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Overwatch Ladies x Female reader  by GodofYouGays
Overwatch Ladies x Female reader by GodofYouGays
stories for the gays who love the ladies of overwatch.Art By Einlee On Deviantart. Check Em Out
The Power You Hold (King Sombra x Reader) | Complete by MightyDragonsfire
The Power You Hold (King Sombra Saretha
Your Cuite mark is a black and white swirl. It will still look like that even if your coat is black or white and your last name is Swirl. Your a Pegasus and you never t...
Overwatch x reader smut shots so on by Kerkit1
Overwatch x reader smut shots so onby Kerstin
I'm throwing myself in a few because I'm bored... Please put up with me TuT I don't normally throw myself into these reader inserts. x'3
OverWatch Lemons by FanFic_Master101
OverWatch Lemonsby FanFicMaster101
☠ Warning ☠ This Fanfiction is a lemon/smut means it contains sexual themes. Request are always open. Sorry if my grammar is incorrect, English is my second language. Sl...
MHA X overwatch: The hacker hero.  by Cadjtf4
MHA X overwatch: The hacker hero. by Cadjtf4
Izuku always felt a strange connection with technology. He was able to master any form of tech in seconds. But izuku's curiosity left him in the world of hacking. He fou...
Overwatch characters x male reader  by NightAngel88
Overwatch characters x male reader by NightAngel88
this is an Ovewatch one shot book so have fun.
Overwatch Headcanons Compilation (1) by imagines-hub
Overwatch Headcanons Compilation ( Beanji
A series of headcanons in line-by-line fashion regarding characters from the popular game Overwatch. These pieces have been archived from my Overwatch Tumblr blog, overw...
One ponies bad luck is another's good luck. (King Sombra x reader) | Complete by MightyDragonsfire
One ponies bad luck is another's Saretha
(In this story, Your cutie mark is a salt shaker with salt coming out of it and an earth pony and thank you @xlnsane for the insperation!!!!) You hated your cutie mark...
Overwatch x Reader [CLOSED] by BoilingHotBeans
Overwatch x Reader [CLOSED]by Hurdygordy
Just a bunch of Overwatch x Reader fics
Glitch in the system Sombra x Male Reader by NightAngel88
Glitch in the system Sombra x NightAngel88
(Y/n) just wanted to leave the curse of a life he was forced with. When the day comes that he leaves he makes a new family and a new life, a better one then he could hav...
Sombra X Twilight [Unbound Magic] by veksondrex
Sombra X Twilight [Unbound Magic]by VeksonDrex
King Sombra is back, but not in the way the others think. Celestia has asked Twilight Sparkle to attempt to reform Sombra. After agreeing to her request, Twilight takes...
King Sombra x Reader by FrogsAreGae
King Sombra x Readerby Kelly
You are a pegasus (Sorry to some of you.) You went to the Crystal Empire for a vacation. You figured that everything would be fine and dandy and if anything did happen t...
ENTRE LOBOS by malbed
ENTRE LOBOSby Nightmare❤️
"Los secretos son peligrosos y destructivos. No guardes un secreto, porque tarde o temprano saldrá a la luz y no sabes lo que puede pasar" ############# ¡¡OBRA...
Overwatch x Reader Oneshots (Requests Closed) by LadySpudling
Overwatch x Reader Oneshots ( Lady Spudling
Obviously what the title says. Any character is allowed. Whether it's boy or girl, I'll do it. Request away!
Tracer x Male Reader (no, I'm not clever enough to come up with a good title) by AnedaBath
Tracer x Male Reader (no, I'm AnedaBath
This is my first story! Please give it love and support! Feedback is greatly appreciated! This story is a Tracer x Male reader (if your female, that's fine but it IS mad...
Different but Similar (McHanzo Fanfiction) by maddy_willow
Different but Similar (McHanzo 𝕸𝖆𝖉𝖉𝖞 𝖂𝖎𝖑𝖑𝖔𝖜
McCree x Hanzo or McHanzo fanfic. Two amazing characters from Overwatch fall in love. Of course my dirty ass mind is gonna throw lots of smut into this one. I'm gonna tr...
A World of Data (Sombra x male reader) by CreativeJake
A World of Data (Sombra x male ironic meme
Sombra x reader(male) You were an expert mercenary who wanted more than a lonely life hiding from the law. Until you were caught by overwatch, either forced to jail time...
Overwatch One shots  by Zenyatta_Lore_Needed
Overwatch One shots by Curly Carly
Hey! This is my first one shot book so it might be a little weird... but anyway I can do ships, girlxgirl, male reader, and more! No smut! Just Fluff! but anyway I hope...
Sombra x fem reader by criticnarration
Sombra x fem readerby criticnarration
There's not many sombra x fem readers out there. so I'm gonna have to right my own crappy one to satisfy my gay heart. I mean really, who doesn't love sombra? Well enjoy...