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Ok so this is my first fanfiction and it's gonna be trash. I might have changed the title to something else... just a warning. Ok to make this clear since I really like...
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capture me // taekook by juliaxwrites
capture me // taekookby ✌ julia ✌
jungkook just really likes taking pictures of taehyung. © All Right Reserved juliaxwrites [cover edit is not mine, all credit goes to rightful owner]
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I Was Bored by Jack-the-Fibber
I Was Boredby Alex / Deceit Sanders
I believe I was bored and just put some of the bored thoughts/actions into this.
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My Suicidal Thoughts Journal by Suck_My_JuanCock
My Suicidal Thoughts Journalby Cara Ferrand
All of this is mine. I wrote these when I was depressed. They are my thoughts. They are triggering. Don't read if you can't handle it. I am not being abused. I swear on...
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Beta needed by MarianTitania
Beta neededby Marian Titania✫
Hey, I need a beta for a new story I'm writing. I'll say more about the story on the inside, but its a pretty simple concept. I just really need someone to double check...
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Poems by TheBlackFlowerofSin
Poemsby BlackRose
these are poems written by me and some poems that I like
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Flower Bud Boy by SoftGhostie
Flower Bud Boyby 🍑Peachy Keen🍑
-So ya this is lams- {High school AU} John Lauren's was seen always wearing something floral, and always a flower crown his nails always painted purple Alexander Hamilt...
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Stuff by HE4V3N
Stuffby 💐Iris💐
Weird things I do, just whatever is on my mind. If I can, this book will be updated daily, or twice a day. © 2018HE4V3N
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OC One-Shots (new) by SlayerOfOcelots
OC One-Shots (new)by I update EXTREMely slowly
I got rid of my old one cuz I have better ideas now BUT the rules are still the same if you have an OC just tell me what you want me to include about them in the story a...
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  • someonehelpme
  • ocs
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Another Love Story by we_doesdat
Another Love Storyby we_doesdat
Kellie has been through it all , from loosing her grandmother to living in a crack house , 17 year old kellie Watkins has been looking for hope her whole life , her gran...
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Random Burst Of Feelings  by Notatragedy
Random Burst Of Feelings by g̸h̸o̸s̸t̸
*trigger warning* Bulimia
  • boring
  • bulimia
  • notpromia
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What lies within. by toastymarshie
What lies Marshie
Three boys and girl named Amanda go to Harbor High School which had a long history of success and wealth. A year ago there was an incident that kill most of the students...
  • mystery
  • lotsofsupernaturalstuff
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Short Stories  by alikleven10
Short Stories by alikleven10
Just a collection of little snippets. Can be about anything and everything. Maybe some romance, pain, drama, anything really. Message me if you want me to write anything.
  • fiction
  • idontknowwhatimdoinganymore
  • lol
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The person I'm and the woman I want to become by AnitaGoulbourne
The person I'm and the woman I Anita Goulbourne
This story is about Me and how I got my self in this life.
  • helpline
  • love
  • someonehelpme
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Ranting and more ranting!! by Newtmas_fan
Ranting and more ranting!!by LOYCUS
this I just me ranting on and maybe sharing some drawings and edits of mine though they suck 😁😁
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  • drawings
  • youcanignoremetoo
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Memes Scream • Sad Meme Story by sarcasticnxises_
Memes Scream • Sad Meme Storyby ★ мαмα ¢αи∂у ★
The Memes Scream. They always have. They always will. S꙼̈a꙼̈d꙼̈ M꙼̈e꙼̈m꙼̈e꙼̈ S꙼̈t꙼̈o꙼̈r꙼̈y꙼̈ (T^T)
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Oh lawd he comin by Bean_Maru
Oh lawd he cominby Maru
This is a collection of random bullshit I make for my friend. A lot of it is gonna be character x fem! reader so be ready. There are most likely gonna be some poorly wri...
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  • danganronpa
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A Collection of Poems By Me, Justin Smeltzer by Juaptin1624
A Collection of Poems By Me, Justin Smeltzer
Just some poems I write in my free time. CONTENT WARNING: Some content may be triggering. Contains scenes of depression, anxiety, and suicidal thoughts.
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