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Overwatch x Reader by EmptyEcho420
Overwatch x Readerby Echo
Title says it all, so y'all go on in and enjoy! :D No smut in this one though, just some fluff, romance, and may have some sexual innuendos for the humor, but that's abo...
Overwatch Headcanons Compilation (1) by imagines-hub
Overwatch Headcanons Compilation ( Beanji
A series of headcanons in line-by-line fashion regarding characters from the popular game Overwatch. These pieces have been archived from my Overwatch Tumblr blog, overw...
I'm here (a soldier76 fanfiction) by faithful-fangirl
I'm here (a soldier76 fanfiction)by faithful-fangirl
You find yourself losing everything you've ever known in one day and buried in the ruins of your house that got destroyed by a terrorist attack. What will happen when th...
Don't Worry I've got you in my sights by ProbablySpooky
Don't Worry I've got you in my ProbablySpooky
You're new to the overwatch base, you've made friends with almost everyone, but soon your team is split up, and since you've helped on many research projects in the base...
Overwatch Oneshots by Gaysm8
Overwatch Oneshotsby 🌺•Silence, pest!•🌺
A collection of reader inserts and ships. I take requests!
overwatch x reader oneshots :) by choccymilk010
overwatch x reader oneshots :)by slurp
just a bunch of overwatch one shots and scenarios if you don't wanna read then thats chill
Overwatch Oneshots by kurabirb
Overwatch Oneshotsby Bakura
Overwatch Oneshots [No longer active, handful of drafts may eventually be published] ((Characters aren't mine, of course))
I'm Your Daddy (Soldier 76 x Reader) by maddy_willow
I'm Your Daddy (Soldier 76 x 𝕸𝖆𝖉𝖉𝖞 𝖂𝖎𝖑𝖑𝖔𝖜
Here we go again! Highly requested Soldier 76 x Reader fanfiction! This book is for female readers. Let me know if anyone wants me to make another version of the book fo...
Overwatch x Reader [CLOSED] by BoilingHotBeans
Overwatch x Reader [CLOSED]by Hurdygordy
Just a bunch of Overwatch x Reader fics
Overwatch oneshots by DeathAsh
Overwatch oneshotsby Aidan Black
A bunch of different oneshots and I'll be taking requests
overwatch X Reader Oneshots by SpazzingCookies
overwatch X Reader Oneshotsby Melbell
I may do requests, but really I'm making this just to put the ideas I have down for it. (No NSFW!)
Overwatch ➸ Reader Insert Oneshots by SinDumpling
Overwatch ➸ Reader Insert Oneshotsby Yang 🐉
McCree is willing to flirt even with a gun to his head. Hanzo is too distant to accept your honesty. Soldier: 76 is a dad, but that's not the only reason he's so strict...
Second Chance| Genji x Mercy  by TheMightyScoot
Second Chance| Genji x Mercy by TheMightyScoot
After his accident Genji thought he would never find love again. But he could never be more wrong. He met Mercy she became one of the people he trusted and loved. Now wi...
Overwatch One shots by PeachesNDreamsV2
Overwatch One shotsby ♡ bee ♡
~REQUESTS CLOSED~ Just some oneshots and all that of some overwatch characters, because I'm a sucker for this game :)) Female reader specific fics are marked with a ♀️ ~...
JESSE (Mcree X Fem Reader) | Completed by ZiaGalaxaria24
JESSE (Mcree X Fem Reader) | {•Ginger•}
Really quickly: This is an Overwatch fan fiction for people who like cute romances- no lemons here. Ew. I'm *trying* to keep this appropriate for all ages of WattPad us...
A Gency Story (COMPLETED) by Apikachucanwrite
A Gency Story (COMPLETED)by The Author
When Genji looses everything he has to learn how to get it back with a little luck from an angel.
Overwatch: Hope (Overwatch x OP Male OC Harem) by PlasmaBolt3o5
Overwatch: Hope (Overwatch x OP PlasmaBolt3o5
As Overwatch rises in response to the omnic crisis, an unknown godlike entity rises with them. Join Hope as he uncovers who he really is, stop bad guys, get some girls a...
The Fallout of Conquest (Fallout x Overwatch) by Cmonkey512
The Fallout of Conquest (Fallout 8-bit monkey
Overwatch is looking for an edge over Talon. Winston has an idea for a teleporter that can scan radio frequencies and teleport someone to the source. It's assembled, so...
Overwatch x Fem! Vigilante! Cold! Reader by KorgiDorgi
Overwatch x Fem! Vigilante! VultureInAJumpsuit
This is my first story-story. So leave any comments and suggestions that u have and I'll look at them. I will periodically ask for suggestions probably if I come across...
Men (Overwatch x Female Reader Lemons) by thelderscx
Men (Overwatch x Female Reader thelderscx
Just a couple works and stuff about my favorite game. These are all lemons and have mature content on them. I'm not the greatest at writing, especially fanfiction and l...