I Was Bored by Jack-the-Fibber
I Was Boredby T̨̺̗̀̿̽̊͜į̘͚̈́̚͡v͌͢i̬̓a̬̳̯̓͋͞...
I believe I was bored and just put some of the bored thoughts/actions into this.
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Someone Help Me (Alex Rider x Reader) by KaiSamanthaLilium
Someone Help Me (Alex Rider x Kai Samantha Hale
(Y/N) (L/N) is the daughter of a wealthy businessman in the United States. What happens when (Y/N) moves to England and she's kidnapped? What happens when she meets a bo...
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capture me // taekook by juliaxwrites
capture me // taekookby ✌ julia ✌
jungkook just really likes taking pictures of taehyung. © All Right Reserved juliaxwrites [cover edit is not mine, all credit goes to rightful owner]
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Bullied/Taegi by Kat_The_Scrub1
Bullied/Taegiby Kat_The_Scrub1
ok so this is my first fanfiction and it's gonna be trash. Yes this is probably not going to be original but I did it myself so.... Ok to make this clear since I really...
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Epiphany ☡ misc by h-honeyycloud
Epiphany ☡ miscby [☁︎]
This is just a (not so smol anymore) smol book about random stuff.. it's going to be me talking about random stuff mostly
  • kpop
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Damsel in Distress (OHSHC) DISCONTINUED!! by iamCereaL
Damsel in Distress (OHSHC) The delicious Cereal-sama
---------------------------------------------D I S C O N T I N U E D------------------------------------------------ The Toshibara family is always treated like Royalty...
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Beautiful Bones by my_special_sauce
Beautiful Bonesby Aaliyah
This book is just me expressing my feelings towards a certain person and how they make me feel. It might be cringey or cheesy But that's just who I am.
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Do i not deserve to be happy? by Ghostqueen6969
Do i not deserve to be happy?by Eclaire
Do i...not deserve to be happy?
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Ships (and other things) by StarLightFoxya
Ships (and other things)by KishiTheNeko
Featured Ship: (None, request your own!)
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dat ass  by fakefilthyfrank
dat ass by scarlett
just pictures of the bois asses and crotches
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