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Dead-End Nightmare by Arivainosani2997
Dead-End Nightmareby Arivaina
As a group of assassins fighting in a war, life expectancy is short, and tempers are shorter. Quinne Elise, the recorder of her Black Feather Assassin group , gives a d...
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Enough [Aralas Short] by MayTheCat12
Enough [Aralas Short]by Audrey
Aragorn is attacked by a troll and Legolas can't reach him. Credit to: 布丁QwQ Link (found on art) Original Image: http://w...
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Softies Membership Book  by SoftheartedClub
Softies Membership Book by SoftheartedClub
Want to join the SoftheartedClub?! This is where the rules and regulations are being written. Follow these rules and become a Softie! ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡ SoftheartedClub is a platf...
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Black Sun's Revenge by aixa_1
Black Sun's Revengeby aixa_1
Summary Valeria hates her uncle why you might ask well he ruined her life and her friends as well. Her father used to be the gangleader for the biggest baddest ga...
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Galra Keith x Reader by BreanaSimmons
Galra Keith x Readerby Breana Simmons
Once again Keef has turned galra again and you're constantly annoying him so he will at LEAST try to put you to sleep.....
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1950's babe by alantabrea
1950's babeby alantabrea
As a boy walks in to a restaurant he sees The most beautiful girl he's ever saw. Her eyes just sparkle in the light. Her clothes were so soft and yellow. Her hair was br...
Accidentally.  by sclareclipse
Accidentally. by <3
Two boys from two different lifes fall in lUUUVVVV.
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Their Jewl by Loveless212
Their Jewlby Draken
Not very descriptive.....I don't know what. Basics: Merlin is found by the rogues and is very much not okay. He doesn't understand them and vise versa until he does. Th...
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Not what it seems like  by notsolittle
Not what it seems like by notsolittle
Maybe the mean girl at Kingston High wasn't as mean as we all thought. When William Tanner meets Abigail Anderson he realises she's not as tough and mean as she acts as...
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'Bad'Boy - (Slow updating) by LAdY-GiNGeR
'Bad'Boy - (Slow updating)by LAdY-GiNGeR
Wir alle kennen diese Art von Geschichte: Der böse Junge, auch bekannt als 'Bad'Boy, mit seiner Lederjacke und seinen mega Haaren, seinen Tatoos, seinen hypnotisierenden...
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You Just Haven't had Enough...Right? Intro by zombiecatninja
You Just Haven't had Myke
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Strawberries and Cigarettes - Tracob by voidtracob
Strawberries and Cigarettes - voidtracob
I've never felt this way about anyone before. Troye, has been through so much. It's his Junior year and he wants to move on from his past. Jacob is caring and outgoing t...
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iOVEBOTS SQUAD ! by iovebotsph
.˚ ₍♡₎┊..⃗. ❝ IOVEBOTS FAM ! ❞ a squad where you can find real happiness and many real friends ! status : open. ˗ˏˋ est : 11O818 ˎˊ˗ 🖇
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moonlight by rmbOnCh
moonlightby softie <33
❝ You are my moonlight. ❞ chensung.
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What's Wrong Being In Love?  by ARMYandTaeKookerz
What's Wrong Being In Love? by ARMYandTaeKookerz
Just a simple story about their loves together #taekook saranghamnida💕
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my soft bad boy// g.d by frenchfriesfanfics
my soft bad boy// g.dby frenchfriesfanfics
everyone says he's a bad boy, but they don't know the real him.
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ONLY US ( OC SHIPS AND SHIT ) by staarling
❝it'll be us, it'll be us, and only us. and what came before won't count anymore or matter.❞ [Only Us] [OC Ships and Misc] [Star x her precious ships]
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softest hearts by honeymilktea2
softest heartsby honeymilktea2
They say "love at first sight" can happen. But for Emily Scotictiz she meets hers in the most cliche' way ever. When she meets the silly Owen Patterson who wil...
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La Joya del Rey by YuliaKauVol
La Joya del Reyby YuliaKauVol
[Semi-AU] [+18] Jack tiene muchas admiradoras dispuestas a complacerlo, pero Johan le ocupa la mente demasiadas veces. Johan parece corresponder. El duro Rey se ha hab...
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