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BTS 8th Member ( Imagines / Scenarios / More ) by sunmi_jung99
BTS 8th Member ( Imagines / jung_sunmi_jung
Just for fun Expanding my imagination Have fun reading :)
I.O.I Next Door by nakojjangwonyoung
I.O.I Next Doorby yuukineko
Living in a neighborhood while having some beagles as neighbors.
| I.O.I's ChatRoom |  by KanoAshura
| I.O.I's ChatRoom | by òwó
It's been about a year since I.O.I disbanded in 2017, but their friendships still last. What do they talk about when they have spare time in between their respective gro...
[C] Stay With Me | Lai Guanlin by qlasfsb
[C] Stay With Me | Lai Guanlinby soft
WARNING : PLAGIARIZE IS A CRIME 🚫 "Shut up you bitch!" "Shut up! I'm not a bitch you hoe!" "Ergh! Why do I keep chatting with you?" "...
Home / Jeon Wonwoo {COMPLETED} by moonawwirah
Home / Jeon Wonwoo {COMPLETED}by proud_pisces
Waking up from a comma and doesn't remember anything surely is not an easy thing. But Sohye only remembers one name. Just his name. Jeon Wonwoo. Everything els...
Surrender // Sohye&Mingyu ff by forlorned
Surrender // Sohye&Mingyu ffby unknown
Have you ever thought what happened, what happens and what will happen on the impromptu story aired at Star Show 360 between Sohye and Mingyu? Find out in this story! En...
hotline♡park jihoon by whaehh
hotline♡park jihoonby lets get it
hotline♡; an app which lets you chat with people nearby. f i n i s h e d (lower case intended! warning:contains swearing) 1/3 off app series
We Broke Up | Kim SH. & Kim MG. by chronicoles
We Broke Up | Kim SH. & Kim Hopeless
"Isn't that how love works? You cry, because it hurts. It hurts 'cause it matters." Published: 2016.11.21 Ended: 2017.02.24 ...
I.O.I x Pickup Lines by lololhoho
I.O.I x Pickup Linesby multifandom af
ioi and pickup lines cause why not? - an au where ioi lasts forever.
regret. ║ wonhye by priestessa_x
regret. ║ wonhyeby sorry no aesthetic name
"Isn't it funny? We had that same conversation a year ago. Back when I thought for sure you were the one for me and believed I was for you. Back when everything was...
[ I.O.I ] ( I.O.I Couples ) Life by KMSDKD
[ I.O.I ] ( I.O.I Couples ) Lifeby Bui Nhu
안녕하세요 Fic này mình viết về couple SeMi là chủ yếu :))) còn các couple khác thì mình vẫn viết nhưng sẽ ít :))
All About I.O.I [UPDATED] by musicrv
All About I.O.I [UPDATED]by 🐻
I.O.I was an eleven member girl group that made their debut under YMC Entertainment and CJ E&M on the 4th May, 2016. This book is no longer being updated updated. LAST U...
[Produce 101] Couple nổi loạn by JjungLe
[Produce 101] Couple nổi loạnby JjungLe
Nào nào, cái động gei Produce 101. Các con thuyền dần dần lộ rõ chân tướng rồi :3 ~
My Lovely Enemy by klryeo
My Lovely Enemyby 1365244
"It's hard to forget someone who gave you so much to remember." s t o r y b o a r d b y @kte_lryeo e d i t i n g a n d c o v e r b y @koulhaa
peek-a-boo|99-00line by damdamdamrae
peek-a-boo|99-00lineby Khay Untjh♡
"Welcome to Peek-A-Boo Land,Wanna play peek a boo games?" story by; damdamdamrae
In Love With Each Other | [J.J.K] | (DISCONTINUED) by BTSLOVERFOREVER23
In Love With Each Other | [J.J.K] Ms. F
Season 2 of We Are Both An Idol. Jeon SoHye and Jeon Jungkook's married life! With their two little angels by their side. Will they be in love with each other until the...
[Seijy] ° d.sicheng || k.sejeong by astraeaa-
[Seijy] ° d.sicheng || k.sejeongby 엘이
"Oh, rewind Let me get back to the old days Let me get back to you." nctioi series #1 coffee squadeu #1 featuring: NCT's WINWIN I.OI./GUGUDAN'S Sejeong
Downpour [COMPLETE] by whiteprodhite
Downpour [COMPLETE]by Aya
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