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Heart of gold ☞ Sonny with a Chance  by williamsherondales
Heart of gold ☞ Sonny with a RHS
❝Only those with a heart of gold are truly beautiful, for true beauty after all originates in the heart.❞ ||season 1-|| ||Chad Dylan Cooper||
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Sonny with a chance (Cringe warning) by odaatismylife
Sonny with a chance (Cringe OneDayataTime
So there is a new girl to So Random from San Diego, California. She used to go to the same school as Chad Dylan Cooper. She was best friends with Chad, he rejected her...
Sonny With A Chance Season 3 by Lucyyh_
Sonny With A Chance Season 3by Lucyyh_
This is my take on a season 3 of Sonny With A Chance after the episode "New Girl" and how I think the show should have ended. :)
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Sonny with a Chance - normal life by hprockes1
Sonny with a Chance - normal lifeby dragon ball 101
Skylar wishes a normal life, but she will learn no life is normal and will have a drama-filled life and normal is boring
Demi Lovato Facts by kylanyman
Demi Lovato Factsby Lovatic & Directioner ❤
Facts about all about the amazing talented Demi Lovato ❤ Cover by :@worldchanger2106 ❤
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A "Channy" story (PAUSED) by FrancescaRec
A "Channy" story (PAUSED)by Strawberry_96
What happens if Chad and Sonny try to accept the end of "Channy"? Will their feelings remain buried under the rubble, or will they revive from the ashes of...
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Sonny With A Chance: Season 3 by Welcome_To_Port_Lynn
Sonny With A Chance: Season 3by 🔮Portlynn🔮
DISCLAIMER: I DO NOT OWN ANYTHING EXCEPT THE PLOT/"EPISODES" AND MY OC Trust me If I did this book would not exist....figure out the puzzle So I have grown a r...
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Theme Songs by frostwolf88
Theme Songsby Ash
These are some theme songs to show I used to watch when I was little and some from more recent-ish and even some highlights from some of them.
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Chad and Sonny: Nothing can break us (A channy story) by secretpotterhead34
Chad and Sonny: Nothing can secretpotterhead34
When someone is threating Sonny, can she survive. Can her and Chad make it through it all. Read to find out.
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Hey. It's me. by Reader_who_writes
Hey. It's Phoebe Greengrass
Hey! I'm Ryan, Ryan Black. I'm 12 years old. I was on So Random. You may know me as Abby Munroe..... Demi was always really nice. She probably doesn't remember me, thoug...
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Romeo Save Me by Sellybelly411
Romeo Save Meby Olivia
"Oh, just come on." He begged, "You seem like a pretty annoying girl." "Wow." The brunette responded. "What? I said pretty!" Sonn...
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Downwards Spiral by DemiEffinLovato
Downwards Spiralby Mc D Love🥵
At 16 Demi was working on the Disney channel filming SWAC, she was with teen heartthrob Joe Jonas, and was living the 'perfect life', it was she? Joe just cheated on he...
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|Doctor's Orders| by Sellybelly411
|Doctor's Orders|by Olivia
In shock, Sonny gripped his hands a bit tighter and scooted a bit closer to him. Her eyes went wide as she waited for the words to come out of his mouth. The ones that s...
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Sonny with a chance:Sonny with siblings by mishelayra
Sonny with a chance:Sonny with mishelayra
Chad brings his little sister to see where Chad is working. Sonny's cousin (little boy) came to visit Sonny and wanted to see where she works. Sonny's cousin then met Ch...
Sonny Says Goodbye by Demi-Lovato-Dixon
Sonny Says Goodbyeby A.E Clark
If you haven't seen this series yet Do Not read this book. The Sonny With a Chance season two finale left the fans of the popular Disney channel series wanting more. Wha...
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Chad Dylan Cooper - The boy who couldn't ride a bike by yuckblch
Chad Dylan Cooper - The boy who ?
The not-so-secret Diary of a teen pop sensation: Chad Dylan Cooper
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Ask/Dare Sonny by Sonny_Munroe
Ask/Dare Sonnyby Sonny_Munroe
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Pregnant life with sonny and chad by Christinaloftx
Pregnant life with sonny and chadby Christinaloftx
A story all about chad and sonny. Sonny finds out she is pregnant at only 17! Will chad leave her, what will her cast think, and most importantly how will the world reac...
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Acts of Kindess by fanfictionfiles123
Acts of Kindessby SWAC Fan for Life
Sonny Munroe doesn't have money in her Condor Studios lunch card anymore. That's not good because she left her lunch at home. Sonny hasn't eaten in hours. Will she eat l...
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Sonny With Another Chance by justiwrite
Sonny With Another Chanceby justiwrite
A third season to the show we lost that left us with unanswered questions and begging for more. *Disclaimer: Everything written in this book is completely made up and wa...
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