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My Qadr by ameenarrh
My Qadrby 𝓐𝓶𝓲𝓷𝓪 𝓞𝓵𝓪𝓭𝓮𝓳𝓸
Farrah Ahmed wishes for a cliché life, one in which she would have a pleasant childhood, become a rebellious teenage girl and graduate college with a huge smile on her f...
LIMITLESS by habibaxoxo
LIMITLESSby habibaxoxo
Rayan has always lived a very sheltered life, especially after the untimely death of her mother. To protect the honor of the last woman in their family, Rayan's father a...
Chaotic Chemistry  by X1overr
Chaotic Chemistry by Leila
Hayaat Mohamed, once a joyful teen, becomes an emotionless person after her fathers death. Driven by the desperation and determination to provide for her family, she sta...
Hibaq by Sihaam_08
Hibaqby Sihaam_08
A young Somali girl who grew up in a working class family, not poor but not rich. She wanted nothing but to make her parents proud. Hibaq gets into an 'arranged marriag...
Growing Up Somali by It_is_your_girl_ash
Growing Up Somaliby Aisha Muhammad
Somali jokes to make your day. Everything i post belongs to its rightful owner.
Daily Islamic Quotes by Niqaabismycrown
Daily Islamic Quotesby Niqaabismycrown
I'll be writing Islamic quotes insha Allah Gaining knowledge is First step to wisdom but sharing it is a step to humanity Love care kindness and generosity makes the wor...
Leap of Faith by Jigijigiwere
Leap of Faithby Mohammed Abdullahy Omar
A story about a muslim girl called Yasmin who wants to get circumcised. She wants to feel connected to her ancestors,according to her,much to the chagrin of her well edu...
Cherishing Sultana (#2 Sultans Series) by PreHeatBeauty
Cherishing Sultana (#2 Sultans Midha...
Anisa Sultan,was never one to make impulsive decisions. However,she shocked everyone when she announced that she was getting married to Hasif Zayeed. Hasif Zayeed; a bac...
Somali trainer in the UAE by Thesomaligeek
Somali trainer in the UAEby Maandeeq Yalahow
this is the story of Munera Ahmad, A Somali refugee that came to Dubai to start a new life. But something that not everyone knows is that she is the daughter of Adnan bi...
Siraad by Shiidley
Siraadby Warsame Shiidley
Siraad, waa sheeko-faneed gaaban oo ku saabsan dhibaatada lagula kaco dumarka shaqaddoonka ah ee Soomaaliya. Sheekadu waxa ay sawir guud ka bixinaysaa, dhibta nidaam la'...
Nossa Montanha by MarceloLeite520
Nossa Montanhaby Marcelo Leite
O jovem Wiil acredita que precisa encontrar um caminho para o topo da montanha. O velho Odayga o ajuda a descobrir qual caminho deve seguir para alcançar seu verdadeiro...
Forbidden Love by simonsrighteyebrow
Forbidden Loveby simonsrighteyebrow
Shayne Dawson never knew that his life would be changed once he started having a crush on Maryam Ahmed, the only girl he has ever loved. The problem was that she was Mus...
Morenita Bwwm by blackgirlmagic1045
Morenita Bwwmby blackgirlmagic1045
Sheba is latina dominican and african somali. She is independent,feisty and feminine and intelligent.She is 18-years old and she is in Oxford university. She is medical...
Gutsy Me ✓ by Aixxxxxxa
Gutsy Me ✓by aixa
𝙹𝚞𝚜𝚝 𝚛𝚎𝚊𝚍 𝚒𝚝 𝚊𝚗𝚢𝚑𝚘𝚠
Jacayl Aan Filayn  by basma-mona
Jacayl Aan Filayn by basma-mona
Fadlan vote garee Waad ka heli doonta shekadeyda ............................................................. share vote comment ...
Sheeko dhaqameedka Soomaalida. by abdihaken1
Sheeko dhaqameedka abdihaken1
Sheeko dhaqameedka soomaaliya oo markii ugu horeysey af-iswiidhish lagu qorey. Buug cusub oo ay ku qoran yahiin sheeko dhaqameedka soomaalida kuna qoran afka Iswiidhishk...
Its a short collection of somali folktales.....enjoy...
Unexpected Love | 1 |  by hamdiforeal
Unexpected Love | 1 | by hamdiforeal
When Hamdi meets the new kid and unexpectedly falls in live what will she tell her family? how will she tell her family? what will they do? Find out in this book. (And...
farah and i 🥰🥰 by sl1mziana
farah and i 🥰🥰by sl1mziana
hot steamy moments between my and my top 10 farah.. he knows how to give it good xaax.