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Vimbai Vs Professor by TinovimbanasheMakomb
Vimbai Vs Professorby Tinovimbanashe Makomborero Ch...
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My Lover by baby_yes
My Loverby baby_yes
A summer camp for teens. Boys and Girls. Relationships. Breakups. Best friends. And enemy's. Brothers together? The twins. And my hot roommate. What will we do? How wil...
  • love
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My Random Steven Universe Drawings by Lapidot4Life
My Random Steven Universe Drawingsby Lapis is awesome
Did I mention its random? Well, anyway, you can request me to draw anything from Steven Universe. Even shippings! You can use these drawings for your wallpaper, profile...
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" Love Changed Her" by Kizzyneul
" Love Changed Her"by ♡ elle ♡
**True story** This is about a 15 years old girl that never dated in her life, one day a randomn boy online started bothering her on multiple pages asking her to date h...
  • depressed
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It's Me, Not You by A-nonymou-s
It's Me, Not Youby arsonistofbarbie
"It working out It's me, not you I'm sorry" Don't take it personally, But I don't love you anymore
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Late night thoughts by FantFall
Late night thoughtsby Colorful Thoughts
Trapped darkness
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In Case You Come Back by unknownskye
In Case You Come Backby nadir 🍑
A teenager who has a crush on someone for 6 years, Madeleine Quinna T. Rivas. She spent most of her life, looking at that one boy only. Whilst, patiently waiting for her...
  • rivas
  • unrequitedlove
  • melancholy
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Escape from Reality (Poem about love)  by ImMissHart
Escape from Reality (Poem about Gerlieee
I want to escape from reality, from pain and in all my problems. I want to escape from everything. Those who had experienced heart breaks please read my poems. You will...
  • heartaches
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Final fight book 1 by 20jshepherd
Final fight book 1by 20jshepherd
My names john there are Two godly armies that wont stop fighting were called the omega and our enemy is the alpha
  • jjopilis09
  • omega
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Someone Else's Angel by Ashizent
Someone Else's Angelby Ash Kim
A collection of thoughts and opinions of an ordinary people.
  • life
  • someoneelse
  • pain
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A Story Between Us(One Shot) by perfectlycareless
A Story Between Us(One Shot)by 🌹
A story between you and me but it is really the story of us? Or i am just an extra character on it?
  • gone
  • letter
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For The Both Of Us by Cute_Nerdy_Girl
For The Both Of Usby Fallen Angel
Random cute things about love and being happy
  • smiling
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  • boy
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What's Love When There's None to Lose? by AriannaSoK
What's Love When There's None to Queen A
I love him, but how can I if he loves someone dearly and she loves him deeply as well? I don't want to lose our friendship, but there's nothing else to lose. He doesn't...
  • love
  • bestfriends
  • drama
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Someone Else by c_g124
Someone Elseby Chris
All Amanda Channings has ever wanted is to be normal. She is shunned by everyone she knows because of her purple eyes. But how far is she willing to go to be 'normal'? ...
  • outcast
  • someoneelse
  • fantasy
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I Wish ( I Never Wished For You) by GogoReveur7
I Wish ( I Never Wished For You)by Gayatri
Always believe in cycle of life and stop thinking about cheaters. Believe that everyone will go through what they have made others to go through!!!
  • poetry
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  • words
Someone Else by milyMoonlight
Someone Elseby milyMoonlight
  • loveyourselffirst
  • sadness
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Forgotten by darklove_whisperer
Forgottenby SilverLining
For anyone who's ever felt they were alone and forgotten about themselves, their problems, and/ or their lives. Your not. We all imperfect; we all have scars, whether e...
  • deeppoetry
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  • alone
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The Woman by jazz465
The Womanby jazz465
It was a beautiful morning, but it got worse ! I was in my house all alone when all of a sudden I heard a loud bang "BANG BANG BANG" it got louder by every min...
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