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One ponies bad luck is another's good luck. (King Sombra x reader) by MightyDragonsfire
One ponies bad luck is another's Saretha
(In this story, Your cutie mark is a salt shaker with salt coming out of it and an earth pony and thank you @xlnsane for the insperation!!!!) You hated your cutie mark...
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  Mi coraz贸n s贸lo le pertenece a usted馃挏(Sombra X Male Reader) by DontForgetTheSalt
Mi coraz贸n s贸lo le pertenece a Marz
This is my first ff and book i hope you enjoy i am not planning on making this a lemon because of personal reasons but maybe that will change and all constructive commen...
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I'm Gone - AU Male Reader In Overwatch Harem! by Gunship_Serrano
I'm Gone - AU Male Reader In Gunship_Serrano
(Y/N) has lead a pretty rough life, father died, financial situations, finding a job. Y'know, the normal stuff. But one day (Y/N) vanishes. Not known by the people who c...
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Overwatch Headcanons Compilation (1) by imagines-hub
Overwatch Headcanons Compilation ( Beanji
A series of headcanons in line-by-line fashion regarding characters from the popular game Overwatch. These pieces have been archived from my Overwatch Tumblr blog, overw...
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Sombra x Child!Reader by Astarlow
Sombra x Child!Readerby Astarlow
You, (Y/n), is an orphan child found by Sombra on a mission. She decided to take you with her even if Reaper and WidowMaker were against that, she just couldn't let you...
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One-shots (Overwatch Females x Reader) by Katrinaistrashhh
One-shots (Overwatch Females x Katrinaistrashhh
Requests pleaseeeee.
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Overwatch x Reader Oneshots (Requests Closed) by LadySpudling
Overwatch x Reader Oneshots ( Lady Spudling
Obviously what the title says. Any character is allowed. Whether it's boy or girl, I'll do it. Request away!
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Overwatch characters x male reader *discontinued* by NightAngel88
Overwatch characters x male NightAngel88
this is an Ovewatch one shot book so have fun.
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Overwatch X Reader Imagines (REQUESTS CLOSED) by ColdinAK16
Overwatch X Reader Imagines ( ColdinAK16
I love overwatch So here you go
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Tracer x Fem reader by Ingenu_e
Tracer x Fem readerby Ela
You are just a girl that lives in London in a small apartment flat by yourself. You go around occasionally looking for talon members and criminals to practice your snipi...
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Overwatch Wife Scenarios by KhaoticKris
Overwatch Wife Scenariosby KhaoticKris
Now it's time for the ladies to have some lovin'!~ This is a male reader one so enjoy!~
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Overwatch x Reader [CLOSED] by BoilingHotBeans
Overwatch x Reader [CLOSED]by CerealWater
Just a bunch of Overwatch x Reader fics
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Overwatch 1 And 2 RP by UTAUGirlSans
Overwatch 1 And 2 RPby OW2 Kayla
I just wanted to do this 鈾dit鈾 I will be changing the cover so it can be more of every holiday theme Edit 2 Ive seen the overwatch 2 first part of the story, some strea...
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Wuss's Lemon cabinet (Overwatch lemon oneshots) by Wuss_DWimp
Wuss's Lemon cabinet (Overwatch Snorlax
The book of lemons in all sizes and flavors (no pun intended). These lemons will be Overwatch and other various projects that has yet to be decided. With that said... RE...
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Soundwatch by MelT201
Soundwatchby MelT201
Soundwave was trapped in the Shadowzone. After watching his planet in agony, Soundwave went to Earth and watched the rise of omnics. Soundwave wanted to make peace on Ea...
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Sombra x fem reader by criticnarration
Sombra x fem readerby criticnarration
There's not many sombra x fem readers out there. so I'm gonna have to right my own crappy one to satisfy my gay heart. I mean really, who doesn't love sombra? Well enjoy...
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Love of foes (sombra x male reader) by Harry598
Love of foes (sombra x male reader)by Harry598
As of current time it is 2076 and the second omnic crisis has entered its third month and you are a very skilled soldier in a NATO army group, hoping to push omnics out...
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Overwatch x Reader Oneshots  by cake_kitty
Overwatch x Reader Oneshots by 馃尐鉂勨泟
Request are CLOSE Give me anything and I will write it. Male and female. Or same gender. Just don't be shy. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I don't own any characters or pictures h...
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Overwatch x reader smut shots so on by Kerkit1
Overwatch x reader smut shots so onby Kerstin
I'm throwing myself in a few because I'm bored... Please put up with me TuT I don't normally throw myself into these reader inserts. x'3
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Overwatch - Deception (Sombra x Reader) by DarkVoid608
Overwatch - Deception (Sombra x DarkVoid608
In a post-war world, trying to recover from the devastation of the Omnic Crisis, you are a retired soldier trying to live with your PTSD in Miami. You have the same rou...
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