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Sonic Gang X Reader Oneshots! by PlxnetMercuryy
Sonic Gang X Reader Oneshots!by Mercury
It's in the title! [The title and cover image is to change in time...] ReaderxCharacter oneshots in the sonic universe. This used to be a oneshot book only for the Wach...
Till The Night Falls by Ginnivee
Till The Night Fallsby Viri
Nox is a cat, thank you very much. Not a fox, nor a hedgehog, not even an echidna, a cat, and if you make that mistake again he will bite your head off. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~...
Brothers in arms by Icecreamcakespree
Brothers in armsby Icecreamcakespree
This story is based off of a movie " Sonic" where three gifted hedgehogs was raised by LongClaw. As time passed through Sonic makes a mistake that changed the...
Sonic in the Loud House (Sonic Movie x TLH) by Lance1889
Sonic in the Loud House (Sonic Lance1889
I own nothing but the idea. Loud House belongs to Nickelodeon & Chris Savino. Sonic belongs to Sega. The cover is also not mine. Instead of Green Hill, Sonic ends up at...
Knuckles x Reader One shots (because why not) by COMRADELETSGO
Knuckles x Reader One shots ( COMRADELETSGO
ALL OF THESE WEREN'T MADE AT THE SAME TIME I JUST CHANGED A COUPLE OF GRAMMAR MISTAKES FEM!READER, again.. sorry.. yeah soooo.... uhm... ehe... ok so I started simping...
The Speedster and the Geek - Sonic x Tails AU by Ginnivee
The Speedster and the Geek - Viri
I was going to do a Sonic x OC, but I got this idea and liked it so... What if there was an Alternate Universe where Tails was female? Note: Only the parts with Tails ar...
Where Evil Grows by normal_white_girl
Where Evil Growsby rawr xd
One fateful night brings two desperate souls together...
Gotta Go Fast by HeavenOfNirvana
Gotta Go Fastby Tarynn Ball
When Kagome returned to the modern era after her adventure is over, she decided to move on with her life but wanted it must be done somewhere else. She travels to the sm...
My Nature Girl (Movie! Sonic x Human! Reader) BOOK 1 by Olivia200312
My Nature Girl (Movie! Sonic x Olivia200312
Y/N was the typical 16-year-old that lived in Green Hills. She was the adopted girl of the police officer, Tom Wachowski (Donut Lord), and his wife, Maddie (Pretzel Lady...
Shouting with the lightning  by FemaleAshGreninja06
Shouting with the lightning by Ashley K. Hazaki
After getting presumably killed in his world by the evil Tactimon, a wounded Shoutmon crashes into the human world aka earth, where he meets a blue hedgehog named Sonic...
Sonic the hedgehog movie x reader by partygirls45
Sonic the hedgehog movie x readerby Kirishima_Fangirl
In this story you are Tom and Maddie Wachowski daughter. And of course sonic and you will fall for each other.
Sonic the hedgehog movie rp by MichelleValentine392
Sonic the hedgehog movie rpby Sonica the Hedgehog
Here we are and hopefully it will be Jinxgirl4500.Maybe just maybe.
DBX6: Velocity of Monstrosity by Omega0999
DBX6: Velocity of Monstrosityby Monstrous Theropod
Godzilla vs Sonic The Hedgehog The Blue Blur is enjoying his new home, but suddenly, The King of the Monsters has arrived to destroy it!
Skylanders Meets Sonic,(The aftermath of the; Sonic The Hedgehog Movie) by Silverfan1
Skylanders Meets Sonic,(The Wakfufan109
When Spyro, Cinder, and Stealth Elf go through a strange portal, they are thrust into a new world!
Chocolate Bean by IAmNotARobot_Promise
Chocolate Beanby Chicken butt
Agent Corey Cocoa is tasked to handle a supposedly dangerous individual with a very high IQ of 300+. Understandably, one would be intimidated and scared, since this very...
Sonic the Hedgehog II (WIP) by WillCadeson
Sonic the Hedgehog II (WIP)by Ragnar Lothwolf
This is going to be my take on Sonic the Hedgehog's sequel, it's of course a work in progress so if you find some parts are shorter than others it's because I've yet to...