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Rookinite One-Shots  by FASF025
Rookinite One-Shots by Min Violet
The title explains this book, here you'll read some stories of these two. Fair warning though, these stories might contain Smut. ALL ART INCLUDED IN THIS BOOK IS HAS BEE...
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Second Chance (Infinite x Fox Reader) by KissedNBWriter
Second Chance (Infinite x Fox Sassy Burger
(Y/n) is a female fox and a resident of the Sonic Crew. However she leaves the crew after the defeat of Infinite because of a certain argument. She only stayed friends w...
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Mindless (Sequel to Heartless) by Nebula-the-wolf
Mindless (Sequel to Heartless)by Angery Gay Space Wolf
It's been four months since Renzao's wrath upon Mobius was defeated, and since then, everything has been peaceful. Infinite and Nebula feel like nothing could go wrong w...
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The Masked Rookie [Infinite x Mobian!Reader] by VeryShyGirlio
The Masked Rookie [Infinite x SHIEDA KAYN
I didn't have a good title so...yeah. So um... Infinite x Reader? Game only came out one or two weeks ago but Imma make one. Screw it. Oh yeah, you're a Mobian by the wa...
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After The Forces by WolfyTheWolfz
After The Forcesby Shadow Wolfz
Tortured for six months. When Sonic is finally rescued and when Infinite is finally defeated Sonic looks lifeless no longer his cocky self still as stone. Scars cover hi...
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♡Sonic Boys X Reader one-shots ♡ by shadowstruewife
♡Sonic Boys X Reader one-shots ♡by LightOfHope
Here's a collection of reader X Sonic Boys oneshots! I have a lot of fun writing them, so I hope you'll enjoy them too ^w^ If you do, remember to vote! If you want, comm...
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Infinite x Reader [ONESHOTS]  by 03Sonic_Hedgehog
Infinite x Reader [ONESHOTS] by AkiDevil
What will you do if Infinite is fall in love with you? How do you treat him? The story tells everything.
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After The Pain by WolfyTheWolfz
After The Painby Shadow Wolfz
Remake of After The Forces. I might add part two as well to this book. Tortured for six months. When Sonic is finally rescued and when Infinite is finally defeated Sonic...
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What really happens to Sonic? (Forces Spoilers) by Sonthicc
What really happens to Sonic? ( Sonthicc
How come when Sonic escaped from the Death Egg, he was all happy? After six months of torture surely he'd be at least a bit sad! Well... Really, he is.
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Virtual Reality [Infinite x Reader] by BurningSkele99
Virtual Reality [Infinite x Reader]by BurningSkele99
You, Y/N the A/N were a civilian before the war started. But that all changed when Dr. Eggman and is Empire took over. You later encountered Infinite, what you thought...
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Sonic X Reader (Sonic Forces) {Wattys 2019} by BellaBlossom07
Sonic X Reader (Sonic Forces) { Obsessedwithsomethingishouldn...
This is the first FanFiction I've done on Wattpad so it might be bad, but like in the title this is based on after Sonic Forces (the videogame which is available to play...
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Jayde the Hedgehog • By Your Side [3] by LostInYesteryear
Jayde the Hedgehog • By Your LostInYesteryear
COMPLETED Book 1: Jayde and the Seven Shards Book 2: Rising Adversity Book 3: By Your Side [A/N: definitely recommended to read the first two books to understand this st...
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Without Me (Infinite x Reader) by Shaye_Serena
Without Me (Infinite x Reader)by Meme Commander
One way or another, the war needs to end. Even if it means the death of one person, you. But that's alright, you would tell yourself. The depression took over long ago...
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Heartless (Infinite (Sonic Forces) Fanfic) by Nebula-the-wolf
Heartless (Infinite (Sonic Forces) Angery Gay Space Wolf
It's been months since Eggman's latest great invention, the Phantom Ruby copy, was destroyed. Since then, the former controller of the Phantom Ruby, Infinite, has been w...
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Sonic Forces: Success by luescris
Sonic Forces: Successby All Leo's are Valid
What if Sonic really had been set out into space? What if the world of Mobius were to bend down on one knee to Eggman's might and power, despite all of the months battl...
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What is this feeling? | Infinite x Gadget Fanfic | Book 1/Rewrite Few Chapter's  by SusieIsPhoenix
What is this feeling? | Infinite SusieIsPhoenixVA
This is my first Infiget/Rookinite Fanfic i made.
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Dark Sonic Forces by Cutegirlmayra
Dark Sonic Forcesby Cutegirlmayra
Losing control of his emotions, Dark Sonic finds the struggle of being the 'perfect' hero in these times of war challenging, unable to live up to everyone's expectations...
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Sonic Forces: ESCAPE  by luescris
Sonic Forces: ESCAPE by All Leo's are Valid
Sonic the Hedgehog has been trapped for six months!! But noone knows what happens during his imprisonment. Noone except him.. ☆~ Please excuse the terrible makeshift co...
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The Traitor by Zals46
The Traitorby Zals46
Gadget wasn't very special. They trusted him. They believed in him. But none of them understood how he truly felt about the world. Only his Enemy understood him and with...
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Friendship Is Not An Illusion (Sonic Forgives Infinite) by userSonAmy
Friendship Is Not An Illusion ( Kyla Marie Z. Domingo
After Sonic, Classic Sonic and Gadget defeated Eggman and the world is free from his tyrannity, Eggman abandoned an injured Infinite with the Phantom Ruby. Not only that...
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