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Listen to their Voice: BNHA One Shots by SugaryGrimmReaper
Listen to their Voice: BNHA One 🔪Daydream Lunatic🌙
"People who listen to more than the genre of music tend to be: smarter, more creative, open minded, honest." 🎼🎼🎼 These are little short stories that are bas...
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光るなら|If It Shines   [Todoroki x OC] by A5traN0va
光るなら|If It Shines [Todoroki x OC]by Miyazaki Hikaru
"It was you who made me realize. If we can make even the darkness shine, it will become a starry sky. Sadness will turn to smiles, so don't hide them any longer. Ev...
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Does that make sense? ;;⚘ || Kookmin OS by MxknaeGirl
Does that make sense? ;;⚘ || ❛❛ Thank U, Next ❜❜
Bebé, regresa a mi mundo... ¿Crees que eso tiene sentido? ➥Kookmin ➥One Shot ➥Basada e inspirada en el outro: Does that make sense? ➥Publicado por primera vez en la a...
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I'm broken, do you hear me? by joshler__top
I'm broken, do you hear me?by joshler__top
Вновь новые посты в моей инсте. И снова новый пост. И снова о тебе.
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Rebel  | nyong+tory by Mocking_
Rebel | nyong+toryby shit
[song fic]SeungRi queria saber porque JiYong é tão rebelde, e Kwon decide dizer.
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BTS Oneshots & Series by Lbell515
BTS Oneshots & Seriesby Lbell515
There are a lot of these already out there, but I figured I'd try my hand at some of my own. Keep checking in, I'll keep this updated as I add more! :) Contents: Songfic...
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SI TÚ TE ATREVES by MiriamCandelario2
SI TÚ TE ATREVESby Miriam Candelario
[SongFic] Minho, es el hijo de la ama de llaves, pero también el guardaespaldas consentido de la familia Lee. Taemin, es el hijo adorado de los Lee, pero también es la j...
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Anime One-Shots by ParisWhite20071
Anime One-Shotsby The Shipper Demoness
some one-shots, songfics, chatfics, etc
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songfics by Karmine_Rose
songficsby Red roses_Ardnaxela
Its a song fiction book obviously... Its just literally that.😅 enjoooy TW for most of the chapters. I'll edit in the warnings so if you notice any please tell me
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People you may know by Zuri_Lee
People you may knowby Zuri_Lee
Se detuvo cuando vio la sección "personas que tal vez conozcas" viendo la foto de un chico de cabello castaño, ojos marrones y sonrisa tímida pero angelical. ...
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Hero (Luke Castellan Songfic) by Midnightwandere
Hero (Luke Castellan Songfic)by I have a Thaluke problem
Just a songfic for Luke Castellan, son of Hermes (from the Percy Jackson books). The song is "Hero" by Skillet and I really think it describes him.
Wake me up when summer comes by Viktory_a
Wake me up when summer comesby Виктория Фёрт
Если жизнь разлетается на куски, а успех в делах идёт ко всем чертям, каждая малая трудность начинает казаться настоящим наказанием. Но так ли это, когда все твои пробле...
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Peppermint Smiles by -Pastel_Poppies-
Peppermint Smilesby Oogie Boogie
A collection of Langst/Lance one-shots! Dm or comment any Langst prompts or songs (along with a story)! I'll try and do all the requests. A lot of these are to vent kind...
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JoJo's Bizarre Oneshots by _impuritea_
JoJo's Bizarre Oneshotsby narancia's skirt
A compilation of my shipfics, maybe I'll do requests. JotaKak GioMis JoHan CaeJose JoWagon BruAbba FuRancia
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Gabriel's Gone! by kailarella
Gabriel's Gone!by Minami
Gabriel was known to be that religious kid named after a biblical figure, the perfect son, the smart son, the son fathers would be proud of. But Gabriel didn't want all...
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Everything I do, I do it for you. by GreeenReader_113
Everything I do, I do it for *sigh*
Songfic: Do it for you Bryan Adams.
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December (Taekook/Vkook) by joosunlight
December (Taekook/Vkook)by joosunlight
Taehyung acostumou-se com o frio e solitário dezembro, somente ele e os doces que fazia enquanto abria um presente - que veio de si mesmo ou era um par de meias de sua v...
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Bakugou x Reader || Song Fic Oneshots by Royalty_Heichou
Bakugou x Reader || Song Fic Soph
This is just a bunch of Oneshots that either have songs to go along with them or inspired by them. I will be taking requests too!
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You'll be Back by GracieP8
You'll be Backby GracieP8
When push comes to shove, I will drop a chandelier on the audience to remind you of my love...
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lovely by MeikoPei
lovelyby MeikoPei
Разве это не прекрасно - быть наедине с собой? Эта история тесно связана с этим фанфиком " Иной путь " этого автора @Elen_Harry
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