Someone Else by velleasegray
Someone Elseby T.M. Monsen
Someone once told me that if you want to be happy for an hour watch a T.V. show. If you want to be happy for a day, go to an amusement park. If you want to be happy the...
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He's My Bestfriend And I Am His Lover [ON-GOING] by itsniyyaaa
He's My Bestfriend And I Am His 🌷🌹Marga🌸🌺
A second year college student. A daughter. A girl whp wants to be loved back. A girl who wants to feel the love that she wanted. And of course...a bestfriend. Love. 'Y...
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OSS (One shot stories) by dmticsayy
OSS (One shot stories)by divinaticsay
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My Lover by baby_yes
My Loverby baby_yes
A summer camp for teens. Boys and Girls. Relationships. Breakups. Best friends. And enemy's. Brothers together? The twins. And my hot roommate. What will we do? How wil...
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What's Love When There's None to Lose? by AriannaSoK
What's Love When There's None to Queen A
I love him, but how can I if he loves someone dearly and she loves him deeply as well? I don't want to lose our friendship, but there's nothing else to lose. He doesn't...
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Vimbai Vs Professor by TinovimbanasheMakomb
Vimbai Vs Professorby Tinovimbanashe Makomborero Ch...
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Someone Else by haleyandcarissa
Someone Elseby haleyandcarissa
I was a "stupid nerd" as some people were to call me. But then I moved to New Jersey, no one notices I was gone besides my best friend, Ana. After three years...
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A Story Between Us(One Shot) by WorthytobeLove
A Story Between Us(One Shot)by J. B.
A story between you and me but it is really the story of us? Or i am just an extra character on it?
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Someone Else's Angel by Ashizent
Someone Else's Angelby Ash Kim
A collection of thoughts and opinions of an ordinary people.
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In Case You Come Back by unknownskye
In Case You Come Backby nadir 🍑
A teenager who has a crush on someone for 6 years, Madeleine Quinna T. Rivas. She spent most of her life, looking at that one boy only. Whilst, patiently waiting for her...
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Literary Dolour by InsanelyCurious1520
Literary Dolourby InsanelyCurious1520
This is a collection of poems that I wrote. Let's see if you can guess what this collection consists of.
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It's Me, Not You by A-nonymou-s
It's Me, Not Youby arsonistofbarbie
"It working out It's me, not you I'm sorry" Don't take it personally, But I don't love you anymore
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I Wish ( I Never Wished For You) by GogoReveur7
I Wish ( I Never Wished For You)by Gayatri
Always believe in cycle of life and stop thinking about cheaters. Believe that everyone will go through what they have made others to go through!!!
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The World💫 by modi86r
The World💫by modi86r
Okay so this is about a girl who moves to a new town and well obviously a new school and so she figures out the world and all the up's and downs.. Enjoy***
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Escape from Reality (Poem about love)  by ImMissHart
Escape from Reality (Poem about Gerlieee
I want to escape from reality, from pain and in all my problems. I want to escape from everything. Those who had experienced heart breaks please read my poems. You will...
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Late night thoughts by FantFall
Late night thoughtsby Colorful Thoughts
Trapped darkness
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Someone Else by milyMoonlight
Someone Elseby milyMoonlight
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Forgotten by darklove_whisperer
Forgottenby SilverLining
For anyone who's ever felt they were alone and forgotten about themselves, their problems, and/ or their lives. Your not. We all imperfect; we all have scars, whether e...
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" Love Changed Her" by Kizzyneul
" Love Changed Her"by ♡ elle ♡
**True story** This is about a 15 years old girl that never dated in her life, one day a randomn boy online started bothering her on multiple pages asking her to date h...
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