also happens to be...
Walk Away (SooShu) - (G)I-DLE SERIES #1 by simtato
Walk Away (SooShu) - (G)I-DLE simtato
What will happen if someone in the group falls in love with her member, knowing that it's not easy for the other one to take love.
Mongdol - Running Man by jinjahotbody_
Mongdol - Running Manby jinjahotbody_
song jihyo and jeon somin of running man ----- "it wasn't planned unlike all those running man races" ----- -low caps intended -too lazy to edit -just read th...
Mon Amour•× (ON HOLD) by parisiannini
Mon Amour•× (ON HOLD)by cherienini
Mon Amour is a french word for my love. How will you still say that proudly to the whole world when you are left hanging and hoping for a second chance? But why would yo...
Roommates  by DahliaYontararak
Roommates by 열🦋
"I'll make you fall in love with me." - Soojin (Edited) sooshu ff
flower | sooshu one shots by soojinsblues
flower | sooshu one shotsby bitch
- a collection of sooshu one shots.
My Gentle Delinquent [Sooshu] by SuperiorCaptain
My Gentle Delinquent [Sooshu]by StillSane
Seo Soojin a kind and smart girl that everyone knows around their department. She's very sociable when she's inside the university but when she's outside she's a shy gir...
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cure | shujin by lcvehanjisung
cure | shujinby sherr
Soojin found Shuhua who cured her traumatizing past
"7pm" Sooshu AU by Mkficcc
"7pm" Sooshu AUby MK
Soojin studies fashion design at Seoul's women university and works part-time at a 7/11 near the Han River. Every single day at 7pm for the last 2 months, a girl with lo...