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Redeemed (Sokka x O.C.) On Hiatus by LillyinSnappe
Redeemed (Sokka x O.C.) On Hiatusby Lillyin Joe
requested by someone Sokka x oc let me know if you have any ideas! #1 in atla #1 in Air #1 in Earth Thank you all so much for the votes! I've never had a story reach a #...
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Foxfire by LightofShadows
Foxfireby LightofShadows
"Li" can't remember his name or anything before waking up alone and injured in the ghost town. He can only hope to find the answers he craves in Ba Sing Se. To...
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The Ruka Wild ↠ Book 1 > A:TLA [Avatar: TLAB-LoK Watty Awards 2018] by xdistantwords
The Ruka Wild ↠ Book 1 > A:TLA [ ✩
Ruka (ROO-KAH) is the middle sibling between Sokka and Katara. Unlike her younger sister, she didn't believe the avatar would return and save the world. Ruka isn't afrai...
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The Ruka Wild ↠ Book 2 > A:TLA  by xdistantwords
The Ruka Wild ↠ Book 2 > A:TLA by ✩
( sequel to The Ruka Wild > book 1 ) Join Ruka on her journey alongside Prince Zuko and former General Iroh for her new destiny has begun. For the highs and the lows...
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Thunder Roars [LOK Mako x OC] by kookrill
Thunder Roars [LOK Mako x OC]by kookrill
Lei, granddaughter of the late Azula, has been trained as a firebender since she was a little girl and was taught by her great uncle, Lord Zuko. With exceeding skills, L...
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Born of the Elements - Sokka's Love Story by MultiFandomAccount0
Born of the Elements - Sokka's ♡ Madd ♡
While practicing waterbending, Aang and Katara discover a strange girl at the bottom of a river. After meeting her though, they know she's special. Sokka finds himself h...
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The Spirit Bender by sweet-dreamzz
The Spirit Benderby ANNA
Water. Earth. Fire. Air. Long ago, the four nations lived together in harmony. Then, everything changed when the Fire Nation attacked. Only the Avatar, master of all fou...
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Avatar The Last Airbender Reader Insert Book One: Water by alwaysappa11
Avatar The Last Airbender Reader Avatar Adventurer
You're a part of the Gaang! In this story, you, the reader, get to join in the fun of helping out the Avatar episode by episode! Sokka and Katara are your best friends...
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Fire You Are (Zuko Love Story) by Robotii
Fire You Are (Zuko Love Story)by Andrea
Aida arrived as a young child to the South Pole Water Tribes after a Fire Nation raid. Left alone when everyone had left, a kind old lady decided to take her in knowing...
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The Concubine's Apprentice (an Avatar: The Last Airbender Fanfiction Zuko x OC) by TheGreatestConWoman
The Concubine's Apprentice (an TheGreatestConWoman
An Avatar: The Last Airbender Fanfiction (Zuko X OC) "And lastly, we are free, but we are not our own persons." At this, the student frowned and looked up at h...
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The Seconded Waterbender(Avatar FF) by Slytherin_Qu33n
The Seconded Waterbender(Avatar FF)by Ryse melissa santos
Marius the prince of the North Pole, exiled from his home by his father ran into a member of the Southern water tribe on his travels and was asked to look after two youn...
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When Will You Come Back? *Sokka Love Story* by EllaRae81
When Will You Come Back? *Sokka Callie
Yin is from the southern water tribe. She was betrothed to Sokka when she became 16, but as he meets Aang with his younger sister Katara he simply forgot who he loved th...
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The Wind and The Flame by Prince_of_the_Stars
The Wind and The Flameby Lucas Orion Carter
All events in this story take place after The Avatar:TLA episode "The Western Air Temple" I do not own Avatar or the characters in any way shape or form!
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The Mother Of Fire(AANGXOC) by miraculashore
The Mother Of Fire(AANGXOC)by Jasmine 💓
Katzumi the Third born to Fire Lord Ozai, she had a peaceful soul along with her brother Zuko before Ozai badly burned him and banished Zuko. Katzumi journeyed with Zuko...
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Good and Evil || An ATLA Fanfiction by MissPrima
Good and Evil || An ATLA Fanfictionby erica
"I won't let your view of my country define your view of me" ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Some may say her royal title is a blessing. Others say it is a curse. All Azara w...
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Sight ↣ A:TLA by xdistantwords
Sight ↣ A:TLAby ✩
Thalia's (TALL-E-YUH) life begins anew when she meets the Avatar and his friends. Her strong-willed personality will help her win the battles she'd never thought she'd f...
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(Gaara and Toph) by usuk371
(Gaara and Toph)by usuk371
Cross-show gaara and toph shipping ;) Contains references to Legend of Korra, Naruto, and Naruto Shippuden, though it is actually set in the 2-year gap before Shippuden...
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Wounded Lips and Salted Cheeks (Zuko x OC) by that_badass_ackerman
Wounded Lips and Salted Cheeks ( mikasa ackerman
~COMPLETED~ Airi is your average girl but when she's kidnapped by Prince Zuko her life change forever, she and her friends are on a mission to save the world but what ha...
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The Avatar's Guide by NevanAngel
The Avatar's Guideby NevanAngel
Nevan is the younger sister of Katara and Sokka setting out on the adventure of a lifetime with her siblings and the Avatar, Aang. Along the way she unravels her destiny...
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When Hatred turned to Love (ATLA Zuko x OC) by koulakoukoula
When Hatred turned to Love (ATLA Sandy
Broken, filled with loss, pain, and anger of her people's death... she could only hope she had died with them. An Air Bender from the Western Air Temple never having the...
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